The Real Housewives of DC Reunion Recap: Lies du Salahi

Salahism – (n) 1. a condition of, or pertaining to total self-centeredness; 2. A mental state; characterized by absolute pre-occupation with oneself and/or self-interests. See also: narcissism.

With that out of the way, the Real Housewives of DC reunion part 2 starts out with the worse half of the gruesome twosome coming on to the stage.

Tareq immediately takes on his victim plight, stating that he is disappointed in the others for not believing Michaele’s BS MS tale. Lynda makes a valid point when she wants to know why it took a book for them to release the information. Better yet, I want to know how Michaele filmed a reality show for months without a mention of this illness or any indication she had this illness.


We get to relive the phony balling of the Salahis, you know, as they are able to fly to Paris in 3 days notice though they have yet to pay the florists from their wedding. I decided instead of going scene by scene, or act by act, why not just go by lies! After all, the entire episode was dedicated to revealing the many lies of the Salahis.

Lie #1 – The Salahis are caught in their first lie when they state they donated wine to hair stylist Paul Wharton’s party. Andy had an excellent rebutall when he says the head of the venue stated they did not receive any wine from them.

Lie #2 – The next lie has to do with the Salahis’ wanting to buy a home, you know, one in the range of $100,000 to $8 million. Tareq tries to put the blame on Stacie, who has been a successful real estate agent for years, when he shares that Stacie never sent him a follow up email requesting proof of their finances. Stacie, who was seen at least twice on the show asking the Salahis for proof of their assets, takes serious offense to Tareq’s statement.

Lie #3 – The next lie – Who owns the home the Salahis’ were seen living in on the show? Michaele claims they sold the home. Riight. Oddly enough, in the audition tape shown on the reunion, Michaele is seen asking for forgiveness for the missing “pictures and things.” And I’m not sure if anyone caught this, but Michaele first stated the house “is still there,” when Andy first asked about the home, before changing her story to we sold the house. Michaele then tries to deflect by accusing Cat of living in Lynda‘s basement, which of course turned out to be a false statement. The ladies bring the lols when they mock Michaele and want to know why she has a lot of hate in her heart.

Lie #4 – We return from the commercial break and the other husbands/boyfriend join the cast on stage. Tareq is confronted on his lies about Lolly Amons and instead of apologizing, he continues to spew out crap. Andy even has the facebook comments made by Lolly, which doesn’t incriminate her in any way shape or form. Michaele reveals she is sad for everyone involved. Uh? What? Jason wants Tareq to “man up” and apologize though using man and Tareq in the same sentence is an oxymoron. After protesting, Tareq issues a BS apology.

Lie #5 – The Salahis’ crashing the Congressional Black Caucus dinner is brought up and the gruesome pair once again deny crashing the party or being escorted out by security. Andy Cohen is prepared as he reveals the Director of Communications of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation confirms the Salahis were indeed asked to leave the event after it was discovered they did not have tickets. “You know what, there’s never just a direct answer. The question was did you have 4 tickets? That would be a yes or no question,” states Stacie, who is getting just as frustrated as I am watching these awful two human beings attempt to lie their way out of every single question.

Lie #6 – The biggest lie of them all – the Salahis crashing the White House State dinner is brought up. Andy brings up Michaele’s lie about having a physical invitation and Michaele claims “we didn’t know what we had,” before adding that she was going to look for the email invitation in the car. Did you all just catch that? Just seconds after claiming she didn’t know what kind of invite she had, Michaele then states she was going to look for the email invitation. When one starts lying to the point of not remembering their lies just seconds later, the said one is more than likely a pathological sociopath. I mean, I can just imagine these two committing a heinous crime and then crashing a baby shower just minutes later. Can’t you?

Andy reads the email exchanges between the Salahis and Michele Jones, a Pentagon official, which clearly shows Michele stating she is still trying to get them tickets on the morning of the State dinner. Tareq maintains the emails prove they were invited, but Andy, who is of sane mind, makes it clear the emails prove the exact opposite.

Cat brings up a good point when she states the Salahis were not able to sit at the dinner because they were NFI – Not F*cking Invited. Cat also wants to know how Michaele feels about all the lives they ruined and the people who lost their jobs. “Nobody lost their job Cat,” states the delusional Michaele. And can we still call this delusions? It’s bordering on insanity or mental illness at this point.

As to why they didn’t sit down for dinner, Michaele states it was because they were serving Lentil soup. So according to these lunatics, they left the dinner early because of soup? Just seconds after stating that lie, Michaele once again changes her story to leaving because she was not feeling well. I’m guessing she quickly recalled she had “MS.”

Andy wants to know how the lives of the others have been affected by the actions of the gruesome twosome. Cat shares once again that she was dis-invited to the White House Christmas Party due to her association with the Salahis. Instead of showing some remorse, Michaele decides to deflect by bringing up Cat’s critical comments of President Obama. The lunatic known as Michaele then states that Cat was likely not dis-invited by the White House but rather her husband Charles. Once again, another low blow at Cat’s marriage.

As to why they pleaded the 5th, Tareq lies that there were certain questions they could have answered but those questions were never asked. This coming from the man who pled the 5th to the simple question, “Are you here today, right now?” Tareq brings the lols when he claims the biggest story of the event was whether or not their party crashing was a publicity stunt. This is simply insane folks! These two are certifiable! “I think the biggest story was whether you snuck into the White House,” calmly states Andy.

Andy then brings up Stacie’s quote of what a Salahism is. As Andy reads out the definition, Tareq is shown staring down Stacie, in what looks to be an attempt to intimidate her, because you know the coward only picks fights with women. Stacie doesn’t even flinch or acknowledge the punk, instead standing by her words and adding that the world does not operate in delusions.

Lie #7 – Just when you think the lies are over, there’s just one more. The wine throwing incident is brought up during which Tareq poured a glass of wine on Lynda at a press event this year. Tareq claims he was defending his wife due to her “MS” and Lynda calls BS because he shoved and pushed Michaele out of the way in other to throw the wine on her. Tareq denies pushing Michaele, but Cat, who was also present at the event states he did push his wife, and even Andy Cohen states he also heard that Tareq pushed Michaele.

The reunion and the first season of the DC Housewives is coming to an end and Andy wants to know if the ladies would do it all over again? The general consensus is yes but rather with different people aka not with the Salahis. Mary states it was worth it because she did it all for her charity, and I’m so sick and tired of these ladies claiming they do these shows to promote their charities. I mean really? How many times did we hear about Mary’s charity during the season? Is a charity really that important that you put your entire life, your kids’ lives on national television? Yawns, not buying this – at all.

And in what is likely Lie #8, Michaele claims she and Tareq are not making a dime off the book written about their lives titled “Cirque du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust.” You know, the same book they have been promoting relentlessly, and the same book for which Michaele revealed her BS MS illness in other to promote. But evidently, all that was done out of the goodness of the Salahis’ heart. They are not making a penny off it. The same way they claimed they weren’t making a penny off ticket sales of a premiere party they hosted months ago, only to be revealed they did indeed get a cut of the sales.

If you do notice, the Salahis’ lies got more and more extravagant as time went along. And I also wonder why was Michaele sitting there with a creepy smile on her face the entire reunion show, in spite of what was being discussed at the moment? With that said, I am glad the first season of the Real Housewives of DC is over and hopefully the gruesome twosome can float into obscurity a la all the other Bravolebrities who were dropped from their individual Housewives series. I think the worst part of the reunion show was seeing the Salahis sit there stoically, showing zero remorse and no emotion for their awful actions. As we reported a while back, some media outlets stated that Bravo will not be inviting the Salahis back for a second season. Though Bravo denied the news, I do believe the Salahis will not be returning due to the ultimatums their co-stars will more than likely give to Bravo a la Caroline Manzo of the NJ Housewives.

And kudos to Andy Cohen for displaying his bollocks, doing his homework and not allowing the Salahis to get off easy on any of their lies. Was very proud of Andy this go around. I truly enjoyed the DC franchise and I hope they return for a second season, though I can’t help but wonder how interesting a season 2 will be without a couple like the Salahis. It will be interesting to see what Bravo comes up with. I mean this is the same network that went and hired Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law/nemesis upon firing Danielle from the show! Here’s to hoping Lynda has a sister-in-law lurking around somewhere.


(n) 1. a condition of, or pertaining to total self-centeredness; 2. A mental state; characterized by absolute pre-occupation with oneself and/or self-interests. See also: narcissism.