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It’s safe to say that Trevor Walker getting a plane ticket home on this week’s Below Deck was foreseen by all. Well, except maybe Trevor himself! The SENIOR deckhand – recently demoted to regular old deckhand just before his much deserved firing – spoke with Bravo recently about his short, yet insanely offensive stint on the show this season.

Does Trevor have any regrets about his behavior, especially about the hideous final moments that led up to his firing? Not really. He claims, “I don’t have many regrets other than possibly having a bit too much to drink.” Thus, we can assume Trevor has learned zilch, zero, nada after viewing his drunken rants televised. Interesting.


Below Deck recap

Is the glass half empty or half full? In Trevor Walker‘s case, the glass totally missing. Last seen, Trevor was left with no drink in hand, courtesy of Ben Robinson flinging it away from him after a crew night out that saw Trevor turn into a drunken, slurry fool. But will the crew of Below Deck even be able to handle Trevor for one more charter? Answer: No.

When Captain Lee Rosbach gets wind of Trevor’s latest antics (and his awesome hair modeling #skillz), the tides shift. But – wait – there’s suddenly a new crew member to hate on now! Sierra Storm, who has been flying under the radar thus far despite her increasing ineptitude as second stew, butts heads this week with Ben when she can’t seem to scrape a simple salad together. Ooh! And there’s a love triangle taking shape as well. (Finally!) And it’s not the trio I expected. (Was it yours?)


Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson

I was looking forward to watching Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain’s complicated relationship on this season of Below Deck, but then I was thrown off when the season first started and Kate was in a romantic relationship with someone else. What was going to happen to the entertaining rapport and the flirting that I got used to watching on this show? It also makes me wonder how Kate not being single affected the actual work that she and Ben needed to get done during the charter season.

Ben and Kate always argued and made up, so I don’t see a huge difference in their dynamic other than the fact that hooking up is off the table. Other than that, I feel like they argue like an old married couple and they still get their jobs done. With that said, Ben seems to have the opposite opinion and thinks Kate being a relationship made her work suffer.


Below Deck Recap

Last night’s Below Deck proved that old habits die hard. Case in point number one: Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain face off yet again amidst pressure to cook not one but TWO dinners for some difficult charter guests. Ben‘s irritability was no doubt triggered by other cooking matters though, as he spent a good deal of the charter making food for a dog. Yes, apparently Fido needs haute cuisine!

Case in point number two: Trevor Walker is a sloppy drunk who insults everyone and makes an a$$ of himself while Kelley Johnson practically tears his hair out trying to manage him. So, all is ship-shape up in here, Cap’n!


luann-de-lesseps wwhl

Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps hung out with Andy Cohen and Kate Chastain last night on Watch What Happens Live. She shared wedding details and her hopes for reconciling with Bethenny Frankel and more.

Andy starts off asking Lu some questions about her upcoming weddingLuann says the date is still set for New Year’s Eve. She says that they have about 250 guest expected for the wedding. She’s still planning to sing for Tom, but wouldn’t reveal if it was going to be an original song or a cover. Luann says her former housekeeper Rosie won’t be there, but she is inviting Jacques. Luann also shared that Tom met The Count this summer at a wedding in Switzerland and they really liked each other. She says they didn’t register anywhere but are asking for anyone wanting to give them a gift, to donate to charity (The American Cancer Society).

Below Deck Recap Hot Tub

The crew aboard Valor has been carefully assembled, the first charter is behind them, and Captain Lee Rosbach has laid down the rules.

What could go wrong so early in the season on Below Deck?

Trevor Walker. That’s what. SENIOR deckhand under first-time bosun Kelley Johnson, Trevor came out of the gate trying everyone’s patience (and testing our vomit reflexes with his private bunk habits), but this week he decides to secure his place as #1 Boat Villain when he snarks all over Nico Scholly about…what else? Tattoos! Yes, we’re sinking that low. Drop anchor! Grab your life vests! Every man for himself!!!!!


Below Deck First Impressions

Below Deck has set sail once again – and a new crew is prepared to witness their questionable behavior on TV screens around the world this Fall!

Besides Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson, and Kelley Johnson, the remaining newbies may be in for a shock when they see what the wily Bravo cameras catch from week to week. (Ahem, looking at you and your booger-eating bunk habits, Trevor Walker!) Recently, the crew shared their first impressions of one another upon boarding Valor for season 4. 


Captain Lee

After reliving this week’s season 4 premiere of Below Deck, Captain Lee Rosbach pretty much thinks the same thought we all do: Most of the crew look somewhat promising, except for Trevor Walker. Trevor’s a senior deckhand under bosun Kelley Johnson this year. SENIOR deckhand. Did we all get that SENIOR part? Good. Because Trevor wants everyone to know just how high his status in his own mind is!

Captain Lee breaks down his first impressions of everyone in his blog, not pulling any punches about the assortment of individuals he will be babysitting managing this year.  


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