Style network’s hit show Jerseylicious returns tonight with the premiere of its 3rd season complete with cat fights and diva behavior!

Queen-of-Mean Tracy DiMarco and her arch-enemy Olivia Blois Sharpe return this season as Jerseylicious follows the staff of the Gatsby Salon where business is hot and the “ex”-tensions are hotter. The comedic drama centers around the high-profile and recently renovated beauty salon run by the mother/daughter management team of Gayle Giacomo and Christy Pereira.

Also returning this season are Anthony Lombardi, Gigi Liscio, and the ‘Glam Fairy’ herself Alexa Prisco. The intern Filippo Giove, also returns. This season, Christy deals with being a new mom, Gigi deals with her latest break-up with Frankie, and Olivia is back with her ex Mikey, who also happens to be Tracy’s ex.

On tonight’s season premiere, The Gatsby crew try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. Meanwhile, Olivia rekindles a relationship with her ex Mikey, and Gigi adjusts to being single. The show airs at 8/7c on the Style network. A preview clip is below –


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Tracy DiMarcoTracy DiMarco – The 23-year-old explores the single life this season as she continues to work with rival Olivia at the Gatsby salon.


Olivia Blois Sharpe – The drama between Olivia and Tracy reaches a boiling point this season as Olivia is once again dating Tracy’s ex.


Gayle Giacomo – Gayle’s second husband was the Gatsby’s original owner; when he passed away from a sudden heart attack, Gayle took over the business. The Gatsby has moved into a new space, with state-of-the-art everything. The remodel was costly, so there’s a lot at stake!


Christy Pereira – Gayle’s daughter is under a lot of pressure. Just giving birth to her first child, she’s also working hard to make the revamped salon a smashing success.


Alexa Prisco – Alexa has big plans. A natural entrepreneur, the Glam Fairy has her own successful business doing makeup for Jersey brides on weekends. Alexa is not a fan of the stereotypically Jersey look; she feels bare midriffs, designer knockoffs and fake boobs give “real” Jersey girls like her a bad name.


Gigi Liscio – This young hairdresser wants to be married, with a perfect husband and adorable kids—but she’s wising up after her recent breakup with Frankie, the love of her life. Now the couple is trying to mend fences; will they be able to change their ways and live happily ever after?


Filippo Giove – Anthony’s handsome intern seems to focus more on getting phone numbers than on honing his craft. When he isn’t busy washing hair at the Gatsby or working on his six-pack, Filippo can be found tossing pizzas at his family’s famous Staten Island restaurant.


Anthony Lombardi – This straight, married hairstylist first got into the beauty business to meet girls. Anthony took a gig at the Gatsby while his salon undergoes its own makeover. He might not love the female drama swirling around him, but he’s definitely no pushover.


Briella Calafiore – Olivia’s fun-loving and drama-causing BFF. Briella has recently been hired as one of Alexa’s “Faries” and dreams of owning her own salon someday, with little Buddha status everywhere.

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