The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Phaedra’s Pants On Fire

The latest episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta did not disappoint – at all!

In what seemed live an hour of revelations, Phaedra Parks and Doctor Tiy-E Muhammed were both busted on their elaborate lies. With that said, let’s get right to the recap!

Episode 8 began with Pinocchio and her husband Apollo as they head to Augusta so that Phaedra can deliver her fully developed 7-month baby. “So you ready to drop the load?” aks Apollo. “I think that sounds crass,” replies the elegant Southern belle who was just declaring how eager she was to have her baby crawl out of her vagina an episode ago. In her interview, Phaedra lets us know she is very fearful of “maternal death,” whatever that is.


The hilarity continues as the Nidas arrive at the Inn and Apollo wants to know what kind of snacks are laid out for them. Phaedra lets him know they are lady fingers. “It’s like barbarian cream,” states Phaedra before declaring they are fancy snacks for ladies. Evidently Phaedra likes her deserts uncivilized. And perhaps it’s just me, but I am failing to see a genuine connection or any chemistry for that matter between Phaedra and Apollo.

Phaedra’s good friend and OBGYN, Dr. Lue, arrives with his wife Sarah to discuss what is to come. “He’s the only doctor I’d let near my vagina,” proudly declares the classy Phaedra in her interview. Apollo wants to know how much the baby weighs. 7.2 answers Phaedra before Dr. Lue adds, “And that was at 36 weeks?” So at this point I find myself doing a quick mental calculation and um 36 weeks equals 9 months. Not only that, this was past tense meaning the baby is well over 36 weeks at the moment of this conversation. I thought this was it but little did I know Bravo would be providing clearer evidence of Phaedra’s BS before the hour is over. The topic turns to the time and dedication required to care for a baby and Phaedra appears puzzled as she tries to figure out how she’s going to manage her facials, mani & pedis, massages,  and work outs. How dare this baby get in the way of any of that?

Kandi decides to kill two birds with one stone by celebrating her birthday at her TAGS boutique while also getting some free Bravo prime time advertising. In attendance are Sheree, Cynthia, Dwight, and even boring former housewife Lisa. Kim finally shows up late and comes bearing a gift. Kandi opens her gift from Kim to find a horse tail wig starring back at her. Kim then presents Kandi with her own wig, specially made from the Kim Zolciak collection. Kandi dons the helmet and quickly determines she is not a fan. “I would have probably appreciated the royalties from TFTP a little bit more,” states Kandi in her interview. And there’s a lot of controversy over this as Kim claimed she did pay Kandi for the song on WWHL last night. Well folks, even though Kim paid Kandi, song writers are supposed and always get royalties from the songs that they write. And that’s what Kandi means when she states Kim cut her out of making money from the song. Kandi should really be getting a cut from every single sale of the song and quite frankly, I’m not sure why Kandi agreed to otherwise. But at the end of the day she only has herself to blame.

Kim goes up to Dwight and wants to know why Phaedra’s having a 7-month baby. “It takes 10 months to cook a baby,” states Kim before revealing she was not only a nurse, but also worked in labor and delivery. Kim calls BS on Phaedra’s BS and Dwight gets defensive trying to defend his good friend.

Nene heads over to channel 11 to try to get a job. The reason? Evidently, Nene now feels she needs a job because her marriage might be ending. And that statement makes about as much sense as Nene trying to get a job as a reporter all of a sudden. Hasn’t she been the bread winner for a few years now in her marriage? So why would she need to get a job now if she were to divorce Gregg? This whole scene just seemed contrived and about as real as Sheree’s new found passion for acting, which oddly enough really hasn’t been touched since the premiere episode 8 weeks ago. Nene promises to use her connections to get big celebrity interviews and with that, she is hired.

Phaedra is checking in to finally deliver her fully developed 7-month baby. When asked by a nurse how far along she is, she says she doesn’t know. Upon entering her room, Apollo seems more concerned with the hospital’s wi-fi connection while the crass and downright ignorant attorney looks out the window and declares a near by building looks like the projects. I watch this woman and can’t for the life of me understand how she can be an attorney? Whatever school it is she attended should only hope she never utters their name on national television.

Kandi shows up to visit Phaedra at the hospital and buckle up folks, the moment of truth is coming our way! “I just lost touch with this baby thing,” reveals Phaedra, uttering what is likely the first words of honesty out of her mouth this entire season. Phaedra also reveals she has a strict mother who happens to be a pastor, and that having a baby out of wedlock is frowned upon. Judging by the look on Kandi’s face, she is now realizing why Pinocchio has felt the need to lie about her due date. But wait, there’s more! Dr. Lue enters the room, and feel free to cue up the drum roll, as he clearly states, “She’s good. She’s 40 weeks.” And just in case you have any doubt left, the good doctor adds, “You are term.”

Can we all let out a collective Busted! Where to start? For starters, Phaedra is a very bad liar, arguably one of the worst liars known to man. And to think that her job is to lie? I can only imagine she isn’t a very good attorney. This in addition to her ignorance, crudeness, rudeness and immaturity, I would definitely not want her representing me anytime soon. Second, to go on national television and outright lie to millions of viewers is completely stupid, moronic and unnecessary. She is a 38-year-old woman. So what she got knocked up 2 months before her wedding? She still got married and would still be having the baby as a married woman. Why lie? Why lie about something that just didn’t need to be lied about? She continues to prove over and over that she is simply not a smart woman. Doing the Atlanta housewives was definitely not a good idea for Phaedra.

Sheree is at her rented home getting ready for game night. Doctor Tiy-E Muhammed arrives early to a Sheree who is still with rollers in her hair. Kandi and her mom arrive and I’m trying to figure out what in the ugly loud fabric is going on with Sheree and Kandi’s almost matching tops. Lisa and Cynthia also arrive. Nice to see Lisa making her rounds this episode. Tiy-E decides to do a pre-game prayer which results in a funny eyeroll from Kandi. “We ask that anybody that comes into the house brings positive energy,” prays Tiy-E and just seconds following the prayer, a very loud Nene makes her entrance, right on cue.

As Tiy-E tries to greet Nene, she pauses and says she knows him, and not in a good way! Kandi decides it’s time to let the ladies know that Phaedra was indeed full-term. The ladies’ reactions were priceless. Great scene! Nene pulls Sheree to the side and lets her know there was a scandal involving Tiy-E (no more need for the Dr.) and that he is a fake doctor. Sheree looks to be truly shocked and I find myself wondering why she never took a second out of her busy acting schedule to google her beau’s name. The other ladies join in the conversation and Kandi corroborates Nene’s story as she is also familiar with the fake doctor. The group sits at the table and the grilling of the fake doctor begins. First Tiy-E claims he is a doctor of Psychology, then he states he’s not licenced to practice in GA (in reality he’s not licensed to practice in any state). After naming a number of schools, Tiy-E then claims he got his PHD from an online school.

The real deal on Tiy-E? He is an absolute phony all the way and doesn’t even appear to hold a legit PHD from an online school or any school for that matter. According to the Atlanta Constitution Journal, Ashwood University is a Non-APA Accredited Program that gives out degrees and PHDs for “life experiences.” And by degrees and PHDs, I mean degrees and PHDs that will not get you a job and might even be illegal in some states. The website proudly boasts, “No Need to Take Admission Exams, No Need To Study, Receive a College Degree for What You Already Know!” Not just that, Tiy-E used to teach at Clark Atlanta University before he was ultimately fired years ago after they discovered his credentials were bogus! Also, according to a report by the Toronto Star, Ashwood University operates out of Pakistan. Still a wonder on why Sheree failed to google her date.

It’s now time for the arrival of Phaedra’s fully developed 40-weeks old baby. The doctor informs her she will be needing a c-section and Phaedra is wheeled into the delivery room with a full face of drag make-up. I always assumed one was required to remove all make-up before any major surgical procedure but apparently, I assumed wrong. “All kinds of thoughts are going through my head. Am I going to die? Childbirth is the closest you come to death,” declares the attorney in her interview. And all I want to know is where is Phaedra getting her info from? I’m starting to suspect Phaedra also got her degree from the Ashwood University.

After making some dramatic noises, Phaedra is shown her bouncing baby boy. “Oh gross,” are the first words the new mom utters to her baby. Phaedra then gives the whole maternal thingy another shot when she declares in her interview that her baby looked “Chinese.” Poor poor baby.