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Scheana Shay

It must suck to find out you’re being sued while on vacation, but I can’t think of a nicer person for it to happen to than Scheana Marie. Earlier this week, one of Scheana’s neighbors filed a lawsuit against the Vanderpump Rules star for marijuana fumes, excessive noise, and an ant problem due to an outside cat.

Scheana‘s co-stars were quick to defend her. As we previously reported, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney tweeted that the lawsuit is “laughable” because Scheana is “an angel of a neighbor.” Kristen Doute, who was in Kauai as well, Peter Madrigal, and Stassi Schroeder have rushed to Scheana‘s defense.


Scheana Marie & Mike Shay

Happy 4/20 from Scheana Marie stoner!? According to her neighbor, the Vanderpump Rules star’s apartment emits so many weed fumes he’s getting a contact high and has now filed a lawsuit against her. Whatever happened to Shay’s sobriety? 

According to court documents filed by the neighbor, Scheana and Shay’s “weed parties” are so out of control (and so frequent), that living next door to her is affecting his family’s quality of health! To misquote Mr. Rogers, Dontcha be my neighbor!


Katie Maloney & Scheana Marie

Lisa Vanderpump‘s frienemies may call her manipulative when they don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions, but the staff of SUR recognizes that their bad behavior is all their own!  The finale of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, where everyone but the potted plants at Kyle Richards’ La Quinta desert home accused LVP of being manipulative, had Scheana Marie and Katie Maloney tweeting in defense of their boss! 

“I really don’t like the things that have been said on #RHOBH this season about my amazing @LisaVanderpump,” announced Scheana on twitter, alongside a photo of her and Lisa


Ariana and Tom

The Vanderpump Rules reunion has come and gone. Despite the fighting and the accusations, Tom Sandoval says the cast is still friends and knows how “ridiculous” they behave. Although he does call out some of these so-called close friendships as being more like allies than true friendships. 

Clearing the air about some of what went down at the reunion, Tom’s animosity towards Kristen Doute came from something he recently learned. Tom explains, “Two weeks prior to shooting the reunion, I found out that Kristen had slept with my best friend and former band mate while we were together.” Kristen “of course” denied this.


Scheana Marie Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Reunion

This season of Vanderpump Rules hasn’t been too kind to Scheana Marie as she spewed uneducated nonsense about her husband Shay’s addiction, threw her bestie Ariana Madix under the bus for the ‘Cool girls’, and texted Ariana’s mom negative things about Tom Sandoval

Still defending those texts, Scheana is adamant she will “never apologize” for her feelings. “At the time I sent them, I felt that way about Tom,” she explains. “HE made me feel that way.”

Scheana continues, “I don’t know how many times I have to emphasize that she [Ariana‘s mom Tanya] reached out first and was just as much a part of that conversation as I was.”


James Kennedy Vanderpump Rules Reunion

On part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, James Kennedy gave out “ass holes” galore. Most of them deserved. Although James calling anyone an asshole is the very definition of “irony” – look it up in the Bravo Dictionary! Far from being The White Kanye West, James is more accurately the less stupidly-haired Donald Trump

Alas, before James opens his can of asshole with the index finger of doom, Stassi Schroeder argues with Lisa Vanderpump about her sex tape. Did we ever figure out why the hell Stassi Does Dildos is only worth $900? Honestly I would expect it to be more like $9.99 clearance, but I mean, whatever whets your whistle! Stassi accuses Lisa of asking her parents to repay the money, and is furious Lisa didn’t demand Stassi’s”ex-boyfriend” sign a contract after getting paid, nor did LVP get the footage back. Exactly what was Stassi doing while Lisa was combing the slums of Beverly Hills like an Archer episode to recon a sex tape absolutely no one but Scheana Marie wanted to watch? 

No one cares about Stassi and her sex tape, (except for Kristen Doute, who keeps trying to interrupt until Lisa instructs her to “shut up”).


 Vanderpump Rules reunion - Lisa Vanderpump

It’s a bittersweet night, Bravo fans! Tonight we say farewell to another season of Vanderpump Rules, but we welcome back the returning Southern Charm crew.

First up, it’s part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion. It’s game on tonight with James Kennedy versus basically everyone else on the cast. They may hate him, but he’s bringing the crazy this season and I love him for it. I also love how bad he gets under Jax’s skin. I can’t help it. I’m poppin’ my popcorn right now. 

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 2

Ariana Madix has had a weird season on Vanderpump Rules and I’m sure she’s glad to put this one behind her and hopefully move on to better one next time. She shared her thoughts on part 2 of the reunion – including her current friendship status with Scheana Marie, why she thinks Stassi Schroeder came back to the show and more.

On why Ariana feels this cast is so toxic, “The poisonous gossip that occurs regularly within this group of people will suck your soul dry if you let it. Gossip and feeding off of other people’s shortcomings is an addictive thing, but it makes me feel horrible about the life I’m living. I’ve been a witness to it, a participant in it, and a victim of it. It feels like an endless cycle of hurting and forgiving each other.”

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