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Former Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D is a first time dad! 

Pauly (aka Paul DelVecchio) welcomed a baby girl recently with a former flame that he met in Las Vegas.  He's not sharing the mom's name, but she does live in New Jersey with the baby.  TMZ reports that Pauly's daughter is a few months old already. 

Pauly shared, "I'm proud I'm a father.  I am excited to embark on this new part of my life."

Let the playdates begin, Snooki! 

I'm betting that JWoww and Roger will be the next to take the parent plunge. 


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kim engagement ring

So Kim Kardashian is engaged – again! Hopefully this time will stick. I have to admit I'm surprised that Kanye West proposed – not sure why, but I do wish the couple all the happiness in the world. 

And I'm totally psyched about the reality show pimp-momma Kris Jenner is undoubtedly going to have them filming. Keeping Up With Kimye, anyone?!

Anyway, according to TMZ Kanye spent $35,000 to rent out the Giants stadium last night and propose to Kim. But $35k is nothing compared to how much he spent on the 15 carat diamond Kim is now sporting on her finger!



The rumors started flying about possible casting choices for season six of Real Housewives of New Jersey before we even put season five to bed.

We don't know 100% who is in and who is out for the new season, but we can tell you that we won't be seeing the children of one of the new Housewives. Celeb gossip journalist Tom Murro shared that he was told by someone definitely in the know that one of the new Housewives' ex-husband is refusing to sign any paperwork that would allow their kids to be shown on camera! 


bbw ladies

Well, last week's episode of positivity and good times quickly fell by the wayside, didn't it? On last night's season finale of Basketball Wives, Suzie Ketcham certainly went out with a bang, while Tami Roman made sure to stir the pot behind the scenes. Shaunie O'Neal has perfected her appalled look when dishware is thrown, and Evelyn Lozada manages to shed just a few more tears.

The ladies decide to have a quiet night in on their last night in London. The women are showering Evelyn with praise over a fashion show well done, and they unanimously decide it's hands down the best girls trip they've taken for the show. Given that no one left in the middle of the night or had dead fish hidden in their suitcase, I'd say it was a screaming success.

Back in Los Angeles (where do these ladies live?), Evelyn, Tami, Suzie, and Shaunie are bowling. Tami decides its the perfect time to tell her friends about Kenya Bell's phone call and invitation to see her perform. They find it humorous that Kenya claims to have turned over a new leaf. Tami describes her "Hate Me" song, and Suzie's eyes immediately turn to daggers. The ladies are shocked to learn that her song is about one of them, and they narrow it down to either being a "tribute" to Suzie or Evelyn. Oh hell no!  It had better not be about Evelyn! Suzie checks out the lyrics on the Internet, and Evelyn accuses her of being so high school. She would know, right?


Kim Kardashian Engaged!  Kanye West Proposed On Her Birthday

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged! 

Kim's 33rd birthday will be an occasion to remember as Kanye proposed to her in front of friends and family last night at AT&T Park in San Francisco.  Kanye rented out the entire stadium to pull off his big birthday surprise. 

My question is…was it filmed for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"?  We know Kanye hasn't been comfortable participating on the show, but they ARE still filming, so it makes me wonder…


ng leann rimes 251012

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Hmmm…this season of Basketball Wives has somehow seemed shorter than most–not that I'm complaining, mind you!  Perhaps there just wasn't enough footage of craziness to make it last longer given the fact that Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman were trying to revamp their violent images via tear and nail polish respectively.

Tonight is the show's season finale, and it seems producers filmed a little smack down between Suzie Ketcham and former cast mate Kenya Bell. While it's not table jumping or wine bottle hurling stuff (thankfully), it seems that Suzie has graduated from hat swatting to full on hair pulling.

Of course none of this would be possible if Tami hadn't decided to stir the pot and invite the women to Kenya's performance. Personally, I am over this set of women, but I can't decide if their drama-fueled antics made them at least more entertaining to watch. It's official…I am definitely part of the problem! 



Bruce Jenner stop for a coffee at Starbucks

Bruce Jenner recently separated from wife Kris Jenner. It was the best decision he ever made. It was Bruce who reportedly wanted the divorce and initiated things by moving out of the Kardashian kompound and relocating to Malibu. After being ditched, Kris admitted they are happier apart! 

But the famewhoring kouple isn't going to let a little thing like publicity stunt divorce interfere with their reality television empire! This season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bruce and Kris will reportedly begin dating and moving on from their decades-long marriage. Or not. A source told People that Bruce is certainly not ready to date since he's still recovering from everything Kris put him through. Including that disastrous facelift! 


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