Megan Wants a Millionaire Cast Revealed!



Next to Big Brother, Megan Wants a Millionaire is probably the next reality show I’m really looking forward to. VH1 has released photos of the men hoping to win Megan’s heart. Megan Hauserman had previously appeared on other reality shows such as The Beauty and The Geek, as well as Rock of Love 2, and I Love Money. Megan has mastered the art of playing the super villian, but the great thing about her is that she is very entertaining.

The premise of the show is that all the suitors are millionaires. The show is set to premier on August 2nd on VH1. Judging by the looks of this cast, it should be rather interesting.




Sex Toy Dave megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_sextoydave

Al megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_al


Alex megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_alex



Audi megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_audi


Corey megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_corey



David megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_david



Francisco megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_francisco


Garth megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_garth


James megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_james


Joe megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_joe


Matt megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_matt


Mike megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_mike


Punisher megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_punisher


Ryan megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_ryan


Shaun megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_shaun


TJ megan-wants-a-millionaire_cast_tj


Megan Hauserman