Danielle Staub’s past unraveling in front of the public eye apparently means big business for her ex husband, Kevin Maher. The book he helped write about his and Danielle’s past, Cop Without A Badge, has now gone back into print. It is due out July 10th for all those wishing to their hands on this very significant piece of history.

Below are some more interesting excerpts from the book about Danielle/Beverly Merrill courtesy of Starcasm

The book’s description of Beverly / Danielle’s involvement with the kidnapping:

”Some rich kids kept saying he didn’t have the money. But the DD knew the father was some rick old f**k, so the DD [dealer] grabbed the kid. Beat the s**t out of him for three days. Didn’t feed him. Kept telling the kid that if his father didn’t send money, he was going to kill them . . .

‘She was there man’, Uribe said with a sigh. ‘She was there through the whole f**king thing. She was partying with the DD for a month straight.”

What Kevin Maher thinks after meeting the pantiless Beverly/Danielle in Miami:

“She’s beautiful. I hope she’s not just another coke whore.”

After a couple lines of coke and romp in the sack Kevin has a startling revelation about Beverly/Danielle:

“She has no morals, but she’s a good person.”

Coke-fuelled insights don’t lie and within hours Maher is “in love,” forgetting completely that at that time he is still married to a woman named Beth. How Maher got Beverly / Danielle off with probation instead of prison for her kidnapping charges:

“Maher . . . bent the truth about one of the dealers.”

How Beverly / Danielle reacted to her light sentence which Maher’s helped orchestrate:

“She stared into Maher’s eyes in the dreamy way someone would regard a hero.”

Maher moves Beverly/Danielle away from all the coke dealers in Miami that she has sexed up in exchange for drugs, and relocate to New York. He becomes jealous when he finds Beverly getting some suspicious “deals” around town, including a quick promotion at work and a cut-rate apartment deal:

“You don’t become the featured dancer at Gallagher’s making six hundred a night unless you’re f****ing somebody.”

The night after Maher almost shoots up the strip joint where she works Beverly / Danielle lets him in her apartment:

“’You shouldn’t have done that, Kevin,’ she said with a smile. Beverly laughed. Maher laughed. Then they tore each other’s clothes off.”

When Maher’s wife Beth had finally had enough of all the drama and got herself and her son out of Maher’s life, Beverly slinked right in. The pair immediately started having a grand time:

“Cocaine and passion, endless weeks of delirious pleasure. Maher and Beverly floated into the charcoal days of autumn. By October, Maher had moved into Beverly’s Brooklyn apartment.
‘You know, Kevin,’ Beverly said one night, ‘I’ve been with probably a thousand guys and I’ve never felt this way about any of them.’
Maher looked at her in disbelief. A thousand guys?
Maybe it was the cocaine. Maybe Maher had just gone crazy. Whatever it was, Kevin Maher and Beverly Merrill were united in matrimony on October 20, 1988.”

And the two lived happily ever after, okay not really. They would go on to have a volatile relationship in which Kevin claims Danielle continued to dance and cheat on him with a ton of men. They would end up separating. A divorce was never needed as Kevin was still legally married to his first wife.

Danielle claimed during the reunion show that Kevin was very abusive to her, and that was the reason she left him.