Bianca Sloof aka Bubbles from Charm School 3 is speaking out about her time on the show in a new interview with VH1. Bubbles talks about her road to becoming a powerful woman, her altercations with the other women on the show, the abuse in her past and why there’s nothing wrong with swimming in the air.

Below are some excerpts from this interview –

How was your time on the show?

My time on the show was about growth. The $100,000 did reinforce me to improve, but I’ve been trying to self-improve myself for awhile. It’s not easy. I learned to take a stand, to be more of a powerful woman, to change my perspective on life, not to be so, so, so, so positive, but to see what’s bad – what is really out there. And there’s bad things out there. And that’s what I learned, also.

The way we saw the first few episodes play out, it seemed like the rest of the Real Chance girls just snapped and were screaming at you out of nowhere.

The thing is, I have grew a little defensive of my intelligence, because when you get insulted all your life about the same thing, it’s like somebody poking you in the arm, in the same spot. It’s going to eventually hurt. You’re going to grow a shield. You’re going to think right away that people are insulting your intelligence when they’re not even doing that, because you’re being defensive for a reason. So I went up to Ki Ki and said, “I don’t understand why you call me retarded when you didn’t even know the names of the animals in the farm activity [on Real Chance].” That’s all I said. It wasn’t that big, but she made it so much bigger, because she’s a lot more defensive than I am. And a lot of people that are defensive and abusers, they make themselves as victims. They see themselves as victims, and they don’t realize that what they’re doing is abusing.

Do you feel like a powerful woman?

I still feel like I need a little more to become that powerful woman, but I’m trying. I’m still growing.

Once the Real Chance girls got off your back, Ashley started on you.

Well, during the fitness challenge, I was brainstorming out loud. I think I should have brainstormed the first two things I brainstormed in my head only.

Like swimming in the air?

No, there’s nothing wrong with the swimming in the air, and Brittaney Starr said that it wasn’t enough cardio. And it was enough cardio because you’re getting cardio in your arms, and cardio in your legs, and you’re getting cardio in a fun way. And it’s cute.

Did it hurt you when Ashley said that talking to you was like talking to a retarded child?

Of course it did. It made me feel embarrassed. Ashley and Brittaney Star did not realize how much I know about working with kids.

Do you carry resentment for Ashley today?

No. I’m very forgiving. You know me. I’m a peacemaker.

Do you have resentment for anybody? So Hood? Ki Ki?

No, I don’t have resentment for nobody. I feel like if you hold a grudge, then you’re not happy. And I want to be happy. A lot of people think I’m stupid for being too nice, but I think in the end, by being this way, it can cause peace. It equals positive and not negative.

I think the emotional high point of the series was when you admitted that you were molested when you were younger. What was that like for you? Did you have any reservations talking about that on camera?

I already opened up about that with the therapist, so in a way, it wasn’t so…it wasn’t like a new shock for me. The first time I admitted it was when I was 14. When I did then, I was crying, I felt guilty, I didn’t want to leave my house. And right now – how old am I? 23? So, saying it on the show was a lot easier for me, even though it was difficult. It still is difficult, but I want to make it to the point where it’s not difficult, so I can help others who dealt with that crap.

Was that part of your motivation?

Yes. Part of my motivation to tell people out there is: “Look. This happened to me. Don’t be ashamed if it happened to you, too. I still have my head up. You can have your head up, too.” That was my message.

Were you surprised how many of the other girls could relate?

Yeah. I was thinking maybe half or a quarter of the girls went through what I went through. It was like almost the whole room went through what I went through.

I mean, it seems like you can do too well in Charm School, and that’s weird. In school school, you can never do too well.

I feel like everyone thinks you need to be in Charm School because you’re harmful to others and you’re mean, and whatever. But what about people that are opposite? And I was one of those people. But coming out of there, I feel that I grew so much. I feel like I really did deserve to get to the end. I learned in life that I actually do deserve a lot. I realize I haven’t given myself a lot of self-worth in my life, and I learned to give myself more self-worth in Charm School. I think that’s a very valuable thing to learn and that’s a big part of growth.

So then you got everything that you wanted out of Charm School, right?

No, I feel like I still need money. I feel like I still do need money, and I’m still trying to improve myself and figure out how to be this complete person. But then again, I have to think, nobody can ever be perfect or feel perfect.

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