Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss is hopping mad at co-star Phaedra Parks and did not mince words when she responded via Instagram and Twitter to some incendiary comments made by the attorney against her husband Todd Tucker.  The Tuckers, who maintained a close relationship with Phaedra and her now incarcerated husband Apollo Nida have gravitated away from their once tight bond and all over a dispute surrounding the almighty dollar.

Apparently Todd, who is a television production manager, felt he was owed the remaining balance of $8,000 for a pregnancy video he worked on for Phaedra before Apollo’s imprisonment.  Todd claims Phaedra never paid him in full and Phaedra insisted that he not only never completed the project but felt she did not owe him any more monies.  Well the pair finally got together on last night’s RHOA episode to iron out any misunderstandings.  Well after discussing the project and budget, Todd agreed to complete his part and Phaedra agreed, she would in turn, hand over a check to him but implied as an aside, that this will happen whenever she got around to it.


Oh Mama Joyce!  You keep talking so much smack about your daughter's fiance, but really you may have more in common with his than you think!  Kandi Burruss' mother has made no secret for her disdain for Kandi's beau Todd Tucker.

It's actually kind of made Mama Joyce a break-out star this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She's certainly been voicing her crazy opinions all over the place as Kandi tries to play referee while remaining somewhat neutral. I don't think Joyce is ever going to change her thoughts on Todd though!