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On this week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County there was some serious cutting to the core by a certain owner of C.U.T Fitness. 

Tamra Barney accused Vicki 'Work Work Work' Gunvalson of not doing her *gasp* job when it came to their joint venture Wines by Wives. In the episode Tamra presented the portrait of a hardworking and devoted employee while Vicki pretty much ignored her responsibilities to focus on her solo projects. 

Vicki is so not taking this laying down. Only one person walks all over Vicki – and is names rhymes with Crooks Scares! Vicki is speaking out in her Bravo blog about their disastrous "work" trip to Malibu and defending herself. And it comes as no surprise that she is putting Tamra on blast! 



A couple weeks ago NeNe Leakes did a controversial 1-on-1 WWHL sit-down. Among the Housewives NeNe dished on she took Brandi Glanville to task for her drinking and her mouth. And she also suggested Melissa Gorga take a very much needed seat and respect her Housewives elders such as Teresa Giudice

The Real Housewives of Atlanta elder merely said what we all know to be true – that Melissa observed Teresa's fame and "success" from Real Housewives of New Jersey and wanted a piece of the pignoli cookie, but then she came on the show to try and usurp Mrs. Giudice's Flipping Throne. And mama don't play when it comes to who wears the designer pants in the Housewives family!

Speaking the truth always makes waves so Brandi and Melissa are both fighting back! Melissa, who will be part of her own WWHL special this Sunday (featuring all the S5 Jersey girls), suggests that NeNe is a little scared of the newbies nipping at her heels. 



Let's all give thanks… Don't Be Tardy style. And what does that entail? Purchasing a pre-packed, pre-sliced turkey from a designer clothing store. More on this later.

On last night's episode Kim Zolciak's daughters were forced to deal with the Sins of the Wig, whose own parents have turned against her in the media over her alleged famewhoring. It was actually sad. 

Things begin with Kim and her girls making something called "slutty brownies". They actually sound amazing. Brielle and Arianna want to make brownies from scratch, Kim argues for boxed mix especially in light of the fact that she doesn't even have sugar in her pantry. 


Teresa-Giudice & Melissa-Gorga

I'm starting to think every, single thing I hear concerning Real Housewives of New Jersey is a big ol' fat lie. A lie bigger than all of the cast members' combined debt (that's in the millions, if you're counting!). I also think it's gross that a day of Holy Sacrament has become yet another reality show argument. And even worse this isn't first time where RHONJ's warring families are concerned. 

Yesterday we reported that Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga's daughters made First Holy Communion on the same day but at different churches. And why did we report that? Because on Teresa's blog she stated that! Originally… 

Melissa immediately took to twitter to say that actually the Gorga and Giudice families DO attend the same church and that Antonia and Gabriella actually made their First Holy Communion together!



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Kris Jenner arriving at a hotel

Do you want to be a guest on Kris Jenner's talk show?  She may be forced to look to the little people if the newest rumors are true.  Sources are saying that the Kardashian matriarch and pimp momager is hurting for famous guests.

While Kris is good at squeezing dollars out of her famous daughters, I can't quite picture her in the role of talk show host…



Who is going to replace the leaving ladies on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  After Adrienne Maloof quit and Camille Grammer peaced out, rumors have been swirling as to who will take their place.  Marisa Zanuck won't be returning either, but I always forget about her.

While no one has been confirmed, a few ladies in the Rodeo Drive area have put the kibosh on gossip that they will be joining the Bravo franchise.  Recently, Rod Stewart's wife stated that she wouldn't be on the show despite rumors to the contrary.  Now, Casey Kasem's wife Jean is doing the same.



Jeff Collins welcomes us back to the second half of the Dance Moms reunion and promises more audience participation.  Oh gracious!  That's the last thing I wanted.  Abby Lee Miller joins Jeff on stage and they embrace as if they hadn't filmed the first hour mere minutes ago.  They discuss the great mom walk out, and Abby blames them for running off Jackie and Sophia–as you recall, they left as quickly as they came.  Abby had hoped that Maddie and Sophia could have done a tap duet, and when questioned to which is a better dancer, Abby remains neutral.  She says she believes that Maddie dances from her heart, but Sophia has had more opportunities.  When asked about Asia and MacKenzie, Abby believes that Asia has more technical talent while MacKenzie has more knowledge of choreography.

After an audience member question, Abby reveals that the other moms are clearly jealous of Kristie 2.0's beauty.  Who wouldn't be (according to Abby)?  Backstage, Kathy's daughter Vivi-Anne shares that she never learned anything from Abby…at her mother's prompting.  Kristie heads out on stage with Abby and Jeff, and she admits that she doesn't care what the other women think of her.  Abby touts her professional teaching in a thirty minute session for making Asia a better dancer.  You can tell from Kristie's face that she isn't in total agreement, but she never voices it.  Abby brags to Jeff about Asia's sass and work ethic, and cue an Asia solo.  The kid has gumption and talent, that's for sure!  After the break, Kendall performs one of her energetic solos.  Why did this reunion need to be two hours?  Someone please remind me!


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