Oh, sadness – it’s the season finale of Flipping Out and I miss Jeff already! Good thing we still have one more day left with him since the reunion is next week, and he puts the smack down on Trace! The season finale ended on a high, HIGH note with Jeff and Gage purchasing their dream home (not house, home) and Jenni committing to her beloved Jeffrey for the next season. You know Bravo really upped her paycheck, because frankly without Jenni there is no Flipping Out!

The episode opened with a blast from season’s past – Jeff and Jenni bickering over nonsense, like opening the garage door and Jeff, who cannot take being challenged resorts to calling Jenni “stupid.” Nice, Lewis. Gage voices his concern about Jenni working for Jeff while pursuing other options, since Jeff is so dependent on her and there is no back up plan for if Jenni gets sick of the abuse and bails!


Jeff and Jenni check in with new client Laura, who is remodeling her Malibu home into a more family friendly living space with a rooftop deck aka outdoor living room. To win over Laura’s three-year-old daughter, Lucy, Jenni drops some rhymes and practices her rapping! Jenni explains she has been rapping for 14-years and is in the process of making a children’s rap album. Lucy won’t be buying it though and neither will playa hatin’ Jeff, since he thinks Jenni is delusional to consider children’s gangsta rap a possible career.

Checking in at Durand, where the remodel is almost complete, Jeff dreams of hiring homeowner Jeanie as his project manager because Jeanie is just as crazy weird, crazy controlling, and just plain crazy as he is! Jeanie takes Jeff and Jenni to lunch and the topic is Jeff’s old house Gramercy, which is now for sale as a foreclosure! Jeff loves Gramercy and regrets selling it. Jeanie convinces Jeff to go peak at the house and Jeanie is so desperate to check out the goods she risks puncturing her va-jay-jay on a fence post in the process of hopping it. The house is a mess in the style of Grey Gardens, but still holds the same tender feelings with Jeff who thinks it could be his forever home. Jeanie likes it a lot too and threatens to buy it, but Jeff warns her about what happened to the last friend who crossed him– and it’s a lot worse than a punctured va-jay-jay!

Jeff calls his realtor, who happens to be Sarah’s sister Carrie and enquires about the property, but before he can make an offer he needs to get his 2010 taxes completed and get pre-approved for a mortgage. Jeff acknowledges that while West Knoll has served its purpose, he is simply not a renter by nature (since he can’t leave well enough alone) and buying now while the market is very, very down is advantageous to him since he wants a home, not just another money making venture.

After viewing other properties with Gage, Jeff decides he thinks his heart still lies with his former home. Jeff admits that at 41 he is finally ready to settle down, so taking one soul mate to check out another, Jeff and Jenni go and officially view Gramercy, and this time they can actually get inside. Upon walking through the house, just like Say Yes To The Dress, Jeff decides this is his house and he is saying yes to putting an offer on his soul mate. When you find the right one, you know!

Jenni’s other career as a rap supa star in training is impeding on her career as head b*tch at JLD, since she needs to take time off for studio work. Jenni is conflicted between pursuing other dreams and working with Jeff – which is fun! Unless she is being called “stupid”… Gage wants Jeff to figure out if Jenni is going to stay full-time, since a new potential assistant submits resume with much more availability. Gage encourages Jeff to consider this new person as back-up, because Jenni is just too busy.

Jeff submits his offer on Gramercy and the bank counters, but everything is contingent on the taxes that STILL. AREN’T. DONE. Which is causing major friction in his relationship with Gage, who as office manager is responsible for the taxes being completed. Jeff and Gage start bickering because of the stress related to dealing with Jeff’s complicated business. Jeff demands Gage delegate some of the more menial responsibilities to the nearly invisible Jett, so the taxes get done quicker. Gage’s feelings get hurt because of their tift. Is he really ready to be Mr. Jeff if he is so sensitive? No wonder their sexytimes are suffering!

Jenni is in the sound booth recording her“white collar rap,” with guys who have worked for Little Jon and Snoop Dogg. What motivates Jenni to keep her head up? Jeff’s belittlement, which explains her eternal optimism because he is constantly belittling! Ok, Jenni rapping is TOO funny and too fun! Can we be friends, Jen? Call me!

Jeff and Gage interview Stephanie as a potential new assistant to possibly, maybe replace the otherwise engaged Jenni. Jeff spells out the situation with Jenni and explains what he expects from an assistant. Jeff admits he is conflicted between the people he loves and the business he is building. Stephanie seems…efficient, but her main qualification appears to be a wide-open schedule and a willingness to fill it exclusively with Jeff Lewis’ agendas. Jeff likes Stephanie, but Gage, surprisingly, is worried about Jeff figuring out where things stand with Jenni first. Gage? Hello, earth to Gage? Is this the same guy we’ve been seeing all season? Jeff explains, if Jenni can’t commit, he is going to start seeing other people.

Further illustrating that he is not a renter and West Knoll is a temporary residence, Jeff is having trash wars with the neighbors who insist on putting things in his curbside container after he has organized everything just right. Jeff takes the ugly trash out his can and makes Gage move the offending container across the street while Zoila giggles. No wonder Jeff was single for so long!

With his 2010 taxes finally complete, Jeff has made an offer on Gramercy and has taking to stalking both Carrie and the house while he waits. Jenni consoles him by offering to remove the “for sale” sign. Back at the office, Carrie calls with the good news – the bank accepted his offer! Zoila pack your bags! Again! For 1.6M, Jeff Lewis is a homeowner. Gage is psyched they can start planning the nursery. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE JEFF LEWIS’ NURSERY!!!! Jeff’s devises a new plan for Gramercy to keep tabs on Zoila’s cleaning – making the floors suuuper dark so every speck of dirt shows.

JLD embarks upon their new home to do a walk-thru and start gathering ideas for renovations. Since Carrie is late, Jeff takes it upon himself to break into his own home. Jeff compares his time in the house prior to expanding his company and merging with Gage. Planning the layout of the new office, Jeff recognizes he really wants Jenni to stay on full-time as his assistant since she is part of his family. Jenni concurs Jeff is like her brother and they have been through so much, but she doesn’t want to give up her dreams prematurely.

Wanting to get to the bottom of Jenni’s employment, Jeff takes her on a dinner date to discuss the direction of her career. Jeff starts out by expressing his gratitude to Jenni, and admits to interviewing Stephanie. Who he likes because she is pretty much a total loser with no distractions; like: kids, dating, pets, you know… a life. Jeff spells it out if he has to hire someone else to pick up the slack, Jenni will most likely be let go. L Jenni is torn between love, money, and bffls; so Jeff gives her a few days to decide.

With the move to a larger house looming, Jeff admits he has kept Lupe – the relief maid – on retainer to light a fire on Zoila’s butt. Jeff reveals his secret plan to transition Zoila, the craziest and the most loving person he knows, into the role of nanny to the impending people children he and Gage will have, while Lupe will become the full-time maid. Unfortunately, he failed to inform Zoila of this development and she thinks he is just threatening her with Lupe. Jackhole indeed!

Driving around LA, a jubilant Jeff confronts Jenni about her decision. Jenni admits she hasn’t made up her mind yet, but she has some conditions: health insurance, uninterrupted bathroom breaks, and more respect. Jeff can do the health insurance, so Jenni accepts the gig! Jeff tears up realizing his JLD family will include his bffl. Awwww… Jenni + Jeff 4 eva! Jeff sums it up thusly: he is not just building Jeff Lewis Design, but creating a family. I cannot wait to see what next season will bring!

Next Week: A Flipping Out reunion and Jeff gets nasty! I’m scared!

Thoughts on the finale? How glad are you that Jenni has committed to another season of Flipping Out?! What did you think of Gramercy? After a whole season, have your feelings about Gage changed?

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