Apologies in advance for the grotesque nature of the story you’re about to read.

TMZ is reporting that former MTV Road Rules castmember Abram Boise was arrested over the weekend in Massachusetts, after urinating in public. He was charged with two counts of defacing property and one count of indecent exposure.

This story however takes a turn for the gross when Abe proceeded to pee on the floor of his cell. Oh but it gets worse. The cops moved Abe to another jail cell, after which he then defecated in his hands and smeared it on the cell wall.

Sources close to Abe now tell TMZ he did what he did because he felt the cops were treating him like crap, pun intended.

Abe felt he was “targeted” by police on the night he was arrested for peeing in public because he was one of several people relieving themselves in a bar parking lot after the toilets inside broke down. Abe also told friends he felt the cops targeted him because they recognized him from TV and simply wanted to make an example out of him. Abe also claims the cops continued to taunt him while he was in his jail cell.

Abe was arraigned on Monday and pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of defacing property. He is due back in court May 5th.

Following his season of the Road Rules, Abe has gone on to star in many MTV challenges such as The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno 3 and The Island. Plus didn’t he used to date Coral?

Abe has also come under more criticism due to his new profession, as get this, he now writes children’s books.

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