On last night’s episode of Teen Mom, Farrah gets dogged, Maci gets busted, Catelynn gets counseled, and Amber, as always, gets mad.

Catelynn and Tyler are getting settled into their new jobs, and the Catelynn is looking forward to a retreat where she can connect with other young women who have chosen adoption for their children. The couple feels guilty for not having as much contact with Carlie’s adoptive parents.

Farrah is checking her grades, and while her GPA isn’t what she’d hoped, it’s still sufficient for her to graduate from culinary school. Farrah tells daughter Sophia that she wants to celebrate with a puppy. Sophia giggles and continues to suck on her pacifier…that means she’s on board with a new dog. Farrah takes Sophia to play with the little puppies and heads home with a tiny black dog. I’m sure her mom is going to be thrilled.


Maci is excited that Kyle is living with her and Bentley in Chattanooga, but she finds it hard to juggle motherhood and her journalism degree. She admits to a friend that Ryan doesn’t know she and their son are cohabitating with Kyle. It’s a don’t ask, don’t tell situation.

Amber is thrilled about her new home and she’s trying to get along with Gary in the interest of Leah. After excitedly telling her friend about the joint birthday party Leah is able to have due to her and Gary’s fresh start, Gary turns the tables, saying he wants a separate party. He doesn’t want to “tease” their daughter into thinking the pair is back together. This is the manipulative Gary I remember…because I honestly think Leah seeing her parents get along is a good thing. However, it seems that Gary wants to play the martyr since Amber won’t reconcile, and separate birthday parties is a good way to accomplish his guilt trip. Am I right? Yes. Gary tells Amber he misses her and wants to get work on their problems. While Amber loves Gary, she just doesn’t think it will work. My thing is, if he loves her and loves Leah, he shouldn’t forgo a joint party in the best interest of his daughter just to avoid his ex.

Farrah makes a pact with her still too young to be verbal daughter that no one will tell her mother about the puppy until Christmas. In an attempt to avoid the unavoidable puppy accidents, Farrah proceeds to hold the poodle pup over the toilet, urging him to go. It is obvious poor Sophia feels the poodle’s pain as just a few episodes back she was abandoned on the potty as Farrah practiced her pork braising techniques in the kitchen.

Catelynn heads to the retreat with her friend and fellow birth mom who recently chose adoption for her son. Catelynn’s friend is looking forward to the opportunity to share her feelings and experiences with other young moms who can relate. Just when I think I can’t like Catelynn anymore, MTV goes and sends her on this retreat which makes her more real and more endearing…she needs to be getting more recognition, although this franchise saves that for the likes of Amber and Jenelle Evans.

Ryan’s mom comes to pick up Bentley at Maci’s new place. While Maci admits that it’s so much easier sharing custody in the same city, she is worried what will happen when it becomes apparent to Ryan that Kyle lives with her and Bentley. Also, I have to say that slow or not, Kyle is super sweet with that little boy. Of course, Ryan’s mom tells her son that Kyle was at Maci’s house when she picked up her grandson. Is he staying there? Is he living there? Is he sleeping there? And if so, what should Ryan do about it? Ryan’s mother clearly knows what’s what because the MTV producers told her and she needs to quit stirring the pot and just help her son come up with some kind of plan if he doesn’t agree with Bentley’s living arrangements. I am not advocating that it’s a-okay for Maci to have moved in her boyfriend without telling her son’s father, but Ryan’s mother seems to be creating more tension. I agree with Ryan’s mom’s intentions, it’s just the staged conversations that are so disingenuous.

Amber is packing up to move into her new place, and she discusses with a friend how upset she is at the prospect of separate parties for Leah. She calls Gary once again, in hopes of convincing him to go back to their original plan. After telling Amber he doesn’t want to see her (because it should be about his wants on their daughter’s birthday, right? No? I’m confused), he hangs up on her. Gary decides to drown his sorrows by hitting on some underage (my guess, as they aren’t in the club) hotties on the sidewalk (can I get a what, what?) before going bar hopping where he chugs beers on the dance floor. I’ve got a Father of the Year trophy with his name on it…I’m just going to need to get it back from Ryan circa 2009.

At the birth mother retreat, Catelynn’s friend is opening up about her experience placing her son up for adoption. Like Catelynn and Tyler, her friend has an open adoption. Another birth mother speaks about her open adoption and reveals that when her son turned four, the adoptive parents opted to close the adoption and sever contact. Catelynn, who loves Carlie’s adoptive parents, is visibly worried.

Farrah is cleaning up after her new four-legged housemate, and apparently the only word Sophia knows is “doggie.” Farrah and her sister Ashley are going to dye each other’s hair while their mother watches Sophia. Ashley tells Farrah that while she didn’t see the dog, she knew it was there. Ashley warns Farrah about the time she bought a dog and their mother sold it back to the pet shop.

Catelynn and her friend discuss the group session, and Catelynn reveals how guilty she feels about not maintaining the relationship she’d like with Carlies’ adoptive family. It’s an emotional conversation, and while both girls know that by choosing adoption they gave their children the lives they couldn’t have provided, there are tears all around…maybe even from me. Not really, I’m a harda$$ like that. 🙂

Amber struggles over not being invited to Gary’s birthday party for Leah, while Gary struggles with his hangover from the night before. Gary forgot to clean the house for the party, so his mom sends him out while she takes over the housekeeping duties. Leah keeps herself busy by playing with the pack of condoms she found in the middle of the floor. Keeping it klassy, Gar. It’s never too early to start teaching your daughter about safe sex. Amber is sad about missing the party, but the ever sweet Gary keeps her updated with a series of picture texts.

Maci is bringing Bentley back to Ryan after a sweet exchange between Bentley and Kyle in the car. Bentley is hesitant to go to Ryan who inquires about Kyle and the couple’s living arrangements. Maci is honest, but she becomes defensive when Ryan asks why she wasn’t forthcoming with the information when Kyle first moved in with her and Bentley. The pair jokingly (not a funny joke, mind you) about how Maci could keep Bentley from Ryan if she wanted. Kyle waits not so patiently in the car and is upset at seeing Maci and Ryan spend time together having to part with Bentley for the weekend. Maci tries her best by flirting, teasing and promising sex to Kyle, but he’s not in the mood after witnessing Maci, Ryan and Bentley acting like a family.

Shockingly, there is a plumbing issue at Farrah’s house that her mother must address. Farrah must quickly hide the poodle she has diapered (someone call Animal Control) because she is scared to let it go outside. Her mother hears squeaking and worries that there is a bat on the premises. Upon finding the culprit, Farrah’s mom is as smitten as any regular, warm-blooded person would be at finding an adorable pooch. However, she must warn her daughter of how much work a puppy can be…perhaps this speech should have happened when Farrah was sixteen and “actual live baby” could have been substituted for “puppy.” Oh well.

Catelynn meets with the retreats co-founder to get advice on how to continue her relationship with Carlie and her adoptive parents. Catelynn is worried that by her and Tyler distancing themselves from Carlie, the adoptive parents will lose trust in how much they want to be a part of their birth daughter’s life. However, the co-founder is supportive and suggests that maybe Catelynn and Tyler love Carlie so much that they are hesitant to disrupt the structure in her life at the moment. I think this is a fabulous point…they don’t love their daughter any less; in fact their actions now are more selfless than ever. It’s no longer about them wanting to see their daughter, it’s about them wanting their daughter to have the life they couldn’t give her, even if it means they don’t have as much contact. I. Love. This. Couple.

Amber goes to pick up Leah for her birthday dinner, but not before hearing that Gary was hungover at the party. Amber starts in on him (and for once, I agree with her, although I wish they would stop arguing in front of their poor daughter), and he walks away. At Leah’s Mexican fiesta, she isn’t onboard with the sombrero the waiter forces on her head, but she’s all about the ring pop Amber gives her for dessert. Leah must feel right at home sleeping on the mattress on the floor at Amber’s old apartment. While it wasn’t the party Amber had envisioned for her daughter, it was nice to see an episode where she didn’t full on lose her temper complete with veins popping out of her neck. Baby steps.

Maci tells Kyle that Ryan asked about their living situation and that Ryan didn’t seem to care. You know who does seem to care that Ryan didn’t care? Maci. Ryan’s mom tries to convince her son that Maci still cares for him. Agreed. She’s still stirring the pot, but at least now she’s cooking with some valid points.

It’s the final day of the retreat, and I am so thankful that these girls have such a wonderful support system. It’s helped Catelynn and her friend tremendously. Catelynn and Tyler have a happy reunion while angst abounds among the remaining cast members.

Next week, Tyler is finished with high school and Farrah takes Sophia to her father’s final resting place. Ryan makes a move for joint custody as the CPS investigation concerning Amber continues.


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