Southern Charm
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Southern Charm Season 10: Latest News, Cast Rumors, and More

Season 9 of Southern Charm ended with a bang. The entire season showed Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll going at it after the Playboy of the South led her on one too many times. Olivia also lost her close friend, Taylor Ann Green, when she was betrayed. The entire season had fans empathizing with Olivia, who couldn’t catch a break. Shep Rose was also in the hot heat as he finally figured out at the reunion he still had feelings for Taylor. But she had moved on to a new man. 

Cast Rumors

I love Craig Conover. What I especially love about Craig is his ability to let slip a few possible storylines. Craig shared while talking to Us Weekly, “If we come back, we’ve got a ton to share. I think the boys are in an interesting spot, especially me and Shep.” The last time viewers saw the Southern Charm group was in late 2023. Craig pointed out that Shep, Austen, and himself were having a “very real, very raw” conversation about Shep’s drinking. Craig noted he was hoping to continue the topic on camera.

According to the Sewing Down South owner, the conversation was long, and not all made it to the show, noting, Shep and I — we’ve kept things surface level since the reunion.” The boyfriend of Paige DeSorbo shared, “We go to the gym at the same time, and we see each other, but I think that’s a big conversation to continue on the show.” Craig revealed that if the show is renewed, he would want to talk about Shep’s trip to Costa Rica and what he got out of it. He even teased, “I think it’s gonna be something that I’m excited to get off my chest. I’m excited to have a friendship with Shep again.”

Cast rumors

So, even though two storylines centered around Olivia, rumors have spread that she won’t be asked back if there is a Season 10. A social media account called Best of Bravo revealed they had inside information that all but confirmed that Olivia, Rod Razavi, and Leva Bonaparte were axed. Now, Leva has her own spin-off, Southern Hospitality, which is fantastic, so she could have put more energy into that. Rod, I can see not being asked back because he was more of a sidekick.

But Olivia gave leading energy vibes as she put Taylor and Austen in their place. Craig had a few thoughts on the matter, sharing, “We love Olivia, so I hope that’s not the case. Austen probably has a different answer because he and JT rile each other up over Olivia.

Austen is dating

Austen ended Season 9 with his tails between his legs, but he just keeps bouncing back. Austen now has a new girlfriend, Audrey Pratt, and I can only imagine that he doesn’t want her to meet Olivia. The dup just spent eight days in Mexico, and I dare say I’d watch their relationship unfold during Season 10. Craig spilled the tea, sharing, “He’s actually calling her his girlfriend. I’m rooting for him always, and we love her. She’s great. She came to me and Paige’s New Year’s party at our house. We’ll see what happens with him.”

Craig talks relationships

If Southern Charm Season 10 gets a green light, Craig hints that fans will see him evolve too. The Delaware native shared that “after ten years, fortunately, I’m going into this new era in my life.” Fans should not panic just yet as he is talking about not only Paige but also his business and new home. Craig revealed that he doesn’t “really drink anymore — I still have drinks — but what does that look like for me now? Does Charleston still fit? Does my friend group still fit? All things that I’m excited to explore but I think people would be excited to keep watching.” Could this mean Craig might be thinking of leaving? All will be revealed in due time, my loyal fans.