Flipping Out Season 5 Premiere Recap: Mixing Business With Pleasure

Jeff Lewis returns in Season 5 of Flipping Out and oh how I’ve missed him. Never leave me again, Jeffrey Lewis.

Opening the show we learn, Jeff has sold his Valley Oak house and is living in a sacreligious rental called West Knoll, because his schedule is too cray-cray to find new digs. Perhaps if he stopped micromanaging Zoila so much, he’d have more time, but something tells me he’d NEVER cut that out of his schedule. Jeff threatens Saint Zoila with a walker if she doesn’t stop resting her hands on the walls of his pristine rental – hey, the man doesn’t want to forfeit his security deposit! Zoila and Jeff go back and forth over who is more lucky to be stuck with the other one – Zoila is more lucky, no Jeff is more lucky. Personally I feel most lucky to have you both back in my reality TV life.

Sarah (with her signature garish makeup) and Trace are also back, and they are fighting over who gets to sit further away from “crazy” aka Jeff, who is apparently now screening their emails. I bet Jeff Lewis Design blocks Facebook at the office. Lame! Sarah is still looking for more project manager duties, and has been handling a lot of the client needs with (surprisingly!) few mistakes.


Jenni and Jeff are still bickering while driving around LA – seriously does Jeff EVER watch the road while he drives? I kinda believe he is in one of those video game cars with a screen that shows the roads in front of him, because he is never watching where he is going! Anyways, Jeff and Jenni are up to their old shtick and we learn Jenni is no longer the “day-to-day girl” and is handling out of town clients AND PURSUING OTHER OPPURTUNITIES! Hmmm… does that mean Jenni is only “working” with Jeff for the Bravo cameras? Jenni certainly hasn’t let go of her primary responsibilities: nagging Jeff and making him happy, but not sexually. Definitely NO sex, in case you didn’t know.

Jeff debuts his new clients and properties: Marlo who is remodeling for her new single life, Fuller they purchased a new house and want a major remodel free of used condom greeting cards, Durand – who is feisty and straightforward with Jeff thus meaning dah-rama, and Spring Oak for Milligan who loves cats and needs a complete remodel. Jeff reveals he is still remodeling the Chaz Dean Salon bungalows and opening one in NYC. Busy season for the Flippers!

Besides all the new projects, Jeff has a new business manager and introduces Gage who, according to Jeff, is “the most critical part” of his business since he pushes him forward into new opportunities – like Jeff Lewis needs MORE activities. Jeff explains Gage is extremely ambitious which is both good and bad. Jeff reveals there is another thing Gage manages – Jeff’s heart, because THEY’RE DATING! Isn’t that against the employee/manager clause in your company handbook?

After learning from Jenni that you can’t take anything Jeff says personally, Gage says their working/personal relationship is going fine. Cue the next scene where Jeff starts hyperventilating about all the events Gage has scheduled for him during his trip to San Francisco where Jeff while will be the keynote speaker at the San Francisco School of Design. I mean ew, like cocktail parties and luncheons. Jeff also reveals he is a cougar and that Gage is 26 while Jeff is 40 (but he still has his real hair)! Scandal! Jeff discloses to keep up with his younger man he is going to the gym more so he can look at best like maybe 35 and getting more Botox to keep up with the youngins!

Preparing for his trip to San Fran, Jeff is meeting with client Marlo to discuss progress on the remodel. Margo is staying in a hotel while her kitchen is under renovation and is very stressed about the time frame. Jeff lets her know that Oops – progress was held up because they need to re-paint the cabinets again. Which are a lovely and amazing buttercream color. Jeff puts pressure on Sarah to make sure things continue to run smoothly while he is out of town and reminds her to be more assertive with slow contractors.

Zoila is psyched that Jeff is leaving and feigns her tears as he walks out the door. Then she got the keg ready for her house party. Woo Hoo! Freedom! In San Fran, Team Lewis is flying on a private jet and luckily stewardess Jenni is on duty mixing drinks. Jenni lets us know she is the one that introduced Jeff to Gage who I am going to refer to as “Jage.” Yay for celebrity couple names! Once arriving, the intimate dinner party thrown in Jeff’s honor, turns into a huge meet and greet with photographers, magazines, and one in particular who is not pleased with Jeff’s manners.

Jeff makes a huge faux pas when he doesn’t recognize the name California Home & Design and Lisa, from the mag, tartily informs him they are the ones paying for his fabulous hotel room! Oh you mean the one with the amazing view – yep that’s the one! Then a very tipsy Lisa informs Jeff he further slighted them by canceling a party they were planning to throw for him the following evening, which Jeff didn’t even know about! Jeff is mortified about being called out confronted and called a “dick” by the woman. Um… doesn’t Jeff like employ 25 people to manage his schedule – somebody didn’t catch this snafu?! Jeff’s rebuttal is that he might be a dick, but he is not unprofessional and wants to know who to blame for this. The person responsible turns out to be BF Gage. Gage apologizes to Lisa, who just cannot let go of the slight (or her wine glass), and promises to make amends.

In LA Sarah, is managing the business only slightly better than Gage. Sarah admits she likes to kill’em with kindness and not yell at the contractors; just flirt and take cute photos with their work. Marlo, on the other hand isn’t as sweet and rips Sarah a new one about all the strangers in her house loitering around not grouting her countertops. Back at West Knoll, the temporary Lewis Residence, Sarah unloads to Zoila who tells her to put her foot down and goes back to watching her telenovella. When the cats away, the mouse will play! Later when Jeff check outs the property after returning, he is disappointed at the lack of progress. Jeff laments that it is the $30,000.00 job that never ends and starts demanding that Sarah confront Chris, the contractor. Jeff goes into full bitch slap mode and starts yelling at Chris for making excuses and not telling the truth about the delays and Chris totally admits he is responsible for the delays. Jeff should go work for the CIA– he is aces at interrogation!

Meanwhile back in San Francisco, Jeff is freaking out to Jenni and asking her to help him develop “rescue me” hand signals if he needs blotting papers or something. Jeff is really worried he might accidentally drop the “F” bomb during the speech, thus forgoing his speaking fee. Jeff finds out he is speaking to a packed house and is super nervous as he perches on the white sofa with huge vases on either side of it making him look like a child. Despite his nerves, Jeff does great once he loosens up and starts talking about his doll hair, and Botox, and his anxiety about aging. You know, important stuff. When the moderator asks what his employees say about him behind his back, Jenni takes the stage and is honest about Jeff’s neurosis, but supports him. Awwww… Jenni luvs Jeff 4 Eva. At the meet n greet, Jeff is able to make amends with the volatile Lisa of California Home & Design and all ends well when Jeff was able to cash his big ol’ check.

Back in LA, Jeff announces to Zoila he is planning to adopt her as his 63-year-old daughter for him and Gage to raise. Zoila admits when Gage moved in she felt jealous, but alas Jeff never changes and things are still the same, except she doesn’t listen to Gage. Taking her new role as daughter to Jage seriously, Zoila starts demanding money for shoes and spa days. She also admits she no longer wants to kill Jeff.

To help her confront slow contractors, Jeff makes Sarah create a bitchy alter-ego named Dawn. Dawn Sarah flounders and completely lets Chris walk all over her. Jeff flips out and yells at Sarah for not getting tough on the contractors and losing in the end. After supervising the finishing touches himself things FINALLY get done at Marlo’s and Jage and Jenni arrange her furniture and stage things. Marlo is ecstatic and suddenly forgets all her animosity towards Jeff – she even claims to have enjoyed it. Um… really… ? Well, it did look TRULY fabulous – I would be happy too!

Although things ultimately worked out at Marlo’s, Jeff is still unhappy with the way Sarah handled the delays and has a discussion with Gage about her ability to perform in the Project Manager role since she is unable to confront the contractors. Jage agrees that although Sarah is sweet and they adore her, this might not be the right place for her professionally, leaving Jeff to question Sarah’s future with Jeff Lewis Design. Oooooohhhh… cliffhanger!

This season on Flipping Out: Things are dysfunctional as ever! There is lots of risqué dancing, Zoila gets a boob job (?!), Jeff fights with clients and employees, and struggles in his relationship, and Jenni gets saddled with a rude critique of her sartorial choices from someone other than Jeff!

Next week Flipping Out moves to Tuesday at 10/9c. Make sure to catch it on it’s new (original) day!

So, what did you think of the season premiere? Will you be watching Flipping Out this season? What are your thoughts on Jeff’s boyfriend, Gage?