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Jill Zarin really, really, really cannot let things go. Good lord – talk about trying to relive your glory days! Jill, who is the self-appointed expert of all things Real Housewives of New York, is still dishing on the show and is now claiming some of the new castmembers really regret signing on. One doesn’t need an “insider’s perspective” to recognize that!

In a new interview with Celebuzz, Jill claims: “I’m in contact with a few of the current girls. I’m not going to name names, but what I will say is that they are miserable and going through a really, really hard time.”

Well, I can sympathize – Pinot Singer makes me miserable and I don’t even have to personally interact with her. Jill continues, “They hear what other people think of them or say about them and it hurts.”


In light of the domestic violence charges in the very brief wedding of Basketball Wives‘ stars Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Evelyn has cancelled all her upcoming publicity engagements.  I can’t say I blame her.  When the news of Chad’s abuse arrest became public, Evelyn filed for divorce, the couple’s wedding spin-off Ev & Ocho was pulled by VH1, and Chad was fired from the Dolphins.  Probably not Chad’s best week, I’d say.  What a d-bag.

The second half of Evelyn’s scheduled book tour to promote The Wives Association: Inner Circle has been put on hold, as well as several club public appearances.  Evelyn will no longer be appearing alongside RHONJ‘s  Teresa Giudice at a September book expo.  Sidebar, can you imagine those two ladies together?  Teresa flipping tables and Evelyn hurling bottles of Fabellini?  Terrifying!


Last night was the season finale of Mob Wives Chicago, and we finally had some questions answered and saw at least some of the women having fun together.  It’s about time, that’s for sure!

Pia Rizza heads to Renee Fecarotta Russo‘s apartment to discuss her very productive and positive meeting with Nora Schweihs .  Pia reveals that Nora ran away as soon as they began to talk, and she is no longer a thought in Pia’s mind.  Renee is all “duh.”  I know middle schoolers with better vocabulary.  Renee shares with Pia her screaming match with Giana’s father.  She is worried that when Giana finds out she yelled at her father, it will push her daughter even farther away from her.  Renee also talks about her weekend getaway with Dave.  While it was fun, she isn’t sure what it actually accomplished to help their relationship.  Pia advises her to focus on Giana and put Dave on the back burner.


Ahhhh… New Jersey, where class goes to die. Oh, I joke! What I should say is Real Housewives of New Jersey– where class goes to die. So Chris Laurita tried to be all sophisticated-like and invite these imbeciles to a vineyard he is hoping to sign a business deal with. So, just read that sentence back to yourself again and then pause – no logic, right? Well, I guess he needed Bravo to expense his business trip.

This episode had a lot going on from friendship and family drama to marital discord, but the important thing, the crazy thing, the most ridiculous thing was Joe Giudice and Albert Manzo‘s highly intense discussion about KFC. Was there or was there not a KFC on some street, in some random Jersey suburb?! There they are on a bus bitching about biscuits. This warrants a very terse and snippy discussion peppered with F-bombs and lots of ‘I ate extra crispy every day dammit, I know where the bleeping KFC is dumb a$$.’ “You’re a loser!” Albert yells. Yeah… grown men over there!

So let’s get this recap started…


Caroline Manzo is on a roll and soon she may have her own Housewives enterprise. Just like arch nemesis Teresa Giudice! Hot on the heels of news that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is in talks to score a daytime talk show, Caroline just announced that she has a book coming out early next year.


jennifer lopez pure 2 190812

 Jennifer Lopez had a busy busy weekend!

The former ‘American Idol’ judge (I still can’t believe she blew off that huge paycheck) was spotted out partying this weekend at Wet Republic and Pure nightclub with her pals.

Jennifer celebrated her world tour with a special appearance at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand in Vegas, accompanied by Casper Smart.   Later that night she headed over to Pure nightclub inside Caesars Palace, joined by former DWTS contestant and Extra hostess, Maria Menounos.

Check out J-Lo’s outfits below!


American Idol sure is milking this empty judge chair situation for all its worth! A new day, a new rumor surrounding who will be signed on in the last(?) remaining seat.   Let’s recap the rumored judges so far: Brad Paisley, Nick Jonas, Pharrell, and P.Diddy.  And I’m probably forgetting a few! If anything, it’s been a great way to bring publicity to each of the rumored musicians, as well as the show.

The latest news is that Nicki Minaj is just about to sign on the dotted line. Us Weekly claims to have two sources verifying that Nicki’s deal is a sure thing.  “I’m not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it. A few more slight things to sign off on but it is happening.”

Mariah Carey and Nicki?  I’m just not sure if there’s enough room for both egos at that table?  Do you think she’s been ‘in the game’ long enough to be of value to the show?


David Bodrick/DMBJ/

It was a Big Ang birthday last night!  Ang planned a surprise shindig for her sister Janine, but both she and pal Linda celebrate their big days during the same week.

Linda comes to visit Ang’s chest at the Drunken Monkey.  Anthony arrives with his new motorcycle.  Linda manages to make sitting on a motorcycle pornographic.  Of course she does.  Ang is terrified at the thought of riding a motorcycle…something tells me that is foreshadowing.  Later, Ang has her friends over to enjoy some bubbly and a very dirty pool.  Kilo is breathing all over Lil’ Jen.  Ang hates shoveling leaves out of the water, and she decides she’s going to get herself a pool boy for her birthday.  He can fill her champagne glass, massage her head, and fetch her towels.  No mention of cleaning the pool though…


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