Flipping Out Recap: What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On TV

Last night’s episode of Flipping Out was rowdy, raucous, and racy – and about renewal. Zoila finally got her facelift, Sarah got a send off to her new married life, Chaz Dean’s bathroom got a major uplift, and Jeff realized who on his team is really there for Jeff Lewis Design.

Jeff is planning Zoila’s plastic surgery viewing party – and she better be ready with shaved legs because the JLD team will be watching her get her face lifted and her neck tucked. I predict Jeff will be bringing popcorn and martinis to the party. Zoila doesn’t want Jeffery to watch though cause she’s going to be nakey. No bras mean no boys for Zoila! Jenni explains they are all really concerned, because Zoila is the glue that holds JLD together.


Chaz Dean of Chaz Dean Salons meets Jeff at Floor Plan to choose furniture for the Cole salon site. The date is rapidly approaching for the opening. The plan is to pick durable furniture that works for high traffic areas. Jeff is clear – NO WHITE LINEN! Jeff explains howChaz rolls – he is decisive once he sees everything there is to offer!

Gage and Jeff meet to discuss Jeff’s next speaking engagement hosted by the Las Vegas Design Center. Jeff – always budget conscious wants to kill two birds with one stone by making this a “family trip” aka Bachelorette Party for Sarah! Jeff is hoping the design center will let him bring an assistant (or three) – wink, wink! – on their dime. Gage, has poop in his pants about the whole thing, given that Gage Jeff was considering letting Sarah go for incompetence, he feels it’s inappropriate to reward bad behavior. Yeah, Gage totes has it out for Sarah – from a business perspective, of course! Gage claims Jeff is a drama seeking queen who is a massive boundary crosser, while he just wants to work, work, work. Jeff has a brillz idea – Party Bus in Vegas and Thunder Down Under! Call me, Jeff – I like Party Buses!

Zoila is leaving for her surgery and Jeffrey Lewis gets all OCD about what she packed. Jeff lets us know after surgery Zoila will be going to a cushy recovery center so he doesn’t have to, like, change any gross bedpans, because usually Zoila has to handle the nasty stuff while he freaks out about messes. In the car, Jeff and Zoila bicker about who is more nervous? Jeff!!! Jeff keeps psyching Zoila out by giving her gory details about what the surgery involves. Zoila admits she is scared about waking up looking like a monster.

Sarah gives Zoila the positive – she is going to feel great all hopped up on pain meds. On the operating table they find out Zoila can’t have sex for one year following her operation – which is going to leave a trail of blue balls from there to New Mexico. Kidding, kidding! Jeff is also concerned about the results looking as natural as possible and goes over everything the doctor is planning, since this is going to involve a lot of “work.” Jeff, Jenni, and Sarah get their surgery gear on and prepare to supervise to make sure everything is going ok.

Jeff explains it was tough to see Zoila so vulnerable, given what a sassy person she is. After making sure the first two surgeries went ok, the team leaves to check on Cole, which has 12 days before opening. Jeff is optimistic about the progress, since he is pretty much living there to make sure things go according to plan. Jeff is still working very closely with Chaz (re: running every detail by him) – including placement of cabinet pulls.

Jenni is worried about how Zoila is going to look following surgery, and wondering if this is the right decision for Z-money? Jeff is confident, though, since he did a ton of research on the doctor and the procedures. As the last surgery ends and they move Zoila to recovery, she looks like a mummified mess, can barely move, and is not waking up despite the nurse repeatedly calling her name. Jeff and Jenni are barely breathing they are so stressed and Jeff seriously looks on the verge of tears as the monitors beep and blink. Actually, Zoila is awake but pretending not to hear – just like at home. Her first words following surgery: “shut up” directed at Jeff. HAHA! Jenni is relieved – she’s still Zoila and further proving it, she’s ready for some El Pollo Loco – stat!

Jeff empathizes with the doctors about having to prompt Z a million times to wake up –it’s what he goes through every morning. Apparently she just likes to sleep in instead of cleaning litter boxes. Jeff observes its so peaceful and quiet when Zoila is too zonked out on pain killers to talk – now if only he could do something about that Sarah

Moving onto happier subjects the team is headed to Vegas; Jeff and Jenni joke about her being a bachelorette in her past life. Jeff explains his reasoning for throwing the party – after her review, Sarah’s performance improved much to Gage’s dismay. At the salon, Jeff gives Chaz a walk-thru of the almost completed executive bath, which features a steam shower that has room for man’s best friend as well as man. This bathroom is amazing – I need it – hint, hint husband! During the walk through, Chaz is distracted by Jenni’s hair again and gives it a little feel up to check for clip in extensions.

After the bath reveal, Jenni, Gage and Jeff visit Zoila at the recovery center. Jeff examines her closely and tells her she looks beautiful. He is so pleased with the results and very happy he opted for the recovery centers round the clock medical staff. Jeff jokes with Zoila saying he got her a job at the center cleaning rooms and takes a picture with her for the family Christmas Card. Wait – where were the Santa hats, Jeff? Poor planning! Blame Sarah.

Sarah and her cameltoe arrive at Jeff’s for the big Vegas trip and she admits she has been walking on eggshells since her very negative performance review and is shocked at the bachelorette party! Jeff reveals Chaz plus his sister will be going on the trip to preserve their friendship, which has been rocky as of late. Upon arriving in Vegas they swing by Jeff’s suite, which is as big as my local mall, but much more fabulous. #Jealous.

Mother Goose Gage, starts panicking about the schedule and is raining on Jeff’s parade about staying on task. Jeff just wants Gage to chillax with some Boone’s Farm and get ready for hookers and coke, but reminds everyone tomorrow is all work, no play. And speaking of panic – Gage finds the panic room behind a special mirrored door. I guess we know where he’ll be enjoying his wine coolers!

The team gets ready and Sarah’s nipples came out to party! Jenni gifts Sarah a bra and a veil, but Sarah only chooses to wear ONE of these essentials. Gage, who apparently hasn’t ingested nearly enough sugary winey substances, is not looking forward to fun a brazen, bra-less Sarah. When Sarah stands up Jeff’s mouth drops and he wants to know where the rest of Sarah’s dress went?! His expression was priceless, was it not?

Chaz and his sis Joanne give Sarah what’s she has always dreamed of – a giant penis mug and a candy thong. As the team sits down for dinner, Jenni tries to order big ball noodle soup. HAHA! Joanne shares the secret to a long and happy marriage – sex; and Chaz teases Sarah about that being the reason she is late for work everyday. Jeff decides that despite his curiosity, this is surprisingly TMI. Hey Jeff, that’s what happens when you mix alcohol, work, and sex toys! Dinner turned into drunk partying with a wet napkin toss and wet noodle Gage predicting a train crash as he bores people with schedule lectures.

After some dinner and many drinks, things get rowdier on the party bus stripper pole. Well, everyone gets rowdy but Jenni – who gets Elaine from Seinfeld – because she’s not about to turn it out for her creepster boss, Jeff Lewis. I heart Jenni big time. Once they get to the strip club, Gage is already planning his escape because he’s uncomfortable. The team gets a VIP area with private dancers, and I agree with Jenni’s assessment – “wow” in a scary way. Jeff explains everyone felt more comfortable with female strippers – especially Sarah who he thinks may want to reconsider this whole marriage to a man thing. Gage admits he really felt awkward with the whole thing and looked genuinely uneasy – as did Jenni! Also, looking uneasy – Trace who Jeff thinks just might be gay, unlike Chaz who just might be straight! Everything’s topsy-turvy in Jeff Lewis Land!

Jeff leaves early with Gage and Jenni to prepare for his speaking engagement because showing up reeking of booze with a hooker on his arm is kinda unprofessional, no? Despite the late night, team JLD seem chipper and excited. Gage explains why the speaking engagements are so important to Jeff’s career, because you never know who you might meet! Jeff is surprised none of his other employees show up! Really? Jeff explains how he got started as a “flipper” and that he was in finance before interior design! Interesting…

Gage complains that since Sarah and Trace are Jeff’s design assistants they should have been present – but they were too busy getting loaded at the pool after still being drunk from the night before. Trace decided since he wasn’t obligated to attend the speaking engagement, he decided pleasure before business! Ironically Jeff talks about the boundaries being skewed in tight-nit office environment, explaining that people take advantage of relationships. And after seeing those empty chairs – vacant of Sarah and Trace – Jeff comments: “not one of those people are going to last here. Not one.” Oooohhh…foreshadowing!

Next week: Zoila’s new face! Jenni and a client don’t get along. Jeff confronts Sarah!

Do you think Gage was right to feel uncomfortable at the party or was he being a party pooper? Do you think Jeff had a right to be angry that Trace and Sarah did not attend his speaking engagement? What did you think of Chaz’s amazing bathroom remodel?