Southern Charm

Instagram Roundup:

A lot of your favorite reality TV stars enjoyed their Monday off for Memorial Day. Many of them shared photos hanging out with family and friends and sweet sentiments honoring the troops in their captions.

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska and former Orange County Housewife Meghan Edmonds showed off their baby bumps. Teen Moms Jade Cline and Kayla Sessler shared photos playing with their babies outside.

Shep Rose Thinks He & Cameran Eubanks Resonate With Southern Charm Viewers Because They “Don’t Really Care”

A lot of reality TV stars really go through the ringer for that taste of fame and the opportunity to endorse products on Instagram. Is it really worth it? Apparently so. On the flip side, there are other people who appear on reality television that just don’t seem phased by the situation. They’ve never been in major scandal and they don’t dwell too much on the criticisms.

Two people that just really seem to be all about going with the flow and not getting bogged down with stress are Southern Charm stars Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks. Shep doesn’t seem to ever get stressed out about anything and Cameran has managed to keep her personal life away from the reality TV cameras all while being the narrator of this show.

Southern Charm Recap:

I don’t think it would be humanly possible for me to get sick of Southern Charm even if it aired all year long. This season, in particular, has been everything, and it’s not because of someone claiming to play the role of villain after getting reamed for their bad behavior. It’s been so fun to watch Kathryn Dennis get her life together while Thomas Ravenel implodes (or explodes as happened last night). This week’s episode had everything: Craig Conover hit rock bottom, Naomie Olindo acted crabby, and Shep Rose, who loves EVERYONE, was unable to stomach T-Rav’s latest plus one. Mix in some mild canoodling (and tears) from Chelsea Meissner and Austen Kroll, and it was a winner! Just kidding, it was full-on hard to watch mess thanks to what’s her name. My friend, who has been hesitantly straddling the Team Kathryn fence (she can’t forget), expressed it best when she texted me that her husband had a headache due to the amount of screaming she’d been doing at her TV in favor of our underdog.

Last week’s cliffhanger had everyone screaming “What Dau…fu(skie)?!?” at their television screens when Ashley Jacobs came for Kathryn on the charmers’ weekend getaway to Hilton Head Island. Just a quick refresher: Ashley really wants to be invited to Saint’s birthday party, so she went about procuring an invitation in the best way possible…feigning sympathy for the passing of Kathryn’s grandmother followed by insulting Kathryn’s mothering skills. It’s Emily Post 101, y’all!

Southern Charm

Even though I have always been #TeamKathryn, it’s taken a few years for the other Southern Charm fans to see what I’ve seen all along and support the person who has always made this show interesting: Kathryn Dennis.

All it took was for Kathryn to acquire an enemy that absolutely no one could side with: Thomas Ravenel’s new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. From her instantly moving to Charleston to be with Thomas to rubbing it in Kathryn’s face that she first met Kathryn’s kids on Mother’s Day, this woman just hasn’t made a great impression on the fandom. Let’s not forget the first scene of the season with Ashley telling Kathryn that she is “just an egg donor.” There really isn’t a whole lot to root for when it comes to Ashley, so by default pretty much everyone is on Kathryn’s “side” in every single altercation they have.

Cameran Eubanks Insists Patricia Altschul Is Not A Bully; Doesn’t Hang With Thomas Ravenel Because He Spends A Lot Of Time With Ashley Jacobs

Even though Cameran Eubanks is adamant about keeping her personal life private, she has no problem dishing on everyone else’s drama on Southern Charm.

It’s the best of both worlds: she gets the perks of being a Reality TV star without the invasion of privacy and scandals. I don’t know how she gets away with that, but good for her.

Instagram Roundup: Dorinda Medley, Lala Kent, Kenya Moore, Andy Cohen, & More!

Check out all of your favorite reality stars in this week’s edition of Instagram Roundup.

Andy Cohen shared a cute photo with his beloved dog Wacha. Kourtney Kardashian “met” Mickey Mouse with her youngest son Reign. 

Kenya Moore shared a photo with her cousin. Former Orange County Housewife Meghan Edmonds spent some quality time with her step-son.

Southern Charm Recap:

Last night’s Southern Charm had everything America needs right now. Kathryn Dennis went head to head with her very whiny replacement. Thomas Ravenel lost the drinking game where he had to take a shot every time his wallet’s girlfriend said the word “birthday.” Most importantly, CRAIG CONOVER REUNITED WITH GIZMO. It was an episode for the people, no doubt.

The crew is heading to Hilton Head for the weekend, so Shep Rose has postponed his knee surgery, because, you know, priorities. Naomie Olindo is looking forward to some girls’ time with Kathryn and Chelsea Meissner, but she is dreading having to hang out with her ex Craig. He just brings out the mean in her. Her roommate urges her to have a heart-to-heart with Craig before the trip. They need to get in the fast lane to the friend zone to make it less awkward for the entire group. Chelsea checks in on Kathryn to find out that her grandmother has passed away. Kathryn was very close to her grandmother, who viewers met when she gave her blessing to a baby Kathryn in a relationship with a fifty-year-old T-Rav. She reminisces about going the library and playing board games with her grandmother, and it sounds like that had a very special relationship.


It looks like Season 5 of Southern Charm is shaping up to be a comeback season for Kathryn Dennis. She finally has a solid group of girlfriends, she’s sober, and she’s really on the right track.

Not only that, but she has the least likable adversary of all time: her ex Thomas Ravenel’s current girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. If people weren’t rooting for Kathryn before, they sure are now. Ashley had the nerve to tell Kathryn that she was “just an egg donor” among other awful insults. If you’re not #TeamKathryn, then we are clearly not watching the same show.