It’s Jeff Lewis Time! And after Monday night’s Housewives gone wild reunion, I am definitely ready for some fun-loving Flipping Out, but sadly this episode Sarah Berkman said good-bye. This episode was about facing the difficult reality that sometimes things just don’t work out; sometimes someone just doesn’t like you – even if you want them to really, really badly.

Things start with Jeff and Sarah rehashing the Vegas weekend in Jeff’s favorite serious discussion spot – his Mercedes! Sarah gushes about her copious alcohol consumption and Jeff subtly plugs that it was also a work weekend, so yeah not everyone could get so cray-cray. Jeff mentions that if he was given the performance review Sarah received, he definitely would have been going above and beyond to prove his dedication by showing up at the event – drunky or no drunky.


Jeff mentions Sarah would have gotten a lot out of the event, to which she replies – duh – she woke up still drunk, so the best thing to do was keep drinking, because she isn’t 40 like some people (gasp!)! Jeff’s silence was definitely deadly after that comment. Sarah doesn’t understand why he’s mad – it’s not like they were obligated to attend! Jeff discloses that people were asking where they were at the engagement, but he hopes Sarah had a great last hurrah. And that pretty much spells D-O-O-M for ol’ make-up face!

Back at Jeff’s, Zoila and her new face return from the hospital and she DOES look 15-years-younger! Everyone is speechless by the transformation – a far cry from The Elephant Man Jeff was expecting! Zoila is so thankful and Jeff looks very moved. Awwwww… Jeffrey. Even Gage warmed up a little by suggesting Zoila get a bell to ring in case she needs anything. Aww… Gage. When is Zoila getting her E-Harmony profile?

Jeff asks Jenni if she can work the following day and informs her she is like his ex-wife: even though they are divorced they remain quite close. Wait – Jeff was married to a woman before?! Kidding… Jeff refers to Sarah as his current wife, but things aren’t going so well, so he is asking Jenni to return to work (finally!) for a little while… Jenni will hold him until he finds someone new, but they will not remarry. Yet. Ok, maybe that is my own hopefulness! Jeff reveals it is a precautionary measure in case he needs to let Sarah go, since he does not have time to train someone new and Jenni already understands Jeff’s cantankerous personality how things roll.

Jeff and Jenni arrive at Sunshine Terrace to do a remodel for Stacey. Stacey wants new floors, interior lighting and painting, and new furniture. While going over plans, Stacey believes Jenni has broken her French Door and THIS is why she doesn’t like her. Awk-ward! Jeff explains Stacey is sorta harsh (sort of?) but he actually responds to that well. Jenni – not so much.

While Stacey does not like Jenni, she does seem to enjoy Sarah’s company. In fact, they recently started dating. Over lunch there is another awkward moment when Stacey questions Jenni’s sexuality and THEN mentions she is surprised Jenni is straight, since she didn’t get hit with the pretty stick. Um… has Stacey looked in a mirror lately, because neither did she and she happens to be married… to a man. Jeff is speechless and yikes! So. Am. I. Jeff feels this is something that needs to be mended, just in case Sarah gets the axe!

At Jeff’s they are still interviewing possible interns. Vanina, or Va-Gina according to Jeff, will be shadowing Jeff and Sarah, as they go meet with a new client, Laura. Laura wants to redo her entire Venice loft even though it is already spectacular! Oh the troubles of the rich. Part of the remodel will be stashing, Laura’s daughter Lucy’s stuff out of view. Va-Gina is dispatched to babysit while the team does a walk through. Based on Va-Gina’s ability to wear many hats, Jeff likes her. After Lucy kicks Jeff out for making her cry, the team returns to Jeff’s house so he can organize Zoila’s closet – including finding her ancient panties. Jeff must have realized if he fires Sarah he’ll need to find someone new to micromanage!

Vanina has been hired, since she does floorplans at work instead of make-up. Jeff realizes comparing her efficiency to Sarah’s is a big problem – Sarah spends long periods of time on small tasks Jeff cannot justify billing a client for. After expressing his frustrations that Sarah spent an hour and 15minutes choosing four cabinet pull samples, Gage explains Sarah should notice Vanina’s pace and adapt.

As soon Sarah leaves on an errand, Gage asks Jeff how much more of Sarah’s performance issues he can take? Gage makes a valid point: liking Sarah as a person does not make her a good personal assistant. Jeff pulls out his trusty list of infractions – which spans three months – and the page is COMPLETELY full (and Jeff has itty bitty writing)! Jeff explains Gage has put a microscope onto JLD which only focuses on inefficiency and that has made him realize the amount of errors being made. Gage explains its not personal – it just comes down to black and white numbers, but unfortunately for Jeff there is family involvement, as well.

At Sunshine Terrace, Stacey and Jeff plot how Stacey can finagle a new sofa, without out her budget conscious husband – and it involves things that apparently nice Jewish girls don’t normally do. After a fun meeting, Jeff reveals Jenni will be taking over for Sarah and Stacey does not want Jenni in her house- she only wants Sarah! Well, she is the only one! Jeff, playing amateur psychiatrist, thinks Jenni must remind Stacey of someone she doesn’t like. Maybe her hubs had an affair with a Jenni look-a-like!

Back at the office, Jeff tries a new fly catching contraption called The Big Stinky. It involves raw meat and a jar apparently. Jeff and Jett plot to figure out what draws more fly attention – raw meat or Zoila’s dirty undies? Jenni and Zoila are rightfully disgusted, because she is not a dirty beetch. Jeff puts together The Big Stinky and Zoila wants to know if she is getting reimbursed for the stolen underwear. Poor Zoila she looked so upset – I predict some serious revenge on the horizon!

Stacey and Sarah continue their love affair while they furniture shop, for some non-boo-boo furniture. Sarah says her strength is working with client relations, but Jeff often doesn’t see that. Jeff calls Stacey to let her know the budget is ready for review and he will be bringing Jenni with him. Stacey insists NO JENNI ALLOWED! Unfortunately a stricken Jenni is sitting in the car while Stacey said all this over speaker phone. Whoops! Jenni handles it tactfully by letting Stacey know you can’t please everyone! Jeff is seriously worried, because he needs Jenni to help complete this project. Jenni is upset because Jeff didn’t defend her. Jeff reveals he did at lunch when Stacey went on her “I hate Jenni” tirade. I personally think Stacey is looking for a little more camera love with her anti-Jenni spiel.

Jeff is relishing in the fact that finally someone likes Jeff, but not Jenni! Jeff decides he must address this with Stacey and calls her to explain that his office has an all hands on deck approach, and sometimes Jenni will need to be there to poison Stacey with her bad energy get things done. Finally Stacey agrees, Jenni can come over, but just this one time and only because Jeff is making her. Zoila’s two cents: “What a beetch.”

At Stacey’s, she decides to open a bottle of wine to ease the tension of budget review. To win Stacey over Jenni asks why she doesn’t like her hair? Stacey says Jenni needs an update, because she is Black Swan meets Morticia. Instead of letting Stacey know where she can stick it, Jenni ate a big ol “poop sandwich” and handled it decorously. Did I mention I love Jenni?

As they are going over the budget, Stacey warns Jeff he better negotiate harder because she cannot do anymore bl*wjobs to get her house redecorated. Jenni sums it up that Stacey is a woman who will do what it takes to get what she wants, and does an amazing imitation of Stacey. Jenni decides to be the bigger NRFF and call her buddy at the furniture store to give Stacey’s jaws break, and Stacey kinda likes her! Stacey even helps Jenni rearrange her scarf. In the car on the way home J&J decompress, and are shocked at how difficult Stacey is to handle.

Moving from one difficult sitch to another, Jeff has lunch with Sarah’s sister, Carrie and we get to see what Sarah would look like if she gave up the clown make-up! Jeff explains all the difficulties Sarah is having with her job performance, and expresses it is a conundrum because he loves Sarah, but he is afraid he may snap! Carrie – ever the diplomat – reassures Jeff no one in their family will be upset if he let’s Sarah go, so long as everything is handled respectfully.

Back at the office, Jeff finds out Sarah did not complete the budget for Stacey’s bedroom furniture. Jeff is furious as Sarah meekly apologizes. Jeff feels the resentment and stress is affecting their personal relationship; he needs to address the situation immediately. Jeff tactfully explains to Sarah that it is simply not working out, and Sarah gets it that today will be her last day at JLD. It is bittersweet for all, but everyone handles it graciously. Sarah admits she is kind of happy she has the opportunity to find something that better suits her. Gage walks Sarah out and explains no hard feelings. Even Zoila lets Jeff know it was the right choice. I wonder what Sarah is up to next? I hope they are still friends!

Next week: Chaz Dean’s Cole Salon remodel is down to the final days and the stress is overwhelming. Jeff catches Trace working on personal projects during work! Is firing No. 2 happening next?

Do you think Jeff made the right decision in letting Sarah go? Do you think Jeff should have done a better job defending Jenni to his crazy client, Stacey? Do you like Gage a little more this week after he acted like less of a robot?

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