Ashley Darby


I don’t know about you guys but I am still recovering from all the kangaroo caprese salad and Tasmanian devil poppers from the Oz Critic’s Choice Dinner last week on Real Housewives of Potomac. Aside from the food, Ashley Darby calling her dinner something straight out of an award show format was pretty lofty, especially considering the food critics weren’t really choosing anything, more like getting a free dinner in exchange for filling out a comment card. But despite my snide assessment of the details, it was a clever move on Ashley’s part to get her restaurant some exposure and convince her controlling Aussie husband that she’s not the only one who thinks the menu well, sucks.

As Ashley reads through the comment cards on the new menu, she is pleasantly surprised about how good the feedback was and it only reinforces her belief that Aussie food is not the way to go (duh). There is only one thing still standing stubbornly in her way – Michael. He shows up with his tail in between his legs, offering a tepid apology that becomes pointless when he blames his threat to shut down the restaurant on her not acting like a team player. Now Ashley was no saint during that argument, but I could see how she would flip her sh*t when idea after idea of hers has been shot down and she just wanted to do one thing on her own for the betterment of Oz without her old curmudgeon of a husband putting the kibosh on it. Michael’s apology doesn’t really land and while he says he wants to work through it, he’s still ignoring how discounted Ashley feels in their partnership.

Real Housewives of Potomac recap

The entire Real Housewives of Potomac cast was a little shocked over the Darby showdown on last week’s episode. Monique Samuels is the latest to share her two cents on the marriage and business trouble plaguing Ashley Darby and her husband Michael.

First, she weighs in on Karen Huger‘s photo shoot. Monique says she’s all for capturing these moments in time and even has had them done as a couple with her husband. “I love that Karen finds ways to keep her man smiling. That’s what it’s all about! Keep your marriage fresh and young will make it last forever.”

Ashley Darby's marriage and restaurant

This week, Real Housewives of Potomac showcased a fight between Ashley Darby and her husband Michael Darby.

When he failed to support her plan for a more American-friendly menu for their struggling Australian-themed restaurant Oz, Ashley told Michael she was sick of him treating her like a child instead of an equal partner. Then she threatened to leave him. In her blog, Ashley admits that she should have given Michael more notice about her plans for the menu reveal event. “It was the beginning of a miscommunication that snowballed,” says Ashley.



Gizelle Bryant has been calling Ashley Darby out on her meddling in other people’s relationships lately. But now that The Real Housewives Of Potomac star has seen Ashley’s marriage isn’t all roses and sunshine, she understands a bit more about her costar’s messy behavior – though Gizelle admits being shocked at the nasty confrontation between Ashley and Michael at their restaurant, OZ.

Gizelle was also taken aback by the outdated “romance” advice she received from Karen Huger’s husband, Ray, while out with them on her double date! Gizelle snarks, “God knows I love the Black Bill Gates, however, a man who has been married for 20 years is not someone that I would take dating advice from in 2017.  When Ray was in the ‘dating’ game I believe he was wearing bell bottoms and an afro picking his dates up in a horse and buggy.  I think it’s admirable that he doesn’t want me to be alone.  However, not all women are damsels in distress looking for a man to save them so that they can be barefoot and pregnant while in the kitchen making biscuits and gravy.”


Real Housewives of Potomac recap

The Real Housewives of Potomac are having relationship issues.

Between Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s notice of divorce by mail and Robyn Dixon’s refusal to believe that playing house with her husband/not husband might not be the healthiest thing for a marriage/not marriage, the ladies of Potomac don’t even have time to talk about etiquette anymore – they are too busy just trying to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts and bank accounts.

Now enter Ashley Darby, who spent so much time judging everyone else’s relationship, forgot how messed up her own marriage was at home. Tonight we pull back the curtain to reveal that Oz himself isn’t an almighty, powerful ruler to be feared, but rather an insecure, over-aged Aussie who doesn’t understand what the general American public likes to eat when they dine out.



Up until the last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, the viewers always saw a very polished, unemotional version of Karen Huger. This all changed when she spoke out about the horror of going through sexual assault at an event that was filmed for the show. We got to see Karen being truly vulnerable for the first time and she was very open about her experiences.

She used this platform for good instead of trying to push her own line of whatever products she could be promoting and it was honestly refreshing. It’s so hard watching this Real Housewives installment and looking for aspects that aren’t contrived, but this was one moment that was one hundred percent genuine.


Gizelle Bryant

Real Housewives of Potomac has taken a turn for the better this season, in my humble opinion. Some of the cast are showing us more vulnerability and depth, which makes for a deeper viewer investment in their storylines. Then of course we have Gizelle Bryant – who hasn’t changed a bit! Being the resident diva/sh*t stirrer has become her calling card, so she’s taking that schtick all the way to the bank.

Gizelle reflects on the confrontation she and Robyn Dixon took straight to Ashley Darby’s workplace. Though she regrets the location, Gizelle maintains Ashley had every word coming. She offers some backstory: “First, it was Karen Huger that thought Ashley was a rude, inconsiderate humping banshee. Then she said highly inappropriate things to Charrisse Jackson Jordan causing her to feel like Ashley was immature and ignorant. Then the Robyn Dixon/Juan accusations just brought Ashley to a new level of hot fish frying messiness.”



Since we didn’t have a new episode of Real Housewives of Potomac last week, I almost (key word, ALMOST) forgot about everything that happened in the last episode with Ashley Darby and her scorched earth approach to gossip. But two casualties that are not about to forget anytime soon are Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant, who let’s face it, doesn’t really have a dog in the fight but just can’t steer clear of a chance to use her highly entertaining shade anywhere she can. And yes, I do find Gizelle to be petty and mean girl-ish but she really does make me laugh so I can’t help but have a soft spot for her whole overblown persona. What would the show be without her?

But back to the beef. Ashley has been running her mouth a little too much about what’s possibly going on with Robyn’s marriage/not marriage to Juan and OK, it is a little weird the extent of her interest in the matter. Why does she care if Robyn gets played a hundred times from Tuesday? Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Gizelle also tried talking to Robyn about her situation but like true friends, they did it privately and while offering understanding and support.