New Interview With Blonde Baller From Real Chance of Love 2

Real chance of love 2 Blonde Baller

Blonde Baller is speaking out about her time on Real Chance of Love 2. The latest contestant to be eliminated left a lot of unanswered questions when she left the show.

In this new interview with VH1, Blonde Baller aka Kip Force, talks about her feelings on being called a “snitch,” her new war of words with Chance, why she wants to be on Charm School and how she felt about being eliminated.

Excerpts from her interview her below –

Usually the first question I ask is, “How was your time on the show?” But via your Twitter, and elsewhere, I think I already know the answer.

My time was not positive at all.

What leaves you the most unsettled?

The editing. They made me look like I snitched on Flirty. They didn’t show the date before that, when she was dancing with Real and sitting with Real at dinner. Flirty was talking about me for 35 minutes about how she wanted to take a Real chain. She told me she liked Chance as a friend. I told her to use her next date to get to know Real, that way if she got kicked off, she got kicked off trying for the guy she was originally there for.

We did see her specifically say that she wasn’t going to take a Real chain, though.

She said that she wanted to get to know him, but she didn’t want to take his chain and be a flip-flopper. That’s when I said, “Well, Mamacita did it.” And she said, “Oh!” After that, in the room, I told her, “Flirty, don’t back out,” she said she wouldn’t, that she was going to get to know Real. Then the next day on the bus, she said, “Oh, I like Chance again!” Whatever, dude. They just don’t show a lot of stuff, like Hot Wings’ dude calling and saying, “Tell her that her car payment is paid.” They brought that up in court and she said, “Well, it’s still in his name. We were together two years. We’re still best friends.” She didn’t pack up one time, she packed up three times.

What about the snitching issue?

We’re taped 24/7. How am I snitching on you when you told national television your business? The only reason I know your business is because you were open with it and you were open with it in front of a camera.

What struck me as odd about the situation with Classy is that it was OK for Chance to talk about her, but it wasn’t OK for you to talk about Chance talking about her.

Exactly. And the reason I talked to Classy about her ankles comes from the zoo date, when PS made a really nasty comment to me about my eyebrows. She said, “Who the hell does them?” I didn’t know there was anything wrong with them. If you watch, toward the end of the show, my eyebrows are colored in because Classy started doing that for me to help me out. And now that’s how I shape them. So I figured that if she helped me with my eyebrows, why couldn’t I help her with her ankles? I wanted to help her look nice for her man.

Although, you talked a lot about playing the game, and however you want to label it, if you talk so openly about the other girls, you run the risk of being called a snitch or made out to be the show’s villain. I mean, that’s the bigger game at hand.

The funny thing is that Mamacita’s up in her room talking to Chance about how she doesn’t like me, “BB said this, BB said that.” Hot Wings is telling him she doesn’t like me. Baker is telling him she doesn’t like me. So when they’re talking crap, it’s OK. Bu the minute I open my mouth, I’m snitching.

Yeah, and I guess that brings up the point that these shows thrive off of people talking about people. It’s like, the way you prove you’re the best, is by proving other people are the worst.

I don’t think that I was the worst, because I didn’t get a tattoo to impress a guy. I kept my morals. I’m not sleeping with someone to get ahead. I’m pretty sure I could have slept with Chance and stayed for the remainder of the season, but I just wasn’t willing to do that.

You’re one of the only girls we saw with Chance in his room.

Chance invited me up there. They made it look like I went up there on my own accord. He’s been criticizing me on Twitter, too, saying I have a flat booty. But if you look at the Chelsea Lately segment with them, he says, “Blonde Baller has a bangin’ body.” So now my body’s bad? He was feeling me, I just think it’s funny that he’s making it seem like he wasn’t.

After this week’s episode, you went on Twitter and unleashed. Had you felt sort of bottled up with resentment up to this point?

What I was more pissed off about than even being edited to look like a liar, is that when Chance and I were sitting at dinner, he asked me about Flirty and I told him that I didn’t want to talk about her, and he said again, “Girl, I asked you a question, you gotta answer it.” I told him I didn’t want to again, he asked me again and I said, “Well, Flirty…” and was made to look like I did it by myself, when he was screaming at me to answer the question.

Junk was eliminated for talking about you all the time. Did that make you even consider changing your behavior?

Well, I in no way like Junk at all, but it makes me wonder if Chance did the same thing to her. She did come down and apologize to me at one point. I was on the phone and she said, “I really apologize if your friend did die.” She had a heart, and I thought that was cool. So I wonder if Chance had her up in the room, asking, “So what do you think about Blonde Baller?” It’s not natural to continue talking about someone like she did. He could have been leading her the whole time. So I don’t get mad at her for that.

When did you stop being into Chance? Was it after you were eliminated? Because you cried…

During my exit interview, they asked me, “Why did you think you got eliminated?” And I just kept saying over and over, “’Cause I didn’t want to sleep with him.” After that, I realized that I could have someone so much better, and because so many guys are like that, they’ll break up with you when you don’t want to sleep with them, I started crying and said, “All guys are the same.” It wasn’t because I was leaving. I wasn’t feeling him after the tennis date. That’s when I really said to myself, “This dude is a total douchebag.”

So even after all of this, you would consider appearing on another VH1 reality show?

I have learned my lesson. I would love to go to Charm School and win $100,000 for not snitching. It would not be hard. I could not do the talking that I did and look like I made a 180.

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