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The finale of More To Love aired over 2 months ago with wardrobe stylist and up and coming Plus Size Model Tali Giat winning the heart of Luke Conley. We have since received quite a bit of emails from our readers wanting an update on Tali. The great news is we were able to get in touch with Tali’s publicist, Penelope Jean, to get an exclusive interview with Miss Tali herself.

In our interview with Tali, we ask her about her experience with being on More to Love, and also get an update on she and Luke’s relationship (they are no longer together). Tali also discusses her personal and professional mission as a role model and spokesperson for healthy body image for women and girls. She is currently working to support initiatives that inspire a wider definition of beauty.

Our full interview with Tali is below –

Q. Reality Tea: More to Love was the first reality show to solely focus on plus sized women and dating, did you have any reservations about doing the show?

A. Tali: I did not have reservations about doing the show. I was open and excited for the possibility of finding true love, along with being a part of something with the potential to foster positive change in people’s perception of full figure women.

Q. Reality Tea: We have received so many positive emails and requests from our readers wanting an update on you, does this surprise you?

A. Tali: I am humbled and flattered. I am grateful for the interest, support and love shown by the show viewers; the outpouring of support continues with numerous emails daily. I think women must relate to me. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to touch so many people.

Q. Reality Tea: What kind of feedback have you received from both men and women since your appearance on the show?

A. Tali: I can say that mostly I have been getting positive feedback from both men and women. Even from people (specially women) that have never been full figured in there life, but rather judged for being too skinny, and felt the need to express to me the impact that my appearance on the show has left on them, and how they were inspired to just be themselves and overcome their fears.

Knowing that my story and journey on the show has touched so many, in some cases making a positive change in their lives, is very heartwarming . It has empowered me to want to do much more to connect with and inspire women. The people who became a part of my Facebook Fan Page and connect with me, have come to learn that I am the same Tali in real life as I appeared to be on the show.

Q. Reality Tea: Last we heard, it seemed you and Luke were giving your relationship a go, however recent updates on your facebook fan page shows that you are now single. Can you tell us what happened with your relationship with Luke?

A. Tali: I think it is important to remember that even though Luke and I found each other on a reality TV show, we are both two regular people who were trying to build a foundation to a normal healthy relationship. It was important for us to stay away from all the big buzz of being in the media, and keep grounded in order to maintain normal life and explore if this is really working for us. We both hoped we found ‘the one.’ Just like any two people in a relationships out there, we gave it a try, but unfortunately it did not work out.

Some things are meant to be, and some just not. We parted as friends with much respect for each other, and wish each other the best in life.

Q. Reality Tea: Are you dating once again?

A. Tali: Laughs, I actually just got back from a dinner and movie with Clooney. Such a sweet guy! Since we all know how this one would end… I am still on the search for my McDreamy JJ.

Q. Reality Tea: There were reports of you moving out to Los Angeles. Any truth to that? Are you still modeling?

A. Tali: I recently moved from NYC back to Colorado. For the time being I have no plans to move. I think of Colorado as my home and base of residence, yet I am considering many opportunities which are coming my way.

My perception of being a “Model” is very different though; I consider myself being a model not for appearance alone, but also exemplifying an individual of intelligence, integrity, and morals. One who aims to be a positive role model for the person inside, as well as real beauty which reflects from the outside. That being said, and to answer your question, yes I am modeling and working to promote healthy body image for women and girls in America.

Q. Reality Tea: What have you been up to since the show ended? What are your immediate and long term goals for the future?

A. Tali: I am working on projects to promote positive body image and self esteem among children, teens and adults. My Publicist, Penelope Jean, says the public will be seeing a lot more of me soon!

Since the Finale, I have received hundreds of emails asking where to purchase the clothes that I wore on the show. That led me to contact the actual designer of the gown, and now we are collaborating in reproducing the most requested gown in an exclusive offer to the fans, which will be available for purchase online. More detailed information about this project can be viewed on my Facebook Fan Page (link below).

I also am doing a tour called, “Tali & Friends Meet and Greet”. People have gotten to know me through TV and Facebook, and now I would like to meet all of my great supporters in person. My goal is to connect with people and share our stories on a more personal level. I will announce event locations on my FB Fan Page.

Q. Reality Tea: You seem passionate about your work to promote healthy body images for women and girls, where does your passion for this issue stem from?

A. Tali: Growing up, I was always a ‘chubby girl’. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I was able to embrace the shape of my body. I am not going to sound all cliché’ and tell you that I am at total peace with every single part of my body, but I sure taught myself confidence over the years. It took time, a lot of patience and some tears, but I had to take myself through a journey of finding the positive things that I like about me and focus on them the most.

A journey, I think every teen, woman should allow herself to take and explore. Let’s admit it, it doesn’t make any difference how many times, and by how many people, you are told that you are beautiful just the way you are. If you don’t really truly feel it yourself, these words are like letters flying in the air.

So, to answer your question, this subject was always a sensitive matter to me. Ever since I was a child, being picked on at school a lot, I wished for the day when someone would finally dare to stand up and make a change in how people perceive bigger people, so I could feel better about myself. In time, I came to realize that everyone has a voice. And everyone has the power to make a change no matter who they are or what they do for a living.

I went on a journey of teaching myself confidence and the value of acceptance and self love. I soon realized, I could BE the change. I have a VOICE, and it actually matters!

Q. Reality Tea: Do you have an official site where your fans can reach out to you?

A. Tali: Please join me on my Facebook and Twitter pages:

Facebook: (or simply type “Tali – More to Love” into the Facebook Search tab).


Media and Other Inquiries please contact my Publicist, Penelope Jean at

“Tali is sought-after for her appeal with normal-size American women. Her unique international and cross-cultural look, along with her full figured curves, has made Tali Giat the face -and body- of beauty today! Tali is currently considering a number of opportunities which will allow her to take her message public. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out, and she brings a special-something with her completely genuine and down-to-earth personality. Tali exemplifies class, integrity and style. She has an eye for high fashion and is even considering developing her own apparel line down the road. Stay tuned for much more from Tali Giat.””

– Penelope Jean, Celebrity Publicist

A special thanks to Tali and her publicist Penelope Jean for granting us this interview. More photos of Tali below.


Tali Giat is best known to audiences as the winner of the wildly popular television show on FOX; More To Love, created by Executive Producer Mike Fleiss. Prior to her success on the small screen, Tali worked as a wardrobe stylist and up-and-coming Plus Size Model in New York City and continues to do so nationwide. With a personal and professional mission as a role model and spokesperson for healthy body image for women and girls, Tali works to support initiatives that inspire a wider definition of beauty.