CBS Reveals Cast Photos Of All-Star Cast of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains!

Survivor All Star Cast 20

CBS has officially unveiled the 20 former castaways who will be competing on the 20th season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

The latest season of Survivor will premier with a special two-hour episode on Thursday, February 11 at 8PM ET on CBS. The castaways will be divided up into two tribes of 10. It will be a Heroes vs Villians theme, with the “Heroes” being “defined by their decisions of integrity,” courage and honor, and the “Villains” having “mastered their skills of deception, manipulation and duplicity,” according to CBS.

The show’s host Jeff Probst also discussed the upcoming season, “This season we’re bringing back some of your favorite past competitors — 10 heroes going up against 10 villains in a knock-down, drag-out brawl.” This season was also filmed in Samoa, the same location as Survivor 19.

Back in the mix is Russell Hantz — a favorite from the Survivor:Samoa. According to reports, season 1 winner Richard Hatch was asked to return for this season. However, he had to apply to leave the country since he is under house arrest. His request was denied by a federal judge in Rhode Island.

The two separate teams are listed below –

Heroes: Amanda, James, Cirie, Tom (Palau), Stephanie, Rupert, Candice, JT, Colby and Sugar.

Villains: Boston Rob, Jerri, Russell, Parvati, Sandra, Coach, Tyson, Danielle, Randy and Courtney.

James Clement Survivor All StarJAMES CLEMENT: HERO

Occupation: Gravedigger

Past appearances: China; Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites

His M.O.: Known for his smile and impressive pecs (he made it to PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men issue!), James won the Sprint Fan Favorite prize of $100,000 in back-to-back seasons.


benjamin-wade-survivor-20BENJAMIN ‘COACH’ WADE: VILLAIN

Occupation: Soccer coach/orchestra conductor

Past appearances: Tocantins: The Brazilian Highlands

His M.O.: The self-titled Dragon Slayer, who slung his jacket over his shoulder while approaching the voting lectern during tribal councils, told wild but seemingly true stories by the campfire



Candice Woodcock Survivor All Star 20CANDICE WOODCOCK: HERO

Occupation: Medical student

Past appearances: Cook Islands

Her M.O.: Candice’s mutiny with Jonathan Penner on Cook Islands led to a few revenge trips to Exile Island – and her eventual ouster.


Courtney Yates Survivor 20 All StarCOURTNEY YATES: VILLAIN

Occupation: Waitress

Past appearances: China (runner-up)

Her M.O.: Her devil-may-care persona and easy dismissal from challenges (due to her slim frame) didn’t stop the feisty Yates from getting this close to the $1 million prize money.


Tom Westman Survivor 20 All StarTOM WESTMAN: HERO

Occupation: Insurance sales rep/retired firefighter

Past appearances: Palau (winner)

His M.O.: Westman’s strategy was to hide his physical ability and play the old man role in Palau, but it didn’t take long for him to win several individual immunity challenges – and ultimately the big prize.


Tyson Apostol Survivor 20 All starTYSON APOSTOL: VILLAIN

Occupation: Former pro cyclist/shop manager

Past appearances: Tocantins: The Brazilian Highlands

His M.O.: Tyson always had an opinion and wasn’t afraid to share it. Hiding behind the guise of being Coach’s “Right-Hand Man” in Tocantins, he played hard until he ran into the machinations of JT and Stephen Fishbach.


Stephenie Lagrossa Survivor 20 All starSTEPHENIE LAGROSSA: HERO

Occupation: Restaurant owner

Past appearances: Palau; Guatemala (runner-up)

Her M.O.: As the last one standing in her tribe on Palau, Stephenie gained the empathy of Survivor fans, who saw her return the next season to Guatemala where she lost out to Amanda Kimmel. But now, Stephenie is engaged to Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick.


Parvati Shallow Survivor 20 All StarPARVATI SHALLOW: VILLAIN

Occupation: TV host/Knockouts For Girls founder Past appearances: Cook Islands; Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites (winner) Her M.O.: She named her all-women’s alliance the Black Widow Brigade, and came out on top in a strategy that inspired, of all people, Samoa‘s lovable villain Russell Hantz! “


Colby Donaldson Survivor All Star 20COLBY DONALDSON: HERO

Occupation: TV host/cattle rancher/hot rod builder

Past appearances: The Australian Outback (runner-up); All-Stars

His M.O.: Colby stayed loyal to Tina Wesson during the second season of Survivor, taking her with him to the last tribal council, where he lost the $1 million.


Rob Mariano Survivor 20 All Star‘BOSTON’ ROB MARIANO: VILLAIN

Occupation: TV personality

Past appearances: Marquesas; All-Stars (runner-up)

His M.O.: Can Boston Rob really be considered a runner-up if he ended up married to the winner? Rob proposed to Amber Brkich during the finale of All-Stars in 2004, and since then the couple has appeared on as many Amazing Race editions as Survivors.


Amanda Kimmel Survivor 20 All StarAMANDA KIMMEL: HERO

Occupation: Model/actress

Past appearances: China (2nd runner-up); Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites (runner-up)

Her M.O.: Amanda hopes the phrase “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” won’t apply to her third go-round on the series. “I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings,” Amanda admits.


Danielle Dilorenzo Survivor 20 All StarDANIELLE DILORENZO: VILLAIN

Occupation: Business account manager

Past appearances: Panama: Exile Island (runner-up)

Her M.O.: Though living in Hollywood now, Danielle remains true to her Boston roots and is a devoted fan of the Red Sox and Patriots.


Rupert Boneham Survivor 20 All StarRUPERT BONEHAM: HERO

Occupation: Mentor for troubled teens

Past appearances: Pearl Islands; All-Stars

His M.O.: Fans couldn’t get enough of the original Survivor pirate and awarded him the America’s Tribal Council prize of $1 million at the All-Stars finale in 2004.


Randy Bailey Survivor 20 All StarRANDY BAILEY: VILLAIN

Occupation: Wedding videographer

Past appearances: Gabon

His M.O.: Randy played up the part of the “lonely, angry mean guy” when it was discovered the people he brought as “family” to the Gabon reunion were fans he just met.


Jessica Sugar Survivor 20 All StarJESSICA ‘SUGAR’ KIPER: HERO

Occupation: Pinup model/actress

Past appearances: Gabon (second runner-up)

Her M.O.: Sugar deliberately played the dumb-blonde part in Gabon, and in the process orchestrated a series of blindsides, including that of her nemesis, Randy.


Sandra Diaz Survivor 20 All StarSANDRA DIAZ-TWINE: VILLAIN

Occupation: Bank teller

Past appearances: Pearl Islands (winner)

Her M.O.: A wife, mother of two and former chemical repair specialist with the U.S. Army, Sandra won Pearl Islands with her “I’ll vote for anybody as long as it isn’t me” strategy.


James Thomas Survivor 20 All StarJAMES ‘JT’ THOMAS: HERO

Occupation: Cattle rancher

Past appearances: Tocantins: The Brazilian Highlands (winner)

His M.O.: JT is only the second person since Earl Cole of Fiji to win by unanimous vote through a combination of physical skill and shrewd game play.


Russell Hantz Survivor 20 All StarRUSSELL HANTZ: VILLAIN

Occupation: Oil company entrepreneur

Past appearances: Samoa (runner-up)

His M.O.: Host Jeff Probst called Russell “the best player in Survivor history.” Coming straight from a grueling Samoa season, Russell says he’s thrilled to play with “the best of the best.”


Cirie Fields Survivor 20 All StarCIRIE FIELDS: HERO

Occupation: Operating room nurse

Past appearances: Panama: Exile Island; Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites

Her M.O.: One of the masters of the social game, Cirie admits she was a couch potato prior to her first Survivor experience.


Jerri Manthey Survivor 20 All StarJERRI MANTHEY: VILLAIN

Occupation: Actress/personal chef

Past appearances: The Australian Outback; All-Stars

Her M.O.: The fire-dancing former Army brat played the mean-girl role to the hilt in Australia but then did a 180 in All-Stars.