America’s Next Top Model Finale Recap: Brittani Kline Is Top Model!

It’s the season finale of America’s Next Top Model Cycle – oh, who knows. Brittani Kline, the trailer park queen from rural Pennsylvania and Molly O’Connell the angry, blonde adopted southern girl are the finalists. The finale takes place in amazing Morocco where the girls are filming their CoverGirl commercials then taking their CG glamour shots, shooting for Italian Vogue, and finally walking in a Vivienne Westwood fashion show. Tyra Banks has outdone herself this cycle!

The girls are meet individually with Ivan Bart, president of IMG models, who will be signing the winner of this cycle. He, predictably, likes both girls and notes their positive attributes, not giving away which one he would personally choose. Afterwards the girls meet Mister Jay Manuel to film their CoverGirl commercials for Liperfection Lipstick shot by Italian photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Unlike previous seasons where the commercials were straight up disasters with no one being able to remember their lines or demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of ANY language, this year’s were pretty seamless. Brittani is rocking a serious femme fatale look, but while filming the commercial her self-confidence starts getting the best of her and she begins to cry – again! I think she has cried more than any other contestant in ANTM history. She needs one of those wristlet tissues cases old ladies carry to sop up all the impromptu waterworks. Once she sorts out her emotions and relaxed she actually did an amazing commercial highly praised by Mister Jay.


Then the girls shoot some sort of pajama-y apparently supposed to be lingerie spread for Italian Vogue magazine. Molly has some sort of dilemma where she was missing her chicken at lunch and this puts her in a cranky-butt mood, so during the shoot she is sort of broken down doll gone wrong with low-energy. Psssp: don’t forget to smize!

Back at the model mansion, Molly receives a surprise visit from her parents. They are so excited and proud – it is very sweet. Brittani’s mom isn’t able to make it due to her panic-anxiety disorder, but they are able to chat over Skype. Brittani, sweet little thing that she is, says she wants to support her mom and that is why winning ANTM is so important to her.

Then TYRA MAIL! “Tomorrow’s runway will be modeling mania.” Ooohhhh… auspicious. Mister Jay announces they will be partaking in a Salon Style fashion show for Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. And guess what – Kasia, Alexandria, and Hannah – the most recent eliminated contestants are back! Also back is Ann – last season’s winner and guess what – girl still walks like Lurch with her limbs all disjointed from her torso. It is so distracting.

The Vivienne Westwood clothes are amazing and over-the-top. The make-up is fun and vibrant! The hair is teased, big, and enormous. I love theatrics! Backstage at the show Molly breaks down and cries about how much her parents mean to her while talking with Tyra. It was nice to see a softer side of our snarky rebel. During the fashion show there is tea being served, traditional Moroccan drum music, rose pedals being strewn from the balcony that will soon spell disaster for one unsuspecting wannabe Top Model.

During the the last runway lap, oh dearie me, disaster ensues – first Brittani and Molly have to tandem walk the runway and do these awkward “sex shop window” poses, which were so weird that at one point Brittani bursts out laughing. Then Brittani slips on a rose pedal and falls headfirst into a wall, cutting her wrist and twisting her ankle in the process! This time I think her crying is totally justified. She redeems herself like a champ in the show finale, walking out like nothing happened clapping and smiling – a true mark of professionalism. Brittani shouldn’t feel so bad supermodel Naomi Campbell once fell during a Vivienne Westwood show.

Then a surprise twist! Before judges panel the girls are going to get totally different, brand new looks – super short pixie hair cuts and fresh faced make-up. Brittani looks chic and adorable, Molly… like a mushroom. Why Tyra? What is your dysfunction with Molly’s hair this season? First the cheap Chinatown weave of nightmares and now a bowl-cut borrowed from a 6-year-old boy.

At panel the judges: Tyra, Andre Leon Talley, Nigel Barker, and Mister Jay felt both girls did great but they were disappointed that Brittani ruined the pairs posing moment by laughing. Molly’s walk was criticized for being bouncy and a “little cheap.” Then we viewed the Cheesy, Corny, Goofy CoverGirl commercials. Brittani’s commercial got rave reviews, Molly’s not so much as she was called out for being stiff and coming across as a “mean girl.” Molly redeemed herself by having a stunning CoverGirl shot.

The judges deliberate and go through the history of each girls photos and ALT is pulling for Britt something major, but Nigel seems to like Molly. Finally, finally they decide and BRITTANI is the winner! With the win, Brittani scores a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a contract with IMG Models, a spread in Vogue Italia, and a cover and spread in Vogue Italia‘s beauty mag Beauty in Vogue.

Congratulations Brittani – for once I think an ANTM winner will have a successful career in the modeling industry. But I also think Molly is amazing.

So, do you think Brittani deserved to be America’s Next Top Model? Who was your favorite ANTM contestant this cycle?