It seems Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon barely escaped an accident last night while driving through a blizzard.

As you all may know by now, the Northeast region is experiencing a pretty harsh blizzard with many government officials warning citizens to stay off the roads. It seems Kelly did not receive these warnings as she tweeted the following Monday morning – “During the blizzard, we spun out in my Mercedes on the LIE. I was petrified. It was like skating not driving. I need a #safe car.”

While “safe cars” are nice to have, we also believe a functioning brain and the ability to know to stay home during dangerous blizzards would also suffice. Kelly then added that the blizzard started during her drive home. “Most dangerous times to drive are when it starts to snow/ rain. We were driving home as the blizzard started.did a 360. so scarey.” Right.

Moving right along to Kelly’s former costar Bethenny Frankel. Apparently Bethenny lost some weight during her stint on the Skating With The Stars disaster as she is now looking to pack on some pounds.

“Eating enchiladas at “on the border”mex grill at 10am.need to gain weight.I look like magda from “something about mary,” tweeted Bethenny. Looks like Bethenny will have to go against her famous trademark – “Taste everything, eat nothing” for the time being.

It also seems Bethenny will continue to expand her ever growing empire. “I’m developing a healthy cleanse&purification daily system for you.JAN!” tweeted Bethenny when a fan asked about her thoughts on a good 3 day cleanse.


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