Daisy of Love’s TJ Markiewicz aka Flex was the final contestant to be eliminated from the show’s finale last night. Daisy De LaHoya chose rocker/heart breaker, London, whom she had earlier eliminated to be her “Daisy of Love.”

In a new interview with VH1, Flex talks about his time on the show, not being that into Daisy, plus his bromance with 12 Pack. Off topic, why is he wearing so much eyeliner in the above photo?

Below are some excerpts from his new interview –

You didn’t seem too broken up about not being chosen by Daisy.

I had feelings for her but I didn’t like her-like her like that. We didn’t have the connection that she had with London, so I knew we weren’t meant for each other.

Were you insincere when you said how much you liked her?

When you’re in the moment, you say how you feel, I guess. There was a lot of alcohol involved (laughs). She was the only girl in a house of 20 guys. I was sincere when I said I had feelings for her, and I thought she was a great girl. But toward the end, after she brought London back, it was just like, OK. Obviously we know who’s going to win because she had that extreme crush on him in the beginning. The show was over when he walked back through the door.

Is there anything to be said for you just playing the game?

Everybody wants to win, but for me it wasn’t a game. I went there seeing if we had a chance. She’s a cool chick. I had no baggage. I didn’t have a girlfriend or anything that would have dragged me down. Some of the other guys had kids or girlfriends or had been married and divorced, but not me. I was 22, I had a job, I was successful, so I basically wanted to try something new.

So, just to be sure, when you said, “I’m falling in love with you,” you just chalk that up to being in the moment?

Well…yeah. I knew that London and her would not make a good couple. It’s hard to explain because you know that someone isn’t right for her, and even though she doesn’t like you, you still don’t want her to make a bad decision. I knew I would be a better fit for her than London. I knew I could take care of her and not disrespect her like the way she’s been disrespected in the past.

So you don’t think it’ll last with London?

No, I don’t think it’s going to last at all. But I wish them the best.

What about your reputation as a hothead? Do you think that was a fair assessment?

If I’m fighting for a girl and I like her, I’m going to make sure she doesn’t get d***ed over by anybody else. The guys in the house had a lot of stuff they weren’t telling her, and it would just piss me off when they’d open their mouths and lie straight to her face. That’s why I got heated. There’s a lot of stuff people didn’t see that led to why I was so heated in the first place. It doesn’t just come out of nowhere.

Did you get along with most of the guys?

I got along with some of them. I liked Big Rig and 12 Pack. Fox, too. Cage was a good dude. He burned me, but I still like him. We were just both drunk, whatever. I hated everybody else. I hated Chi Chi to death. I wanted to stab him in the face.


He was such a fag. He was just so gay. I thought he was just putting on a front because he was on the show, like, “I’m a big teddy bear sweetheart stalker,” but then I hung out with him after the show and I realized that he’s always like that. We went to McDonalds and he’s like, “Can I pretty please get a double cheeseburger please?” And I was like, “Dude, you just said ‘please’ twice, and one of those times you said, ‘pretty please,’ to the people at McDonalds.”

So you don’t like him because he’s gay? Are you anti-gay?

No, not at all. I have a lot of gay friends. I have ADHD, so when I say “fag,” I don’t mean gay. I just say “fag” like people say “fag” like it’s another name. When I call one of my friends “fag,” I don’t call them that because they’re gay.

What led you to go on the show in the first place?

I have no idea. They found me on MySpace and said if I was interested, I should send them a paragraph on why I thought I was good enough for Daisy. I thought it was a huge joke, so I sent them one sentence: “I think I’m perfect for Daisy because she needs a real man like me and Bret Michaels is an idiot for not picking her.” That was it, no thank you or anything. They thought it was hysterical.

Had you watched Rock of Love?

No, I had to Google Daisy to see what she looked like. Honestly, she wasn’t my type and I wasn’t her type at all, by any means.

So you weren’t attracted to her at all?

I was attracted to her personality, but not physically. I’m not really into fake: fake boobs, fake lips, fake everything. But she was a really sweet girl. When we talked on and off camera, she had intelligent things to say. We talked about her past, and when you do that with somebody, you start to develop feelings for them. I looked at the inside beauty that she had more than her outer beauty. Yeah, she’s a pretty girl, but she’s a great girl on the inside.

Is her inner beauty why you stuck around?

Yeah. I was ready to leave a couple of times.

Were you worried about what was going to happen if Daisy picked you, since you weren’t into her?

Yeah. I would have been a better choice, but I don’t know how I would have did it. We live two different lifestyles. She’s a rock star girl that wants to go out and party and play in a band and do appearances for her whole life, and I’m more a guy who wants a job so that I know I have money coming in all the time, instead of worrying about my next appearance. I just want to set myself up for my future and have a family. She didn’t seem like she cared about that stuff at all.

The finale sort of implies that you had sex on your last date.

We did not have sex. Put that in big bold letters. Daisy is not as much of a whore as people think she is. I never had sex with her. None of the guys in the house did. I’m assuming London has because she’s dating her. That last night, we just ate chocolates and talked about her past and then went to sleep.

What do you think about the way your “bromance” was portrayed?

I don’t care. Me and 12 Pack do have a bromance, I don’t give a f***. I have a girlfriend, I’m heterosexual, but that kid will be one of my greatest friends and I met him on a reality TV show. If we could do a show together, I think we would put a lot of smiles on a lot of people’s faces.

How long have you been with your girlfriend?

We started dating about a month ago. She was on a reality show, too: The Girls of Hedsor Hall on MTV. Her name is Brianna.

Are you enjoying the “fame” that comes with reality TV?

When you’re a reality star, it’s not like you’re a movie star. People will be like, “Holy crap, you were on a reality show!” It’s like, yeah. I’m just a normal dude. I was a gym manager. I woke up, went to work, came home and partied with my friends just like everyone else does. People have said, “You’re a god!” I appreciate my fans 100 percent, they’re so sweet and s*** like that, but I’m just a normal guy who made it on VH1.

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