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Yesterday NeNe Leakes called Brandi Glanville a "trainwreck" during her one-on-one WWHL interview. Among other things, NeNe accused the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star of thinking she's gangster and being out of control when she's drunk! 

"I like her when she's not drinking. Brandi and drinks don't work for me," NeNe told Andy Cohen

Of course, the boisterous Ms. Glanville wasn't going to let that one slide. #thankgoodness cause we love a good cross-franchise Housewives feud! 

Brandi took to twitter to comment on NeNe's accusations. And she is not happy that NeNe is judging her without really knowing her. 



This week on Married to Medicine, Dr. Jackie Walters organizes a Lemon Squeeze in the hope that Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq are able to talk through their sour lemons (differences) and make sweet lemonade (peace). Quad Webb-Lunceford follows Mariah's every move, Kari Wells sides with Toya, and Dr. Simone Whitford sits in the middle, mad about being sober, and cracks jokes about the quacker (rubber duck). 

Needless to say, the Lemon Squeeze ends on a sour note, with Jackie leaving the restaurant in tears, and I find it sad that these women cannot act like adults for one evening. Ugh. Let's start from the beginning.

The episode beings with Simone and Cecil, who discuss their new home bar and their alma maters' homecoming festivities. First, the bar, which is Cecil's baby. Simone did not want the bar, originally, but she has since decided that it's cool as long as it remains stocked with vodka. Second, Simone and Cecil plan a Friday Night Mixer, to kick off homecoming weekend. Simone plans to invite Jackie, because they're friends, and Toya, because she needs to get her drink on after the drama with Mariah



Ugh… well errrr… I hope Farrah Abraham was in church to atone for her sins! The former Teen Mom turned sex tape superstar tweeted that she was spending her Cinco de Mayo Sunday with Jesus.

Where she presumably begged the Lord for forgiveness for her naked wrestling antics and chemically influenced driving and incredible delusional rants, right? Probably not. Farrah likely believes the Lord wants her to be happy and she's happiest tangling with James Deen, lying about it, and then spending that money, honey! 



The Kardashians go shopping

You have to hand it to Khloe Kardashian Odom.  She's the sister who seems to get the most flack from the public, yet to me, she seems like the most honest and down-to-earth one of the bunch.  It's not her fault that sister Kim made a sex tape and her mom Kris Jenner used that to catapult the family into major famewhoredom.  

In a new interview, Khloe talks openly about her body image, public scrutiny, and her mom's blatant favoritism of Kim.  And speaking of Kris, after the jump you can check out a picture of her new talk show set because yes, that's apparently going to be a real thing.  Gracious.



Last week the explosive (and ulcer-inducing) trailer for the fifth season of Real Housewives of New Jersey erupted upon us. Let's just call it the Mount Vesuvius of reality television. And that's not a compliment.

Through the bulk of the filming the status quo fights of the last two seasons continued, but somewhere in the middle of things the show took an abrupt left turn and the ladies started to work hard to patch things up. 

I'm not complaining – even if it is totally fake! Our source shares that although the Gorgdice family has suffered some serious damage, the desire to make amends is very real. Teresa Giudice and her parents are making an ardent effort to at least get along with Melissa Gorga because they care about Poison and want to be a part of his life. Well, that's how family works y'all! Or at least should… 


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NeNe Leakes sat down with Andy Cohen for an epic one-on-one interview on Watch What Happens Live. I have to say, NeNe was really candid, blunt, and endearing. And she's a wealth of information! I wish I could do a one-on-one and ply her for secrets. 

First up, in case you weren't aware: NeNe definitely considers Real Housewives of Atlanta "her" show. And she's very protective of original Housewives in general. "I'm the star, I'm the boss. When people think of Atlanta Housewives, they think NeNe Leakes," she informed Andy.  

NeNe shared that RHOA was originally called Ladies of Atlanta with her being the first lady cast. They were totally going for a Real Housewives of Orange County women of an elite gated community format. NeNe introduced Sheree Whitfield and DeShawn Snow to the cast. 

Shockingly, NeNe says that Sheree used to be a really low-maintenance, and didn't wear extensions or makeup. "She was just this plain girl and had this really great life with this really great athlete." They were friends since Sheree's newlywed days and hung out all the time. NeNe was her sidekick at many a Falcons' games when Bob was still playing. 


HERE COMES MAMA JUNE! Wedding celebration of Mama June and Sugar Bear in McIntyre, GA

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo yesterday?  Did you enjoy some delicious food and perhaps a margarita or three?  I'll tell you what I didn't do.  I didn't get invited to McIntyre, Georgia to see Mama June Shannon walk down the aisle to an awaiting Sugar Bear, and that makes me terribly sad…but happy for them.  #conflicted

While there is no official word as to whether Alana Thompson's parents actually got married or if it was just a commitment ceremony, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family celebrated in a big way…complete with camouflage, barbeque, and hopefully lots of 'sketti.  Not surprisingly, TLC cameras were on hand to capture the exciting event.


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