On last night’s Teen Mom, dare I say, most of the cast displayed more-mature-than normal behavior. Granted, it’s on a skewed scale. Amber and Gary acting half as mature as Catelynn and Tyler is a milestone, while Maci and Kyle playing house doesn’t score as high on the scale as Farrah making peace with her mother while teaching Sophia more about her deceased father.

Kyle is still looking for a job, and while Maci finds that fact helpful when it comes to raising Bentley, it’s a huge distraction when it comes to doing her schoolwork. She is having a difficult time juggling potty training, being a faux housewife, and getting her homework finished.


Catelynn and Tyler are still working hard at their new jobs, but the couple finds time to get together with friends. Tyler is graduating in December, but walking in the spring ceremony with Catelynn. He really wants daughter Carlie’s adoptive parents to bring her to their graduation.

Farrah calls Derek’s dad and stepmom about the possibility of bringing Sophia to visit her father’s grave. She discusses the trip with her mother and extends her an invitation to join them. It seems like Farrah and her mother have turned a corner in how they treat one another.

Leah is still living with Gary, while Amber prepares her new home per Child Protective Services’ orders. I am wondering what CPS has to say now that Gary’s Strippergate has been floating around media outlets. World’s Best Dad? I think so! Amber is staying at her old apartment as her new house is readied for her move. ..and I love she’s still sleeping on the mattress on the floor with no fitted sheet. I can feel the bed bugs. She’s calls to invite her mother to the CPS meeting the following morning, but I am guessing she is asking her mom more for the ride and less for the support. Seriously, one of them needs to get their license back stat.

Maci and Kyle are taking horseplay with Bentley to an entirely different level. I swear one of Kyle’s tosses almost tangled the poor kid in the ceiling fan. Both Bentley and Maci ride Kyle like a horse until Ryan Ryan’s father come to pick up the incredibly cute toddler for Ryan’s visitation. Maci doesn’t enjoy her empty nest. Across town, Ryan comes home and greets Bentley his mom with legal discussions of a new custody agreement. It could be editing, but it appears that Ryan enters the house, talks to his mom, and heads off to shower without ever acknowledging his son. Do I need to steal your Father of the Year trophy back from G to the Ary?

Tyler hopes his father Butch will be able to come to a party celebrating the end of his senior year. He is so calm and understands when his father says he won’t be able to make the party. He never plays the victim. Have I mentioned at all this season how great I think he is? Tyler and Catelynn discuss what it would be like had they not chosen adoption for Carlie. They both think that Catelynn wouldn’t have graduated high school, thus leading the way for Carlie to think that was an acceptable path. Please know I’m not one to judge whether it is, but man do these kids exude more maturity than all of their cast mates combined.

Amber is primping for her CPS meeting. She has her mom and a friend joining her for support. Amber ‘s mom tries to give her some advice before the meeting, like “Don’t use the ‘F’ word,” and “Don’t forget you’re a mom. “ Ouch. Amber’s mom expresses concern that she won’t be able to hold her tongue during the meeting when it comes to Gary and his family.

Farrah shows Sophia pictures of her “Dada” and it’s both adorable and heartbreaking. The new dog is also making the trek to Derek’s final resting spot. Her mom is hoping Farrah finds the closure she needs. As much as Farrah can annoy me, I hope so too.

Maci admits that it’s just as hard to keep up with her schoolwork when she leaves Bentley with Ryan. She has a very foreshadow-y conversation with a school friend about her rights to Bentley being far superior to Ryan’s…and by law they are, until Ryan goes to court for custody. The words are barely out of Maci’s mouth before we see Ryan heading into a lawyer’s office to discuss filing for joint custody. The lawyer advises that Ryan file the papers without telling Maci, as giving her notice could cause her to flee with Bentley. And half of MTV’s camera crew. And paparazzi. It is these moments that I want to scold MTV and send it to bed without supper. This couple could have easily come to a consensual agreement, but it seems that MTV wanted the dramz.

Catelynn and Tyler head back to school to see if she aced her history exam. Her teacher is either super thrilled that he and his ponytail made the cut this episode or Catelynn passed his class with flying colors. It’s a bit of both it seems, as her teacher expresses his pride that she slid by, passing the class with a 65%. I would have LOVED for a 65 to be passing back in my day! Tyler tells Mr. Belding the teacher that he’ll be starting college in January. Catelynn reveals she hated high school until choosing adoption for Carlie, but after her daughter’s birth, that totally changed. Everything this couple does is to make their daughter proud of them. Love.

Leaving the CPS meeting, Amber puts her mother on blast for being unsupportive. Her mom is upset that Gary gets to maintain custody until Amber’s house is finished, and Amber wonders why it matters as her mom barely makes an effort to see Leah as it is. I am starting to see where Amber gets some of her tendencies.

Ryan is trying to deprive Bentley of his pacifier by taking his train toys. He discusses pursuing joint custody with his mother. Again, it’s a time Ryan is around his child but doesn’t really spend any time with his child. Ryan drops Bentley off with Maci with no mention of his recent attorney meeting. Not that he should or shouldn’t. It’s a tough call in my opinion.

Farrah, Sophia, her mom, and Derek’s dad and stepmom visit Derek’s gravesite. Derek’s parents give Farrah and Sophia their space, but have left the pair gifts in remembrance of Derek. Damn you, MTV. Getting me teary for a scene involving Farrah? Not cool. It is a somber occasion for all, and I applaud Farrah for taking her daughter to “meet” her father. It can’t be easy.

It’s Tyler’s graduation party, and his mom is beyond proud that he finished school. Tyler thanks her for pushing him to finish high school. His mom wishes Butch were there to share in his accomplishments, but maybe that will come at the May ceremonies.

Maci is still stressing about how difficult it is to be a mother while attending college. Her priorities have changed, and she now wants to be a stay-at-home mom. You and most mothers who have to work to help support their families, sweetheart…

Gary dines with his mom and Leah, and she expresses her hopes for a civil relationship between Amber and Gary, which benefits Leah. Team Gary’s mom (not to be mistaken for Team Gary)! Amber’s sublessor (aka, the girl sleeping on the sketchy, sheet-less floor mattress) is proud of how Amber handled herself at the meeting.

Maci tells Kyle that she doesn’t want to keep going to class. Both she and Kyle are putting any breadwinning scenarios on hold to stay home and play with Bentley. Maci bites the bullet and drops the classes she’s been taking this semester, as Kyle decides to forgo job-hunting to spend quality time with her and Bentley. MTV must be paying really well.

Catelynn is proud to be engaged to a future college student, and the couple gets into a silly fight when Catelynn suggests Tyler wear an engagement ring to ward off those college hussies. The couple is adorable, but they are also concerned that this change could affect their relationship.

Farrah meets more of Derek’s family after her emotional day, and I think she has a very sweet and mature relationship with his father. His dad is amazing, and I am so glad she’s invited him into her and Sophia’s lives.


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