On last night’s Teen Mom, Trials and Tribulations, Farrah goes to court, Amber fears going to jail, Catelynn goes to counseling, and Maci goes home to Chattanooga…permanently.

Maci has started her sophomore year in college, and as she is now living with Kyle in Nashville, she has to commute two hours to get to class in Chattanooga. Meeting with her advisor, she learns that she failed Algebra and Communications last semester. Maci goes to tell her dad about her decision to stay up there and go to school here, and MTV, do you think I buy into you dubbing over her voice? Her parents agree that school needs to be her main priority to ensure a future for Bentley.


Catelynn needs to go pick up some things from her mom April’s house for her and Tyler’s new apartment. April is in a perpetual bad mood, and Catelynn thinks it is because Butch (her stepdad/Tyler’s dad/April’s husband) is in a halfway house and the couple has a no contact order. Before heading to April’s house, Catelynn and Tyler take Butch out to lunch. Tyler believes they all have what it takes to have a better life. He talks about family counseling, couples’ counseling, parent-child counseling, you-name-it-he’s-willing-to-try-it counseling. I almost want to watch a marathon of Dr. Phil after that. I heart Tyler. He is genuine and well-meaning, and that is hard to come by on this series. Butch reveals that he knows first-hand that you won’t be willing to rehabilitate your life until you do it for yourself.

Farrah meets with an attorney to discuss her options in the lawsuit for visitation brought by Derek’s mother. The lawyer spouts of a statute and is fabulous with legalese. Farrah’s eyes glaze over, but she is able to ascertain that Sophia’s grandmother doesn’t have much of a case.

Amber is still being investigated by Child Protective Services, and she reveals that she is going to counseling to help her deal with all the stress. She is also balling up on half a loveseat which makes her appear even more distraught and alone. Amber and Gary have broken up, and she has moved in with a friend in her old apartment. Leah is staying with Gary, as there is no room for her with Amber. Wait? Was that Leah’s old crib in the old apartment filled with boxes and a bouncy ball? They wouldn’t have moved her nursery furniture into the new digs?

Amber goes to visit Gary and Leah. Gary is quick to tell her that CPS came by that day to see her and that they were having a hard time getting in touch with Amber. I assume Amber’s going to explode on him, especially since Leah’s present and this couple hates to have their daughter miss a cage match. Instead Amber asks if Gary informed CPS that she was in therapy and has to turn off her phone. Duh, Amber, they left a message. Gary also dramatically reveals how much paperwork they had in their dossier against his baby mama. Gary has a game plan, and for once Amber seems to be going along with it.

Tyler and Catelynn have started their senior year of high school, and April comes by for dinner at the couple’s new apartment. Tyler is cooking as Catelynn is doing homework–looking pretty good for these two so far! Tyler gives his step-mom the speech about repairing the family through counseling, and April makes a quick exit.

Farrah meets with Derek’s father and step-mother to discuss the lawsuit being brought by Derek’s biological mom. His dad is in shock as to how his ex (wife?) is going about getting visitation, especially after she created a log jam at the Social Security office which caused Sophia to be denied Derek’s benefits. Derek’s dad and step-mom know that Derek’s only concern would be the well-being of Sophia and they are willing to help out in any way to get things resolved.

Bentley has been staying with Ryan as Maci burns up the interstate between school and Kyle Chattanooga and Nashville. She returns to her love nest with Kyle only to find it dirty. Kyle offers to take her sometimes, but really, he can’t do it as much as he’d like…or ever. Maci quietly says that moving back home would alleviate some of her stress. “You coming?” she asks. Kyle says he has his job in Nashville to consider. The decision is killing Maci. Insert sarcastic comment here about how she’s commuting two hours for Kyle while Bentley stays with Ryan. <–And this wasn’t a reminder for me to write something later…dear readers, please insert your own sarcastic comment about her ridiculous commute and the reasons behind it!

Amber is meeting with CPS and she discusses her fears with a friend beforehand. Amber speaks several coherent sentences in a row where she says she hates that she was ever violent, and while she can’t change her circumstances, she can do her best to make sure Leah has a better life. Go Amber’s therapist! Lawyer Bob calls and Amber calls him “hon” upon answering the phone. I can’t see it, but I can feel Lawyer Bob physically cringing on the other end of the line. Bob wants Amber to know that her CPS meeting will now be conducted at the police station, and he’s on his way to her house to discuss the change with her.

Farrah gets correspondence from Derek’s mother’s attorney giving her notice of a hearing. Farrah kind of blows it off, saying that Sophia’s grandmother has no real argument. Farrah’s mother translates the letter to Farrah and tells her that they need to attend the hearing so she can defend herself against Derek’s mother’s allegations.

Maci meets Ryan halfway to pick up Bentley. Kyle and his friend play with Bentley while Maci talks to her friend about the ups and downs of her and Kyle’s relationship. Across the playground, in a not-at-all-staged-by-MTV-scene, Kyle and said friend discuss Kyle’s time living with Bentley and his plan to move, or not move, with Maci back to Chattanooga.

A teary Catelynn tries to repair her relationship with her mom. April doesn’t know what she’s talking about…there is no issue between them. April finally (after an episode of 16 and Pregnant and the entire first season of Teen Mom) admits to her daughter that she isn’t angry at her for giving Carlie up for adoption–in fact, she thinks it was a very wise decision. On top of that, if it means that much to Catelynn, April will try counseling to mend their relationship. Tyler consoles his fiancé after the conversation and he is an amazing voice of reason. Seriously Dr. Phil, give this kid his own (unrelated to teen pregnancy) show!

Kyle helps Maci potty train Bentley and the moment reiterates why Maci wishes he’d move with her to Chattanooga. Maci is apartment hunting in Chattanooga and finds a very nicely furnished apartment and can seemingly afford the $1000 a month rent. WHAT? Her new place is way nicer–and pricier!–than mine! She tells Kyle about her new place and he tries to explain to her that it won’t be as easy for him to uproot and leave his job. Just wait till you see this place though Kyle…you can be unemployed for a while after you move. Maci clearly has the means to pay for it without your help, so why not move on in and take your time with that job hunt. If you don’t, I might.

Amber, Gary and Lawyer Bob meet to discuss the interview’s change of venue. Amber tries to hide her fear from Leah. While the viewers didn’t get to see the actual meeting, Amber feels relieved and confident after talking with CPS. She wants to remedy this situation first before she can even think about working on her relationship with Gary. Gary talks to his mom about how stressed out this situation has made him. Gary’s mom advises her son to let Amber have her space to figure out what’s next with them as a couple, as it’s not good with Leah to have all the couple’s normal back and forth.

Farrah meets with her mother to discuss the hearing. Farrah’s mother advises against bringing Sophia and hopes that the judge won’t allow Derek’s mother’s attorney to attack Farrah’s character. Farrah’s father baby-sits for Sophia so his wife and daughter can attend the hearing. Farrah does not want to hear about how her mother ordered Sophia some Barney toys after the pair discovered the fun-filled Barney website that Sophia just adored. Seriously, mom! SHUT IT! When Farrah’s mom says she was just trying to keep her daughter calm by distracting her, Farrah yells, “This is why you suck as a mom! You suck at calming me down.” Perhaps she missed the part where her mother baby-sat for free, took joy in her granddaughter’s excitement over a creepy purple dinosaur, and was accompanying her daughter to a hearing. Maybe Farrah was concentrating too hard on parking to pick up on those things.

Catelynn and April go to counseling and the two discuss the adoption. The social worker talks about how people get defensive and why…and April seems to be taking it as a tutorial. She’s very defensive and then the two seem to have a breakthrough. Of course, with any relationship in progress, there is still a lot of tension between the two.

Farrah and her mom leave the hearing and Farrah calls Derek’s step-mom to tell her the good news. Case dismissed! Three generations of ladies–Farrah, her mother, and precious Sophia–dance around the living room in celebration.

Maci is disappointed that Kyle didn’t make the move, but she is excited when he “surprises” her with a visit. She gives him the grand tour, and tells him how much Bentley misses him. Kyle has a surprise. He’s quit his job (he clearly listened to my earlier advice), and is going to move in with them to Chattanooga. Am I the only one that thought Maci looked a tad less than thrilled with this news as she hugged him?

Next week, Catelynn and Tyler look for jobs, Ryan contemplates taking Maci to court for more custody, and Amber is upset over time not spent with Leah.


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