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Ray J leaving Fred Segal

Uh-oh, is there another Love & Hip Hop in the works?

With Love & Hip Hop Atlanta bringing in massive ratings, it seems Mona Scott Young is looking to expand her franchise to LA. According to the rumor mill fans can expect a LA version of the show which will include Ray J, infamous reality show hopper and Kim K sex tape counterpart!

Joining him as one of the two primary cast members is Teairra Mari according to Sister 2 Sister. The rest of the show is still in the casting process. Teairra has already been vetted as a L&HH potential since she's appeared as a regular on the NY version of the show. 


'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham shows off her bikini body in Fort Lauderdale wearing a skimpy Betty Bangs bikini

In honor of hump day – pun sooo intended – I'm bringing you this very special interview with Farrah Abraham. #WootWoot It truly highlights all the things we love about Farrah, including her nonsensical rambling, lack of self-awareness, and special brand of English.

The former Teen Mom star goes into the interview planning to promote Vivid Entertainment's new strip club, and she gets pissy when things go awry. No warm up here, folks!  The interviewer jumps right in,  asking Farrah how she plans to spend her porn money

Farrah's number one goal?  "Being smart."  Well, this interview is shot to hell already, huh? Oh, but there's so much more, like the fact that she still wants us to believe that James Deen was her boyfriend and the whole feminist-lesbian thing that trips her up.



We all suspected the friendship between Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi was as fake as the rhinestone bracelet Gretchen bestowed upon Tamra. Cause yeah, now these two are a big ol' bust!

Promoting the hell out of her limited spinoff event, Tamra's OC WeddingTamra is trashing Gretchen in the media just like the good ole days. Among the lists of slights and infractions she has carefully documented in her iPhone notes is that Gretchen didn't get her a wedding present and was fake crying at the reunion.

"Gretchen brought me nothing," Tamra dishes to OK! when asked what kind of wedding present a Housewife is worthy of. The answer: any gift. "Who doesn’t bring a gift or at least a congratulations card?" Tamra seethes. The answer: Gretchen. Or a Housewife that is only at your wedding for contractual obligations. Or possibly a Housewife whose spinoff opportunity you "stole"… 



In an interesting twist this week, Teresa Giudice opted to post her Real Housewives of New Jersey blog on her own personal site rather than share it on the Bravo website.  After reading it, it's pretty clear why. 

Teresa is very blunt about her frustration with the editing of this week's episode, blaming Bravo for skewing certain things, slamming Melissa for Tweeting nonsense and calling Caroline a liar. 

She starts off sharing that she loved and hated the episode.  She first says what she liked about the episode (and throws digs at Melissa right out of the gate), "I loved it because I really loved the entire experience in Arizona. I love new things. You didn't see me making fun of the counselors or putting it down or whining in bed because I really appreciated everything about it. Part of life is to keep learning new stuff, and I love that. I was open to everything: the drums, the psychic, the horse, the high-wire. We were there to get some healing, and I was ready. I was tired of crying! Some good vibes and happiness were welcome!"


Kim Kardashian Kanye West Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West only had sex to get pregnant? According to a new blind gossip reveal, yes! 

There was this bit of blind gossip shared back in June on Crazy Days and Nights:

"If you believe this guy, and you really really should because he knows everything that goes on, then this celebrity/reality couple have only had sex four times and none since she got pregnant. The only reason they had sex was so she could get pregnant."


dance moms 1

Maybe Lifetime has no intention of ever ending this season of Dance Moms.  Since Abby Lee Miller despises the moms so much, you'd think she'd want to put a cap on the number of episodes I have to watch, er, um, I mean, in which she has to participate! 

The ALDC is back in Pennsylvania, and Abby is proud of her dancers' showing in Vegas.  MacKenzie finds herself at the bottom of the pyramid for being absent, followed by Paige for forgetting her solo.  Abby does, however, compliment her performance in the group number.  Brooke is one step above her sister, although Abby doesn't think that her solo showcased Brooke's true talent.  Nia rounds out the bottom for excelling in rehearsals but flubbing up in competition.  When Nia blames her hat for her dancing woes, Abby tells the story of a man whose hand was severed during a show, but the dancers around him didn't miss a beat.  Same thing.

Kendall is last on the second tier, and she admits her nerves got the best of her.  Abby advises her to exude confidence regardless so she's the one intimidating others, and she reminds Kendall not to watch the soloists before her.  Chloe is in third for flying under the radar, followed by Maddie for shining in the group number.  The undefeatable Asia is in the top spot.  The girls will be traveling to Regionals in Buffalo, and their group number will be hoedown themed.  MacKenzie will have a solo, and Abby makes sure to get in a few digs about how she's still in Asia's shadow.


si duck dynasty

As y'all know, I love Duck Dynasty.  In a reality world with name-calling, back-stabbing, hair-pulling, and bed-hopping, I find the Robertsons to be a refreshing change of pace! (Don't get me wrong, I like some drama, too!)  Uncle Si has been the breakout star of the A&E hit.  While he's been everything from a fashion model to an air traffic controller, yesterday Si added author to his list of accomplishments.  His book Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle hit the shelves yesterday.

Si's stories span from days of playing hooky with his brothers to earning good grades in college despite having a hard time making it to class.  He discusses his time in the military, how he met his wife, and the blessing of his two children and eight grandchildren.  

In an interview with the Christian Post, Si talks about why he chose to pen the tome, as well as the strong faith he shares with his family.  Initially, he didn't want to write a book, fearing that he didn't have enough family memories to share with his fans due to his twenty-five years serving in the armed forces.  He says, "I was in the military, so I told my wife that I was never there for the kids when they were growing up. And she said, 'oh yeah you were. Let me go get a photo album.' And she was showing me dressed as a bunny rabbit, rooster, and Santa Claus during Christmas time. Personally, I didn't feel that I was there enough."

However, in true Si fashion, he ended up going for it, lamenting, "They just kept bothering me, so I said, OK."



It's that time of the year again – Dancing With The Stars is in the air! I feel like they need their own carol. It's beginning to look a lot like daaaanc-ing. 

Anyway, enough about that! The cast for the 17th season has just been announced and we're not particularly interested because there's no Housewives strapping on their dancing shoes. I bet Teresa Giudice could have had a chance if not for that little federal indictment. Amirite? No?

Anyway the cast lineup and professional partner pairings are below.