PHOTOS – Meet The Cast of MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Rivals!

MTV The Challenge Rivals Cast

Get ready for more Reality TV dramz with MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals starring former MTV Real World & Road Rules castmembers.

With over $300,000 on the line there is bound to be conflict galore as the teams fight tooth and nail for prize money and glory. MTV takes 14 teams of men and women to the jungles of Costa Rica for a series of intense challenges requiring endurance, stamina, bravery, and cunning!

Expect lots of fighting, lots of backstabbing and tantrums, relationships forming and falling apart, and old rivalries reigniting! In fact, the drama is over the top right out of the gate as the first episode features contestants flying over a waterfall! Yikes. The series also features two castmembers from the very recent Real World Las Vegas, Adam Royer and Leroy ‘Roylee’ Garrett. Oddly enough, Adam is the only cast member not pictured above. Perhaps he got kicked off early for another drunken tantrum.

One thing is for sure if these enemies don’t put down the haterade, learn to put the past behind them, and work together – they definitely won’t be bringing home the dough! For a trailer of the upcoming series, see below! The Challenge: Rivals premieres tonight on MTV at 10pm ET/PT. The season trailer and photos of the 14 teams below!



Will you be watching or are you over Kenny being on the Challenges?


Brandon Nelson from The Challenge: Fresh Meat II and Ty Ruff from The Real World D.C.


CT Tamburello and Adam King from The Real World: Paris

Jasmine Reynaud and Jonna MannionThe Real World: Cancun

Tyler Duckworth and Johnny Devenanzio from The Real World: Key West

Sarah Rice and Katelynn Cusanelli from The Real World: Brooklyn

Laurel Stucky and Cara Maria Sorbello from The Real World: Fresh Meat II

Mandi Moyer from The Challenge: Fresh Meat II and Jenn Grijalva from The Real World: Denver

Nehemiah Clark from The Real World: Austin and Evan Starkman from The Challenge: Fresh Meat

Paula Meronek from The Real World: Cancun and Evelyn Smith from The Challenge: Fresh Meat

Robin Hibbard from The Real World: San Diego and Aneesa Ferreira from The Real World: Chicago

Theresa Gonzalez from The Challenge: Fresh Meat II and Camilla Nakagawa from Spring Break Challenge

Tyrie Brown and Davis Mallory from The Real World: Denver

Wes Bergmann from The Real World: Austin and Kenny Santucci from The Challenge: Fresh Meat

Adam Royer and Leroy Garrett from The Real World: Las Vegas