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Sunday and Monday night viewer ratings are in! And unsurprisingly the holiday weekend put a little damper on reality TV guilty pleasures – especially if you happened to be doing a little equine therapy on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The former ratings powerhouse for Bravo again took a hit with only 1.8 million viewers bothering to tune in – that's down majorly from last week! Listen – we have enough of our own family problems to continually focus on the Gorgadices! Keeping Up With The Kardashians continued to hold strong, although it took a slight hit dropping to 2.3 million viewers this week. 

Also taking a slight dip in ratings was Sister Wives (you mean Kody & Ko's parenting and marital advice wasn't a huge draw?!). Only 1.7 million viewers cared. Duck Dynasty – a repeat episode! – raked in 2.3 million viewers. 


Celebrity Big Brother Launch

Courtney Stodden is still in the game, ya'll. 

The child bride has been over in the UK participating in Celebrity Big Brother and showing off her personal brand of class and sophistication to the Brits.  They must be really enjoying the American making a fool of herself because as of last night's eviction…Courtney's still in. With the video evidence below, it's easy to understand WHY they're keeping her around.  It's a no brainer! 

Earlier this week, they "kidnapped" Doug Hutchison and told Courtney she could see him if she would give up her trashy clothes and makeup and would agree to wear dirty coveralls that literally covered it all.  She did it and squealed when she got to see her husband.  He gushed at her,  ‘I love you. I’m watching you constantly, every waking hour, on TV, on the internet, any chance I get. I’m falling more and more in love with you every time I watch you on TV. You’re an angel.’


Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom has checked himself into rehab! 

After a tumultuous couple of weeks, with marital strife, (including cheating scandals), a DUI, and more, Lamar has finally realized that he needs serious help for his drug and alcohol addiction

Two sources shared with People that Lamar entered rehab yesterday, and according to TMZ, Khloe Kardashian had no idea that it was going down and has been kept in the dark about the whole thing. 

I wish Lamar the best and hope the Kardashians' spin team can just let him get help in peace and not send stories to the media every three minutes. 

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duck 2

It's been a whole week since I got to spend quality time with Phil, Willie, Jase, Uncle Si, and the rest of the Robertson crew.  Sure, I've had my reruns, but I so look forward to Wednesday nights now thanks to Duck Dynasty.  Last night was no different.  Whether the warehouse boys were convincing Si to pay out his last dollar over a gentlemen's bet or Jase wearing out his welcome at Willie's house, the episode went by too quickly.  Sidebar, I love how Jep is always referred to as "Willie's Other Brother."  

Jase and Missy are renovating their kitchen, so Jase and the kids will be bunking with Willie and Korie.  Thankfully, Missy is out of town, so she'll have to miss whatever debacle will surely ensue this weekend.  Meanwhile, after a heated race between two toy woodpeckers, Godwin, Martin, Jep, and Si are betting on who can knock down red solo cup pyramids, and Si is doing his best to hustle the warehouse crew.  Jep can't believe that Si and his father are related…after all, Phil was almost a quarterback in the NFL, and Si couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.  


Alexis Instagram

If you don't have children, you no doubt realize that it's back to school time due to an explosion of "first day" pics in your Facebook newsfeed.  I love seeing all my friends' little ones as they head back into the trenches…before the excitement of being back in the classroom is overshadowed by the countdown until winter break.  

Well, reality stars are no different, and they are snapping photos of their broods as they start a new school year…or not in the case of Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino. Instead of dropping her children off on their first day of school, she's nursing her kiddos back to health after a bout with the flu.


kim-kardashian-lagerfeld (3)

Well, he's gone and done the unthinkable.  The tiny rapper has transformed his lady love from Sear's Kardashian Kollection to high fashion muse–and it's a must see for sure!  Kim Kardashian has recently revealed some, um, interesting, pictures from a photo shoot that took place while she was very pregnant with baby North.  Of course, if any other celebrity was the subject of the spread, it would no doubt be touted as edgy and artistic.  But, let's be honest…it's Kim.

Kanye West has been pushing Kim out of her style comfort zone since the pair got together, and I'd say he's managed to steer her clear into the Siberian tundra of comfort zones with these new photos.  And, being Kanye, he was able to score the hautest of the haute to make it happen.  


Gwen Stefani and family

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Teen Mom 3's Devoin Austin is in trouble with the law. Again.

Devoin, ex of Briana DeJesus, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in March. As a result, he was sentenced to one day in jail and one year of county supervised probation, he must hold a job, and he cannot "seek" or "possess" any illegal substances. 

Four months later, Devoin was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and burglary earlier this week.