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Couples Therapy Carmen Upset Over Tampon Note

Last week on Couples Therapy, Carmen ended the show in tears over someone possibly poking fun at her, and adding tampons near her name on the shopping list. But with most of the couples seeming to be very supportive of Carmen, and one couple being completely clueless, who would do such a thing? No one, well aside from Carmen herself seemed to want answers more than Dr. Jenn this week.

Well don’t worry, because Dr. Jenn and Carmen got the answers they were looking for. And the whole incident definitely taught one person a lesson, but would another cast member finally learn to shut her big mouth? Let’s just say it was another drama filled episode that will keep you anxious to find out what happens next, but you’ve got to come inside to find out what went down tonight.



Oh, Little Women: LA. Can’t you all just get along? All that’s standing between Elena Gant and her dreams of renewing her vows with hubby Preston are the Pacific Ocean and a small tribe of very dysfunctional women ready to, quite literally, sling mud at each other. This week, the ladies travel to Hawaii for Elena’s event. Because they can’t seem to grasp the fact that Elena’s event is (and should be) the center of attention on this trip, Christy McGinty invites the couples to a “therapy” session beforehand, in which tempers explode around Briana Manson’s secret wedding to Matt

As Terra Jole and Joe (and adorable baby Penny!) arrive in Hawaii first, Terra reflects on how angry the entire group is with Briana. No one is sure how to handle seeing her here, with the possible exception of suck-up Jasmine Sorge. Terra also doesn’t trust Brittney Guzman, who has betrayed Elena in the past. Here’s hoping the group can rally around Elena for her big day, regardless of their issues. (HA! That was hilarious to type.) As the rest of the gang arrive, Christy voices her wishes for the trip: to have multiple orgasms. “I wanna f**k!” says Christy, “I want doggy style! I want every style!” (Ummm, I want to un-hear these words!)


Khloe Kardashian May be giving Lamar Odom a second chance

Color us wrong.  Earlier I said that the Kardashians weren’t technically Lamar Odom’s family any longer, but it turns out they are, legally anyway.  Khloe Kardashian and Lamar are still very much married, sort of  – at least for a few more months.  And it has changed things a bit as far as Lamar’s medical decisions since Khloe is in charge.

TMZ claims that even though Lamar and Khloe finally signed their divorce papers back in July (despite initially filing back in December 2013), the divorce still isn’t official because of a backlog in cases. So technically they are still married and Khloe swooped in to make medical decisions for Lamar while he’s in a coma and unable to make his own. 

Lamar Odom has overdosed

Earlier today, we learned that former NBA star, Lamar Odom was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. And of course, as soon as the news broke, the rumors and speculation of the involvement of drugs immediately began, which is not surprising as Lamar has struggled with addiction in the past and even did some stints in rehab.

Earlier reports claimed that Odom was taking an herbal version of Viagra, which may have caused his blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels. However, it looks as though drugs were definitely involved, as sources have come forward revealing that numerous drugs were found in Odom’s system. This whole story is so sad…


Maks Slams DWTS, Hope Solo, And Abby Lee Miller

Wait, what? Didn’t we just see Maksim Chmerkovskiy guest judging on Dancing With The Stars? Why, yes we did. But that certainly doesn’t mean that he’ll be returning to the show anytime soon. In fact, according to Chmerkovskiy himself, he was so censored during his recent gig there, that he has no plans to return…ever.

While that may not be surprising since Maks has made it clear in the past that there is no love lost between Dancing With The Stars and himself, what was surprising was what he had to say about some of his former partners, particularly Hope Solo. But Solo wasn’t the only one that Chmerkovskiy bashed, as he also went on to slam Dance Moms star, Abby Lee Miller. Trust us, folks – you don’t want to miss this!



Fans still care a whole lot about Teresa Giudice’s family and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, apparently!  Preliminary viewer numbers are in for part 1 of the three part special, Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In showcasing how her family is coping while she’s in prison – and they’re not too shabby! 

The RHONJ: Teresa Checks In special pulled in 1.2 million viewers on Sunday night in its first airing (Bravo normally counts several same-day airings to get their own final numbers).  For comparison’s sake: Manzo’d with Children had just 910,000 viewers (and only 719,000 last week). 

Shannon Beador, David Beador

To say Shannon Beador is not happy with Vicki Gunvalson would be a huge understatement. From her reaction to Vicki’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live to her blog about the season 10 finale of Real Housewives of Orange County, I think it’s safe to assume Shannon won’t be using any of her magic crystals to try to heal her friendship with Vicki anytime soon.

About Tamra‘s baptism, Shannon said, “I am very proud of Tamra’s decision to get baptized. Tamra and I each went through our own horrendous experiences last year and we both found our way to the Lord to help navigate us through. We both have come out of it stronger than ever, and I feel a special connection with her. Tamra’s speech was incredible; she has an amazing heart.”


 Kim Zolciak black dress

I’ve officially entered the Twilight Zone.  Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak has announced today that she is doing a 20 city motivation speaking tour.   That’s not the weird part.

For fans of the show, we know that in episode six Kim was asked to be a keynote speaker at the Atlanta Women’s Expo and she was terrified.  She initially flipped out, refusing to go along with it.  But, she did it and it went really well and she was happy.  So now she is going to take her show on the road.