CBS Big Brother New HOH Plus Spoilers!


Big Brother 11 ended last night with the house guests fighting for the new HOH title in an endurance competition. Julie Chen announced the cliques were done with. About time in my opinion, let the games begin! We have some major spoilers below, so do not read any further if you do not want to know what happened.

And how great was Casey‘s speech last night?

The HOH winner came down to Russell and Jeff. They were both trying their hardest to get the other to drop by offering them almost anything. Jeff told Russell he wasn’t certain on whether or not he could trust his word.

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Russell then asked all the other houseguests to go inside so that he could get some privacy with Jeff. Jordan stayed outside, and Russell promised both Jeff and Jordan safety. He also promised to put up Ronnie. Jeff agreed and dropped, making Russell the new HOH.

Both Jessie and Ronnie were a nervous wreck, as they felt they were in danger of being nominated.

Meanwhile, fans can continue to vote for which houseguest they want to give the coup d’etat power to. Whoever wins the coup d’etat will have the power to replace either one or both of the nominees right before voting happens next Thursday. The winner of the power cannot tell the other houseguests about the power. The winner of the coup d’etat will have 2 weeks to use the power.

The general consensus amongst most fans is that it should go to Jeff. So feel free to visit to cast your vote. I’m rooting for Jeff as well.