The Real Housewives of DC Finale Recap: The 5th Amendment

Following a short 9 episode season, the finale of the Real Housewives of DC aired Thursday night on Bravo.

The episode starts out with the continuation of the Salahis getting ready to crash trash a White House party. The gruesome twosome decide to phone in to Stacie to brag about their big night. Tareq brings the lols when he mentions he would have invited Stacie if he had the ability to get her tickets. It gets even worse as Tareq brags in his interview that even former Presidents are turned away from the dinner.

Just watching these two and knowing they had no invites to the event is beyond creepy, and is it just me, or did Tareq look a tad bit nervous in the limo? And I have to question the audacity of these two, crashing trashing a White House party with no invitations, a bright red sari, and camera crews in tow. Upon getting to the first check point, we find out the Salahis’ names are not on the list. They are told to stand around but instead, it looks like the Salahis just kept on walking on in.


The next morning, the Party Crashers Trashers decide to look over the photos of the party. They made certain to take photos with the Vice President, the White House Chef, Whit House Gardner, White House Dog Trainer and pretty much everyone attending the event. Tareq receives a text message stating that a Washington Post columnist is accusing them of crashing the party. “You just don’t walk up and say ‘Hi, I’m here for the party,” declares Michaele, who from what we have just watched, did exactly just that.

The Turners wake up the next morning to see that their co-stars have made front page news. Stacie, along with the remainder of the world, wants to know who would have the balls to crash a White House party. As Bravo plays the news clips, Cat makes a great point when she states they like the attention, whether it be good or bad. Stacie hopes people don’t make her guilty by association. Lynda, Mary and Stacie gather together to discuss the events. Stacie is upset the Salahis’ shenanigans upstaged the first White House dinner for the new administration. “Did they sit down together and plot this?” asks Mary. Lynda believes they planned this together and calls them Bonnie and Clyde in overdrive. Stacie believes the White House will make an example out of them to prevent other “crazies” from pulling the same stunt.

The Salahis’ appearance on the Today Show a week after the party crashing trashing is shown, during which Michaele states no one, with the exception of she and her husband, would have the audacity to crash a White House event. And not only are these two crazies, but they are also pathological.

Cat meets up with Mary and drops a bombshell. She has been uninvited to the White House Christmas party due to her association with the Salahis. Cat states her husband Charles is embarrassed by the entire ordeal. And I really can’t understand or agree with the White House’s decision to un-invite Cat. It seems highly unfair and over the top unnecessary. Cat shares that Michaele’s actions have put a strain on her marriage, which is not a surprise considering Charles mentioned in a recent press interview that he never wanted to do the show, and only did it to make his wife happy. The two are now getting a divorce.

“The social climbing wannabes are about to get what they have longed for. An invitation to an elite Washington event on Capital Hill,” highlariously states a broadcaster, referring to the Salahis’ questioning following their subpoena by the Congress. For some odd reason, the Party Crashers — Yes I said it, refused to clear their names or tell their truth, instead pleading the 5th. Why plead the 5th if you are innocent? Why plead the 5th if you were invited as you claimed? I find myself getting upset watching this, as these two simply don’t get it. They sit there with no emotion, a blank look, and zero remorse for their vile actions while continuing to lie about the said actions. And I continue to wonder why these two were never charged with a crime? My guess is the White House just wanted the embarrassing ordeal to go away.

The group discusses Michaele’s future as Lynda believes she needs to leave Tareq and start anew. Paul states that it’s easier said than done, especially coming from Lynda who married into wealth. Paul also states it would be difficult for Michaele to start a new life as everyone now hates her. Mary makes a random, but soon to be accurate comment when she states Playboy will be the next stop for Michaele. As we reported last month, Michaele’s reps stated she was planning to pose nude in the magazine.

The four ladies decide to meet up and discuss how they are going to approach the Salahis. It’s interesting to see the dynamics between the ladies because if you recall, the show was in limbo following the actions of the Salahis. Bravo was considering not airing the show at all. Stacie wants to meet up with the Salahis and talk to them face to face. Mary and Lynda reveal they will not be in attendance.

The Salahis arrive at Stacie’s home, and a present Cat cannot hide her dismay for the gruesome pair. As Cat prepares to make an early departure, she decides to lay down a verbal smackdown for the Salahis, calling them a disgrace to the country. Michaele walks away as Cat continues to talk. After Cat leaves, Michaele decides to take her coat back off and remain at the Turners’ house. I can definitely understand Cat’s frustration as I felt frustrated watching the Salahis last night, trying to act like nothing happened. Stacie explains to the Salahis that their actions caused Cat to be uninvited from the White House, and the Salahis once again show no emotion or remorse.

As Stacie continues to speak, a stoic Michaele just sits there, nodding with a smile. The coward then decides she can’t discuss the party crashing issue at all and attempts to leave. Really Michaele? You can’t even discuss how you feel about the fall out? About the press? About your “innocence?” Stacie asks them how they plan on moving forward and Michaele once again states she can’t even discuss that. Jason hopes the Salahis will eventually be able to remove the shame from their name, and Tareq immediately states that there is no shame. “She was in complete denial trying to act like nothing happened, as if we were supposed to act like nothing happened,” states the intelligent one aka Stacie in her interview. The Turners come to the conclusion that they don’t get it, don’t get it at all.

“They are crazy truly. Truly delusional,” is Stacie’s final conclusion on the Salahis. “And they are so arrogant and self centered,” states Jason. “They’re shameless.” And it’s safe to say the Turners thoughts and comments pretty much sums up the Salahis.

Watch What Happens – The Salahis appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen, and if anyone had doubts on just how narcissistic and delusional these two really are, their appearance on the show should have erased that. The gruesome twosome actually stated numerous times that they were happy with the finale episode because it vindicated them and proved they did not crash the party. Uh? What? Tareq’s argument was that the episode showed they did not lie about their names or identity when asked. These two are truly nuts! Obviously, they must have watched a different version, because what I got from the episode is that their names were NOT on the party list, and that they were uninvited guests. I also thought Andy went too easy on them, as expected.