Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub Dishes Dirt On Castmates


The 2nd season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered last night, and things are quickly taking a turn for the worse when it comes to controversial ‘housewife’ Danielle Staub vs. the other housewives on and off the show.

In her new blog on Bravo, Danielle has resorted to spilling all sorts of secrets about her fellow castmates include things that were confided to her by former close friend Jacqueline Laurita. There’s a good chance Bravo will end up deleting this blog by Danielle, so below are the lowpoints highlights of Danielle’s blog. Danielle dishes on the sex life of Jacqueline’s teenage daughter Ashley Holmes, accuses Dina Manzo of forging her ex-husband’s signature on a document, and also accuses Caroline of being close friends with a criminal.

“Teresa, Teresa, Teresa … Seriously? A Jewish anti-Semitic statement out of your darling little daughter’s mouth? Is this how you teach your children? I suggest you pay a little more attention to what’s going on in your home and less to what’s going on in mine. And when you talk about my vagina … could you do so a little bit less? It’s beginning to concern me how obsessed you are with my body, mainly my vagina. You’re like an insane asylum without medication. You have no filter, no vocabulary, and absolutely no room to be passing judgment upon others. I’d love to entertain your thoughts of me giving a crap what you say about me. But oh, gee … I don’t. Sometimes listening to your voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Just sayin’ my personal opinion. I would love to talk all day about everything that is going on in your life like bankruptcy fraud … yikes! Your husband drunk driving … double yikes! All those wonderful things when you claim you have nothing to hide. Maybe we’ll save just a little bit for episode two. And your husband is filling your trash cans with perfectly good toys that your children have finished playing with? It may be a good idea to, instead, clean them up and give them to underprivileged children. Just a suggestion – not that you are asking, but I am going to tell you anyway. If that is your way of giving back – you should consider why you think you are such a wonderful person.

Jacqueline – why are you talking to your daughter about birth control now? I think it would have been more important when she told you she was giving BJ’s at the age of 17. I never once heard you voice one concern about birth control at that point. “Just sayin’.” And as far as your husband telling me that he doesn’t want me around, you stated that very clearly in a national publication before your son was even born. You know, the son that I helped you to conceive by taking you to my infertility doctor of 17 years? When you told me to stay away, I stayed away. So, did your husband really expect me to bring a baby gift? Congratulations. You have a beautiful baby boy – and now your true colors are really starting to show. I really felt bad that Ashley got thrown out of Catholic school. I’m so happy to hear she finally did graduate. Was that by a GED or with her graduating class?

Shows me a lot about who you really are Caroline. You’ve shown me who you really are and it’s definitely not a matriarch. But when you decided Kim’s boyfriend Michael, who was completely wasted, was a source of value, instead of a man clearly in an “alcoholic” dazed stupor. Are you really that desperate to hear anyone talk about me? You did, after all research me by your own admission. It took you back 25 years to find anything bad about me, right? Will you stop at nothing? You yourself say your husband is never home because he works all the time. Sweetie, get a hobby. So, you threw a thousand dollar a plate dinner? Was that for the sheriff, or was that for your good friend, Bernie Kerik, who is serving a four year sentence? Is what he did more important then what I did 25 years ago? That glass house thing, so cliché – but very applicable here. I know a lot of women the same age as me. I’m proud I don’t know you as well as you think you know me. The only thing we share is age.


Dina – seems you had one moment where you felt the way I feel all the time about backstabbing women. I’m glad you related to Kim from “Posh” in such a way – I wish I knew how to spell it, but I could give a rat’s ass. Dina, you sit alone in your own kitchen talking to yourself in Episode 1. I know you’d love to blame me for you doing the show alone. But from where I’m sitting your husband didn’t do season 1 with you. That isn’t my fault anymore then it is your daughter isn’t in season 2. Sadly, I’m not going to take the blame for anything you do anymore. You forged your daughter’s fathers name on a legal document and that is why you can’t stand me. Because you know I won’t allow you to point the finger at me and take the blame. We are not family, and we are definitely not friends. And I’m so thrilled to announce that to the world. Move on with your life Dina, please stop obsessing with me.

Oh Kim from Posh, wannabe rockstar. Pitiful, drunk Kim from Posh. Love how you say I owe you money. I filmed in your boutique, which is the size of my closet. I supported you, your business, and your relationship with your alcoholic boyfriend – even when you were grinding against another guy while you and Michael were “taking a break.” I brought your mother pasta when she had her ankle replacement, from my heart. I paid my tab in full, and you know it. You did this and you have the nerve to trash talk me when I thought you were my friend? Let me just tell you something, Sicilian sister of mine – karma is a bigger bitch then I’ll ever be. Enjoy yours, I certainly am enjoying mine.”

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