The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Mad Hater

“Tune n tonite 2 c who gets the biggest Hater Award. Was so many it was hard 2 decide. help me pick the winner,” tweeted Cynthia Bailey yesterday.

“Right” was NeNe Leakes’s reply to her good friend Cynthia, who didn’t respond to her by the way. “In the fashion industry, they’re always looking for the next young model so that’s going to be tough for Cynthia because young ain’t on her side right now,” were Nene’s exact words about her good friend Cynthia following her runway walk. Dear Nene, me thinks Cynthia was referring to you as well, or at least she should have been.

Moving right along to last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which wasn’t the finale as that airs next week.

The episode beings with the continuation of the tour bus ride from hell. Kim and Nene continue to argue as Nene also continues to make all kinds of threats. “I’ll toss you out the window,” threatens Nene as I wonder why the two Bravo housewives who claim to be victims of domestic violence, and advocate against it, aka Nene and Taylor Armstrong, are always the first ones to threaten violence. Funny how that works.

The tour bus finally touches base in Miami as the other ladies anxiously await their arrival. If only they knew that Hurricane Nene was heading their way. “You need to grow up and you need to know how to handle a conversation like an adult,” continues Nene as she yells at Kim back on the bus. “It’s so childish and immature,” adds the 42-year-old Nene. Oh the irony. I can assure you if you were to look into a dictionary at this very moment for the word irony hater, Nene’s photo will pop up!


Nene is the first to get off the bus and immediately starts filling in the other ladies on the tour bus argument. Kim also joins her right away and tries to tell her side. Kim mentions Nene’s slave comment and Nene adds, “She is a slave!” with Sweetie standing right behind her. Kim brings up Nene’s threats and Nene reiterates that she will most definitely not hesitate to ring some necks and pop out some eyeballs. Bloop bloop.

Kandi finally decides to come out of the bus. And poor Kandi, can you blame her for wanting to stay on the bus just a little bit longer? Outside of the tour bus, the argument is still going on and Nene once again tries to get in Kim’s face but is held back by Derek J.

The ladies finally enter the house and as Kim goes on to greet her really rich powerful real estate mogul “friend” Thomas Kramer. Nene continues to be as loud as ever as Kim approaches her to use her inside voice. Upon being introduced to Thomas by Kim, Nene tells Thomas, “I’m so surprised that you’re friends with her.” No words. Back outside, Kandi fills in the rest of the ladies on the events that happened.

“Sweetie is a grown woman. If she wants to get paid and be talked to in any kind of crazy way, then that’s her problem. Who am I?” asks Sheree. Great point.

Thomas then decides to take the ladies out on a tour of his estate while Sheree and I wonder if Thomas is really code for Miami Big Poppa as he and Kim do some shameless flirting through out the episode. And I have to ask, where and how does Kim meet these men? You gotta give it to her, she’s one hell of a a successful dirty lowdown shameless wig-wearing gold digger. Her ex-husband is filthy rich, so is was Big Poppa and she is now knocked up by a NFL player. And something tells me when Kroy gets cut from his team, Kim will without a doubt move on to the next league. Kim needs to write a book on gold-digging. I predict a New York Times best seller, not that I would read it or anything.

We then see Kim sitting on a staircase attempting a heart to heart with her assistant Sweetie over Nene’s slave comment. As the two puff away, Kim wants to know how Sweetie really feels. “If I am a slave, slaves don’t get paid dumbass,” is Sweetie’s retort.

Meanwhile, we see Nene and the other ladies discussing the Sweetie issue. Nene tries to rally up the troops, perhaps in an attempt to turn them against Kim. I mean, really? Am I really supposed to believe this is all about Nene looking out for Sweetie? Nene does not give a damn about Sweetie! More obvious by the major disrespect she has shown Sweetie by repeatedly calling her a slave. What did Sweetie do to Nene to deserve that? And according to Kim, Sweetie has been working with her for 11 years. If Nene has known Kim for 9 years, why is she just now bringing up the “slave” issue?

As the conversation continues, we see all the ladies discussing the race aspect as they all agree that Kim should watch the way she talks to black women. I was a little disappointed in this scene as I kind of wanted Kandi to stick up for Kim and not join in. As I’ve always stated, I do agree that Kim treats Sweetie like crap, but I don’t think she’s racist or would be treating Sweetie any better if she was another race.

The ladies are shown trying to have a pleasant dinner together though the tension is still pretty thick. During dinner, Lawrence arrives and Nene does not utter a word to Sheree. Not one word, nor does she threaten to throw Sheree out a window or ring her neck. “I’m very surprised to see Lawrence. I guess nobody is following the rules at this point,” says Nene in her interview, and not to Sheree’s face.

It is now a new day in Miami and Nene tells Cynthia she has also invited her friend Diana, who apparently has nothing much to do and can drop by Miami at the drop of a hat. Funny that Nene referred to Kim as “childish” at the beginning of this episode though this act by her could also be seen as extremely childish. Pushover Cynthia is not upset and is just glad Diana will be arriving soon to make her good friend Nene very happy.

Kandi and Kim get ready for the final performance of their tour and Kim is excited to show Nene she “can do this sh*t.” Interesting to see that Kim still craves the approval of her mommy Nene. Kim is the first to hit the stage and performs TFTP. The crowd looks to be into it overall and of all her castmates sing her praises with the exception of Nene Downer.

Kandi performs her song ‘Fly Above,’ which for some odd reason, Kim believes is about her. “Kim wants people to think she is above the drama when she is actually the drama,” says Nene, who has been involved in pretty much every fight on the show since the 1st season. The performances ends and the tour is now officially over. Despite their differences, Kim hugs Don Juan and thanks him for his help. Kandi also tells Kim she did a great job.

As the ladies attempt to have a peaceful lunch, the Nene announces her arrival as she steps out with her BFF Diana Gowins. Diana’s claim to fame? Getting pregnant with twins by married lover Willie Gary, a successful high profile attorney who just happens to make $13 million a year. Diana made headlines in 2005 as she was able to get a court to award her $28,000 a month in child support payments for the twins she delivered for the married Gary. Though Diana had her payments reduced to $5,000 a month in 2007 for splurging the money on cruises without the kids, tummy tucks, a Steinway piano, and designer clothes. Diana appealed and the payments went back up to $28,000 a month. Gary is reportedly taking the case to the Georgia Supreme Court. Though according to Nene, she does not hang around trash.

Moments later, Sweetie steps outside with her bags packed, getting ready to leave as Kim tells her she no longer has to leave since Nene has now invited Diana. I was a bit surprised and also impressed that Kim was willing to have Sweetie leave to try to make peace. Nene once again blows a fuse claiming she absolutely unequivocally did not make a big deal out of Sweetie and Don Juan staying. “I did not make it a big deal,” repeatedly claims Nene, who might or might not be officially losing her mind. “She didn’t make it a big deal? Okay Nene. Stop playing,” says Kandi in her interview.

“I think Nene is losing sight of what her trip is about,” states Phaedra. The hulk aka Diana then decides to get testy as she wants her name to remain out of Kim’s mouth, while she stays at the home of Kim’s friend and eats the food being prepared in the home of Kim’s friend.

“Nene is really showing her true colors this weekend. It’s not about her. It’s about Cynthia, her BFF, until Diana gets here,”states Sheree in her interview. Must say Sheree is on a row with the one liners.

Cynthia arrives for her runway show and is nervous about wearing a swimsuit at her age, though she definitely looks great and much younger than her real age of 43. In her interview, Cynthia reveals she is in no position to turn down jobs due to the financial difficulty she and fiance Peter are experiencing. Though when you think about it, we’ve rarely seen her working on the show.

The ladies arrive for Cynthia’s show and Nene, who was just calling Cynthia a crazy stalker a few weeks back, is now stating Cynthia is her one and only true BFF. “You know Cynthia is really turning out to be a really cool friend unlike the rest of these bitches,” states the Nene.

Cynthia finally hits the runway wearing a one piece bikini and some very strange headgear, which Phaedra is already planning to wear during her next made up Southern shindig. As Cynthia does her thing, all the ladies can think about is where her butt came from. Must say, I was a bit surprised as well.  Is it real? Is it fake? In fact, “Damn Cynthia” was a trending topic on twitter last night as her butt or the junk in her trunk rather was the topic of conversation.

While Sheree and the others had nicer things to say about Cynthia‘s junk, Phaedra took a more hateful route. “In that swimsuit, she’s looking like a Pretzel dipped in cottage cheese,” stated Phaedra as I can smell the jealousy through my TV screen, which is in HD by the way and showed zero cellulite on Cynthia. Not a cool comment to make considering this show is seen by millions and Cynthia’s job is based on her physical appearance.

The hating doesn’t end there as Nene also has her expert opinion. “In the fashion industry, they’re always looking for the next young model so that’s going to be tough for Cynthia because young ain’t on her side right now.” Well, thank you there Captain Obvious though I’m sure Cynthia would have just preferred some words of encouragement from her good friend.

Following the fashion show, the ladies do dinner back at the mansion and the topic of staying an extra day is brought up. “Nooo,” is Cynthia’s quick reply. Can’t really blame her as her supposed bachelorette weekend has been hijacked by the Nene and Kim drama.

The ladies then go on to ask Cynthia about her wedding details. Cynthia is holding up well until Kandi asks if she will be going on a honeymoon. At this point, it seems Nene is the only one aware of Cynthia’s financial problems and other issues with Peter. Cynthia begans to cry and leaves the room. Nene eventually goes to comfort Cynthia after the urging of Phaedra.

Back in the room, as she supposed to be comforting Cynthia, Nene decides to hijack the moment for her own selfish desires as she tries to convince Cynthia to leave because she wants to leave. How selfish is Nene seriously? Cynthia’s bachelorette party is only a few hours away and will more than likely lift up her spirits. Sad that even at Cynthia’s low point, Nene doesn’t know how to be a decent human being.

Back at the table, the other ladies discuss the wedding dilemma and I’ll be darned if they don’t all dish out excellent advice. Kandi makes a great point when she states there shouldn’t be a wedding if finances and communication are not in order. “Don’t try to rush the getting married part just because you want to save face,” adds Kandi. Phaedra also gives a great quote when she states, “People don’t know when you’re hungry but they know when you’re home-less.” Mmm mmm as evident by all the foreclosure stories involving Bravo housewives. Here’s to hoping Cynthia won’t be next.

Cynthia and Nene return to the table, as Cynthia opens up about Uptown being closed and the financial strain the wedding is putting on she and Peter. The ladies once again give Cynthia some good advice. Nene then reveals she needs to grab her puppet Cynthia so they can go change their flights and go home, much to the shock of the others.

“I think Cynthia follows behind Nene like a puppy dog,” says Phaedra in her interview. When asked if she’s really leaving, Cynthia sounds more uncertain than her good friend Nene. Sheree calls her “ungrateful” and wants her to “Get from under Nene’s ass and woman up. Seriously,” and I couldn’t agree more. Seriously.

Phaedra goes on to give us the second best quote of the episode. “It’s sort of disturbing because we came down here to have the bachelorette party and we got strippers on deck. So I don’t want to waste a fun night of entertainment,” states Phaedra. Sheree then decides to try to talk Cynthia out of leaving. In her interview, Nene lets us know she is a victim of this bad vacation as she would rather be with people who care about her than a bunch of women who do not. Perhaps these “bunch of women” are just sick and tired of your crap Nene. Perhaps.

Sheree enters the room and has to remind Cynthia that the weekend is about her. “I think that Nene likes to dominate her friends cause she likes to be in control and I think that’s what she’s doing this weekend with Cynthia,” says Sheree giving us what might be the best quote of the season.

Nene doesn’t take Sheree’s comments just sitting down as she once again reiterates that she would leave if she were in Cynthia’s shoes. Miraculously, it seems Sheree was able to succeed in un-casting Nene’s spell on Cynthia, albeit temporarily, as Cynthia agrees to stay.

The bachelorette party officially begins and the highlight is Lawrence and his spot on impersonations. Must say the Kandi impersonation was absolutely the best! Thank heavens for Lawrence as this “vacation” episode was downright depressing.  Must be something about Bravo housewives and vacations.  The topic turns to sex and as usual Cynthia is awkward in discussing the topic, while Kandi once again lets us know her freak number is a 10!

The party continues, the strippers arrive courtesy of entertainment attorney Phaedra Parks, and all ends well, for now at least. Following this depressing vacation episode, it seems next week’s wedding episode is even more depressing as we see both Cynthia and her sister crying on her wedding day in the previews. Pretty sad stuff.

And oh Nene Nene Nene. She just can’t help herself can she? Following her disastrous 2nd season on the show, things were finally starting to go her away this season as she once again became the fan favorite, mostly due to her divorce drama. But yet again, her true colors began to show. At this point, I’m completely over the Nene, who is the biggest hater of them all, the one who is never wrong for anything she does, the one who never apologizes and the one who is quick to bully others. She is without a doubt her own worst enemy and saboteur. Her true colors just continue to rear their ugly heads as each season goes by. She is just awful. And of course Nene is blaming it all on her “haters” today according to her twitter page, and also claiming she was going through a lot. Right. While I think the word “hater” is way misused and overused these days, I couldn’t help but use it today as Nene is definitely a ‘Mad Hater.’

Watch What Happens Live – An all around good episode with RuPaul, Lawrence Washington and a surprise appearance by Sheree Whitfield. I was really impressed with Lawrence, who was smart enough to keep things positive when it came to talking about the ladies on the show. Lawrence’s performance and outfit on the other hand? I plead the fifth. Andy Cohen also had a poll asking if Nene was out of line during the vacation and 84% of the fans voted yes. Ouch.

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