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Baker aka Jazmin Waterz is the latest Chance girl to be eliminated from VH1’s Real Chance of Love 2. In a new interview with VH1, Baker talks about her time on the show, her dislike for Blonde Baller, and why she’s proud to be a stripper.

Excerpts from her new interview are below –

How was your time on the show?

It was actually a learning experience. It was fun to be part of a social experiment, which is how I now see it. I learned a lot about myself and reality TV.

What did you learn about yourself?

Just watching myself on TV, I shoulda started punching girls in their face instead of playing the role of I-want-to-get-as-much-time-on-TV-as-possible. I didn’t want to go home for punching a girl in her mouth. They didn’t say any of that stuff to my face, so watching them makes me want to punch them in their face. So I’m just gonna start punching them.

How affected by this show were you emotionally? You cried when you were eliminated.

(Laughs) When I got eliminated, I was numb. I would have rather gotten kicked off at the beginning, when it was actually fun in the house. By that time, it was over it. I cried because I wasted my time. It just hit me in the head, like, I really liked him, I was there for him and he sent me home.

Even Blonde Baller said that you were there for Chance…

I give her props on that, but that’s it. I don’t want to talk about her.


What did you think of Chance saying in this week’s extras that he sent you home because he couldn’t be with a stripper?

I was picked to go on the show, and everybody knew I was a stripper from Day 1. The excuse that he wouldn’t date me because I’m a stripper is f***ing pointless. Are you really going to date me when you choose me is the real question. This is a TV show. I am a stripper and I’m proud of it, and unless a man is going to accept me and be proud of me for it, I don’t need him in my life. How I’m making my money as long as I’m respecting myself shouldn’t have nothing to do with, “Oh, I can’t date you. I can’t let you go on further.” I think him saying that was classless, but I’m not going to dis him. He can dis me all he wants, but he’ll never hear a reply because I was on his show. He may have sent me home but I was there for a reason, and I proved my point. I’m still the baddest bitch. I was myself on that show, and I’m myself now.


If they didn’t want no f***ing strippers on the f***ing show, they shouldn’t have cast us. Strippers make the world go around. Would you rather me be a f***in’ stripper or be a f***in’ prostitute or f***in’ sell drugs or go own a lemonade stand? I work at the best strip club. Magic City in Atlanta is world famous. Last night, Akon was there. Everyone comes and sees us. I never seen…ugh, whatever. I don’t even want to talk about it. I never would have thought that Chance would have said that.

Do you resent him?

No. He’s a character. Chance as a character is more exciting than Kamal as a person. He’s actually a shy guy. That’s who I was attracted to.

It’s kind of refreshing to hear you say that you aren’t ashamed of what you do. A lot of women openly struggle with calling stripping their profession.

I am a stripper. I’ve been stripping for two years. I work three nights a week at Magic City. I have clientele. I am about to be in the Magic City calendar. I have a lot going for me. When I decide I’m tired of dancing, that’s when I’ll gracefully leave. Dancing is beautiful to me. I enjoy it. My mother has come to watch me dance on Christmas.

Speaking of tables, I really enjoyed when you were barefoot on the living room table ranting about Blonde Baller.

I look like a f***in’ shoeless hillbilly up on that table! I wish they would have shown me going into the room and getting her. I laid it on the line. I mean, she’s a liar. Everything about her on the show was a lie. Just shut up and be yourself. You don’t have to talk a lot to prove your point and pull people’s flaws out for your personal gain. I was fed up about it, and so I was confronted her. Now she’s trying to paint me out to be the bad guy. I’m not a bad guy, I’m just a real bitch. She’s not a real bitch, she just has a big mouth and she needs somebody to shut it up. If she doesn’t want to be in reality TV, she needs to walk away from the light and go where they want her. Don’t knock the other girls on the show. She thinks she’s better than everybody and she’s not s***.

I did hear that you were naked a lot more than we ever saw on TV. Was that true?

Yes, I was often naked in the house, and I think that was my downfall, ‘cause they really don’t show me a lot of the time. They couldn’t.

Why were you so sad about Chance’s reaction to the cake?

I had been asking to make a cake since I first got into the house, since my name was Baker. When I finally did use it, I didn’t know how to use the oven, it didn’t work. It took forever. It was a sincere gesture, and Chance just looked at it like it was stupid. Letting my wall down and trying to be nice and being ladylike and showing someone affection…I don’t usually do that. It was like, “I made this f***in’ cake, and you need to love it.” A lot of people say Chance and I are a lot alike, but I think you can tell when someone is genuine and someone is acting.

Do you have any regrets?

No. Not even getting the tattoo. I beat out a lot of girls to be on that show, so I got my tattoo and I’m proud of it. I don’t regret the tattoo, I don’t regret the cake, I don’t regret throwing the drink on the first episode, and I don’t regret giving Chance a hug after he let me go. I had a great run. Nine out of 10 episodes. My family is proud of me that they can say, “Hey, that’s my niece.” “That’s my daughter.” “That’s my cousin that’s on that show.” I can’t turn on VH1 without seeing my face, and that’s going to continue. And every time I look at my tattoo, I’m like, “Hey, I did that.” You know?

Good for you for not being ashamed of anything.

All I got is my words and my p****, and if you ain’t got that, then you ain’t got nothing.

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