House Husbands of Hollywood

Bringing you some news and gossip about the House Husbands of Hollywood. The Fox reality network show follows the lives of five men who happen to be househusbands. You can read more about the cast here.

Grant ReynoldsAspiring actor and husband of “Good Day LA” anchor Jillian Reynolds. Jillian and Grant are currently expecting their second child, a boy. A photo of a very pregnant Jillian is below.

Darryl M. BellThe former star of A Different World has been with girlfriend Tempest Bledsoe for 16 years. Tempest starred on The Cosby Show for years. In an interview with ET, the couple believes their relationship works because they are “very compatible.” They also have no plans to get married, though they are pro-marriage.

Danny BarclayAspiring actor Danny is married to Katherine Barclay who is described as a “high-powered attorney.” It’s been reported that Katherine works for a powerful law firm than only accepts the top 1% of law school graduates. She practices under her maiden name to allow her some privacy. Danny also seems to be getting some acting gigs lately as shown on his IMDB actor’s page.

Not much news to report on Charlie Mattera and Billy Ashley. Some of the fellas have twitter pages as listed below.

Charlie Mattera Twitter and Danny Barclay Twitter.

My thoughts on the showHousehusbands is one of those shows I had not planned on watching until I got hooked during a marathon. It’s a pretty decent show. It doesn’t have the drama factor as Bravo’s housewives’ series, but it is nonetheless entertaining to watch, as seeing life from the men’s prospectives is sometimes humorous.

I noticed some viewers are giving Jillian Barberie Reynolds a hard time, but I actually see things differently when it comes to Grant and Jillian. Grant seems to have a superior passive aggressive way about him while Jillian seems more laid back and wanting to avoid conflict. Grant’s behavior at the couple’s dinner party was a bit telling and unnecessary. He seems a bit controlling and tends to overact to the “little things.” He also needs to learn how to let things go, the way he went on and on and on and on about Jillian’s spending was draining to watch. He might have had a valid point but went about it the wrong way. I’m surprised these two are having another baby instead of heading to divorce court. They need a lot of help/counseling for their marriage to work. They seem very mismatched and sometimes act like they genuinely do not like each other.

Tempest and Darryl seem very stable. They do bicker quite a bit, but it seems mostly playful. Whatever they’re doing as a couple seems to be working for them.

Danny and Katherine are an interesting couple to watch. Bringing a baby into their current marital equation would definitely be a recipe for disaster. Danny does need to be more assertive as a husband. He needs to do something with his time while he tries to get the acting thing going. A part time job that allows him the flexibility to be an actor would be ideal. He needs to realize that he’s still the man of the house, and needs to bring home some bacon, no matter how little. Unlike most of the other husbands, he has no kids to take care of, nor does he help his wife with her job/business. If he continues to go his current route, it will only be a matter of time before Katherine begins to lose respect for him.

Billy and Lisa seem to have a stable and loving marriage though Lisa comes off as being annoying and self absorbed at times.

Charlie with the absentee wife, might want to stop mentioning just how unplanned his son’s birth was. We get it already! You went to Cabo and there came a baby 9 months later. Charlie otherwise seems like a loving father. The problem with filming reality shows is that everything you say and do is made permanently public.

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Jillian Barberie Reynolds with husband Grant ReynoldsGrant Reynolds with wife, Jillian Barbarie Reynolds

Darryl-M-Bell-Tempestt-BledsoeDarryl M. Bell with Tempest Bledsoe