New Interview With Brittaney Starr From Charm School


In an all new interview with VH1, Brittaney “Jasmineva” Starr talks about her time on Charm School. She talks about being ostracized, being empowered from porn, bathroom imprisonment and how she’s actually “a pretty normal person at home.”

Below are excepts from her new interview –

Your time on the show seemed tumultuous.

Yeah, it was OK. I was disappointed not to see Sharon Osbourne. I know how 51 Minds edits and the role they insist on making me play into, and I’d never have agreed to go on another show for them had I known the headmistress wasn’t going to be Sharon. I think she’s an amazing woman and I have the highest respect for her and her family.

But not Ricki Lake?

I have respect for Ricki, but I don’t follow her. Sharon’s the coolest. I was really excited to meet her. Ricki seemed nice until I saw the show and what she said about me, which wasn’t nice of her.

Are you talking about her comment about porn not being empowering?

No! She’d barely met me for five minutes and she called me a kook.

During your exit interview, though, you did admit to being “a little psycho.”

(Laughs) You know when I was wearing the pink DJ headphones and Stryker asked me about them? I replied that I wanted to represent that I was a DJ so the world would know what I did, since the show kept making me out as the crazy ex-porn star. So they of course edited that out and just showed my “wicka-wicka” dance, when I was emulating scratching records. Watching that, I totally laughed at myself. I thought it was funny how they edited all the silly stuff together. What’s life without laughter, right?

What did you think of Ricki and Stryker scoffing you for saying that part of your mission was to empower women via porn?

If a girl came to me and said, “I need money so bad, I’ll do whatever it takes,” I’m not going to film her. That’s not the right mind state. If she comes and says, “This is what I want to do with my life,” at least I can lead her in the right direction so that she does get tested and not taken advantage of or degraded or talked down to on film. Some films are totally degrading to women, but there are other ones that are pretty beautiful. There are people making love and having natural sex.

How do you feel about being treated the way that you were by the girls on this show?

I think it spilled over from the first show. I think because of the editing, the other girls had seen only what VH1 showed me as from the first show, so they already had their opinions of me. I really liked So Hood and Ki Ki. I thought Bubbles was a really nice girl. Like me, she’s a nice person and she gets picked on. I think it’s funny that because I was nice and talkative, the other girls wanted to say that I was fake. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. I’m fake because I try too hard to be nice? I’m nice until you push me too far. But don’t get it twisted: I can fight, but I only fight the right way. If Beverly or Farrah or anyone else wants to fight me, let’s take it to the ring. Seriously. We’ll get a ref and we’ll go at it.

Beverly said her anger stemmed from…

She said I talked s*** about her kids! I never did that and I never stole her bed.

But you did say that she was a lousy mother.

I did! And I believe that still today. When she was talking to her kids on the phone, she started to cry and I said, “That’s really heartfelt. You seem like a good mother.” She said, “Don’t you f***in’ talk to me! I have nothing to say to you!” Then she throws water and cookies at me and sprinkles them all over my things. I go, “Ooh, I retract that statement. Is this the kind of example you want to set for your kids? Throwing things at someone you have a problem with?” Plus, I don’t think a mother should be away from a three-year-old for more than a week. They need their mommy. I thought it was a bad thing for her to be going on the road to meet some rock star.

It was sad when you had to sleep in the locker room.

K.O was really drunk and she poured water in my bag and on my stuff, and I didn’t want it ruined. So I just moved in there so my stuff wouldn’t get ruined.

The Real Chance of Love girls, after initially befriending you, turned against you…

It’s just a big game we’re playing to win $100,000. We have to turn against each other. That’s the point of the show. I just kind of take it as that. They had to figure out a way to not be my friend to get me on the show. Whether it was then or a week later, it was going to happen regardless.

What are your thoughts on Ashley at this point?

I do not like Ashley. I think she’s a two-faced, fake person and I don’t think she’ll ever change, even if she says she did on Charm School. I think she’s exactly how she is on the show in real life: a mean girl.

You sound upbeat when talking about this show, which is reassuring. I was worried all the bullying had broken you down.

Oh, I’m not gonna let something silly like a reality show get to me.