On last night’s episode of Flipping Out, it’s the return of Stacey Ferris. Oh, joy… And Chaz Dean gives Jeff some very unfortunate news, prompting him to descend into a anger-ridden pity party that is pretty much the Jeff Lewis go-to emotional reaction.

Things start out with a walk-thru of the Cole bungalow. Chaz seems really happy with the work, but not apparently happy enough to straight up offer Jeff the job designing his New York Salon, leaving Jeff in limbo.

At West Knoll, Gage is now apparently angling to get Zoila fired! What is it with this guy?! Zoila acknowledges that Gage is gunning for her, but watch out because he, in fact, is going to be next. All this drama unfolds because Zoila catches Gage innocently washing a coffee cup dirtied from the coffee he made himself (gasp!)– Zoila calls him out on trying to make her look bad in front of Jeff. Jeff(!) defends him – claiming Gage tries to help out wherever he sees a need. Suuuuuure. Riiiiggght – he’s not at all the “quiet enemy” Zoila describes. Zoila reports that she needs a break from monitoring Gage’s sneakery to go watch her telenovelas, but don’t mistake – this bitch still cleans, Jeffrey! In all seriousness, Gage needs to go. I’m about to write Andy Cohen an intervention letter on Jeff’s behalf. Who’s with me?


Jeff, Jenni, and Gage head over to hell – aka Stacey’s Sunshine Terrace remodel. Jeff explains they have completed the living room portion of the remodel and are moving onto other areas. Sadly, JLD can do nothing about the dour owners of said residence, because that is what really needs some remodeling! Jenni compares Stacey to food poisoning, or the dreaded queasy feeling you have right before you vomit. Well, that’s ummm.. putting it mildly. While Jeff is measuring the wall for some art and trying to dissuade Stacey from her own taste, she suddenly requests a sit-down with Jenni.

Stacey informs Jenni, that it’s her name that bothers her (well, and her voice, but that’s old news) because all the Jennifers she knows are biatches. Ummm… this woman has NO ROOM to be calling anyone else out for bitchery. Jeff and Gage sit by silently snickering. Jenni explains while some people can be Capital B-Capital I-Capital T… she is a decent person and cannot. Jeff needs to grow a pair and inform this woman that her behavior is classless and reprehensible!

Back at the office, Jeff is experiencing anxiety about being hired for the New York Salon remodel. And truly if Chaz and Jeff are such good friends, he should just be honest and strop stringing Jeff along. Gage confirms he has heard nothing about Jeff being tapped for the job and Jenni tries to reassure him that because he met the deadline there is no way Chaz would hire someone else. Jeff decides he needs to ask Chaz directly what is going on.

Stacey calls Jeff to discuss her second favorite subject (her favorite subject being how much she hates Jenni) – blow jobs! No, actually she called to discuss the budget and blow jobs are a by-product of budget talks, naturally. See, Stacey’s marriage seems to be more of a business arrangement of sorts – she gets financial rewards for sexual favors, but all her expenditures need to be detailed out on a formal budget report – perhaps for tax purposes? Who knows.

Stacey reveals the standard BJ isn’t doing the trick anymore and asks Jeff for some tips from a gay man to a straight, desperate, crazy woman. Jeff, clarifies not all gay men are experts in that area and Jenni sums up what everyone is thinking: W.T.M.I or waaaay too much information! And speaking of Jenni, Stacey has decided she looks like a Heather and Jeff ok’d her referring to Jenni as such. Heather Jenni, on the other hand doesn’t want to be Heather and furthermore has had it with Jeff pacifying Stacey and thinks he should be defending her.

Jeff and Jenni pay Jeanne a visit to discuss wood for cabinetry throughout her house. Jeff explains he feels choosing different woods for kitchens, bathrooms, etc makes things feel custom and expensive and although it is more work for the designer. Jenni describes that she cliques with fun Jeanne, who she compares to Disney Land but Stacey is kinda like Death Valley.

Jeff and Jenni meet with Chaz to finally finalize the Cole Bungalow by choosing wallpaper for accent walls. During the meeting, Jeff brings up the big giant elephant in the room: the New York Salon! Chaz is evasive and Jeff point blank asks him – is JLD doing the job or not? Chaz finally, finally lets Jeff know, after much prodding, that he has hired a New York designer for the job. Jeff is stunned. Chaz sheepishly explains its because he wasn’t sure Jeff could work within the budget and also because that designer is local. In a conciliatory offer, Chaz explains he wants Jeff to do part of the salon, like his office or something.

Jeff, turns Chaz down, but in the car on the way back to the office, Jeff is irate and confides in Jenni that he is embarrassed to be offered the VIP room at this point in his career. He is also shocked that after all the hype Chaz passed him over for a job, especially after he flew to NY twice to check out the space. Poor Jeff.

After being on the receiving end of a firing finally, Jeff admits to Zoila and Gage that Chaz dumped him. Hey, Jeff it happens to the best of us – you could save some money by letting Gage go! In order to get Chaz back, the emotionally handicapped Jeff is planning to prank call the new designer and hang up repeatedly. He offers Zoila a bribe, he won’t cancel the cable if she does all the dump n’ dials. No one gets between Z and her Spanish soaps! Jeff gets in-touch with his emotions and admits he is sad and a little ashamed. Another thing to stress out about since being abandoned by Chaz – will he still get free haircuts?!

Back at Chaz Dean -again- Jeff has a giant (paint)chip on his shoulder and is out to get Chaz by making him feel guilty every minute of every day. Jeff has packed his breath spray for this guilt trip he and Chaz will be taking, and my guess is that plane is landing in NYC, right in front of this salon Chaz is building….

Jeff is on a Guilt Trip-a-thon and his next target is Zoila. He is still comparing her to Lupe every chance he gets! Zoila announces Jeff needs to get over Lupe – she left him weeks ago and now she’s back in the bitchen – like it or not! After Jeff complains about her inability to fold his clothes correctly or adhere to a schedule, Zoila pulls a guilt trip of her own and miffs that she too upset for lunch since Jeff has made her very sad. Unfortunately, the the return of clean sheets aka Lupe is imminent because Zoila has Jury Duty for apparently the umpteenth time. Jeff confesses he thinks Zoila calls the courts and begs for jury duty to get out from underneath his domineering vacuum obsessed thumb. Or Gage’s. Whatever – Zoila is thrilled. No uniforms, a first floor snack bar, and a Gage free day – what more could a gal ask for?

At Over-The-Hill Britney’s house, Stacey and her wig inform Jeff that she has been helping his former assistant Sarah with her resume building and job search, because they have started hanging out! What?! Jeff is livid at Sarah’s lack of professionalism, but also astounded by the lack of boundaries displayed by Sarah and Stacey. In the car he implodes and unloads to Jenni, who points out that Jeff is beginning to realize just how difficult Stacey is to deal with… Jeff is so angry he is considering severing the relationship and not completing the rest of the renovations once the living room is done! To relieve some tension Deb cat-calls some hookers.

Gage and Jenni are prompting Jeff to take Chaz’s offer to complete the VIP area of the NY salon. Jeff is against doing Chaz’s personal masturbatorian and annoyed that Jenni is trying to put a silver lining on the situation, but she isn’t letting it go – she learned how to nag from the best of them! Jenni is adamant that Jeff not throw away a good relationship with Chaz over this, but Jeff already feels their friendship has hit a little bump after the LA salon-capade and now the NY shunning.

At Stacey’s the downstairs remodel is complete and she is thrilled! So naturally the next step is to insult everything Heather Jenni is wearing. Jeff has (finally) had it and lets Stacey know he has plenty of other clients so she better figure out how to play well with others. Stacey offers Jenni a barely half-hearted apology after Jenni informs her she felt attacked because, you know, Stacey called her annoying and picked her apart constantly. Jenni also let’s Stacey know, she kinda has bad fashion taste herself – like that ridiculous JoAnn’s Crafts necklace that looks like a Christmas Wreath paired with a baggy wife beater. And one more thing – no more Heather-nonsense! After everyone airs their grievances and Jenni promises not to go too WWF on Stacey’s a**, Jeff decides he can still revamp Stacey’s outside area.

Jeff is meeting with Chaz to discuss the possibility of designing Chaz’s personal space at the NY salon. Jenni is still putting the positive spin on it – that Chaz is trusting Jeff with his personal space! Jeff isn’t sure yet. As they walk out to the car, Chaz lets Jeff in on the real reason he went with another designer – this guy is a fraction of the price. Jeff and Jenni are instantly worried Chaz might be getting screwed, so Chaz’s assistant suggests Jeff be a consultant to double-check the numbers. Since Jeff is a control freak who loves pointing out what people do wrong – that’s ok with him! Jeff and Chaz hug it out, because at the end of the day – they are friends and Jeff decides for the right price he would do the VIP room – only for Chaz, of course. Even though his ego is bruised and needs an ice pack.

Next Week- Casey is really sick and Jeff has major contractor issues.

Thoughts on the episode? Should Jeff design Chaz’s VIP room or pass on the job? Did Jeff let Stacey go too far picking on Jenni? Do you think Gage has it out for Zoila?

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