Survivor South Pacific Recap: Like Uncle, Like Nephew

Last night’s Survivor: South Pacific had the blue Upolus scheming, leading each of them to wonder which tribe mates they should trust, while the red Savaiis welcomed Cochran…but for how long?

Semhar is the first castaway sent to Redemption Island and is overly emotional as she awaits the arrival of the next cast off from the main island. Fear not, she chooses to combat her feelings of negativity by channeling her inner Maya Angelou.

On the main island, at the Savaii camp, Cochran is thanking his lucky stars he didn’t get his torch snuffed and is thanking his teammates. He promises he’ll prove them he’s a worthy ally. Ozzy identifies with his passion but needs to see some getupandgo from the little guy. Keith is finally getting some air time, both befriending and questioning Ozzy.

Day four at the Upolu has Coach telling Edna he feels like he started on the outside. He asks Edna who has the immunity idol. As there has been no obvious digging, she is concerned it’s already been found. Edna is worried that she may be the first voted out of her tribe, so she strategically aligns herself with the pro.


Cochran’s machete skills, which were honed on the premiere, allow him to share some coconut juice with his tribe. Score! Ozzy is on the lookout for the Savaii immunity idol, and he finds it after a ridiculous bout of crazy tree climbing. He remembers his past mistakes regarding the idol, and he vows to use it wisely this go-round.

Brandon, of Russell Hantz nephew fame, admires Coach and wants to play the game with as much integrity as his tribe-mate. Brandon feels like he’s being shady hiding his lineage from Coach, and after quoting the Bible, he makes a rather bold decision. Brandon shows Coach his “Lil’ Hantz” tattoo and asks Coach to keep his secret on the DL. I am also creeped out to notice that Coach’s boxer briefs are being blurred out this entire time. Not that I was looking…I wasn’t! Back to the issue at hand, Coach is floored to learn his new buddy is related to his Survivor nemesis. Coach believes Brandon is a man of his word…either Coach “is duped again or there will be redemption for the Hantz family.” Coach hopes it is the latter, and the men pray together.

The pot distributor Jim, Keith the water technician, and Ozzy go on a fishing expedition. Maui Marijuana Jim thinks he’s great at forming alliances without giving away his hand. He’s a poker champ, you know. Unfortunately for him, Jim being “three steps ahead” is still two steps behind Keith and Ozzy’s alliance.

Mikayla, the self-proclaimed tomboy and lingerie football player (they tackle just as hard as the dudes), decides to fish with the guys, because she is anything but a princess. Brandon doesn’t like her. Her sexuality makes him uncomfortable and she is using her feminine wiles to purposely get in his head. Um, no. I think she’s honestly just a chick trying to catch their next meal. Yes, she has a model’s body and is hanging out in her underwear all day. Guess what? So are all the other Upolu girls–they just don’t come in the same “seductive” package. Brandon needs to get his hormones in check and stop blaming Mikayla for his own impure thoughts. He’s a married man who admits he’s made mistakes in his life…like with the ladies?

BAC (Bad Attitude Christine) is still frantically looking for the blue tribe’s idol, and she finds a clue! You know what, she deserves it, as it seems she’s been looking for the darn thing since she got on her plane back in the States.

The immunity challenge goes something like this: Maypole with a knotted key at the top, unlock teammates from the gallows, and then a life size Cracker Barrel-esque puzzle on a larger scale, with big crates. Watching the first part of the challenge is like watching a live action American Girls doll picnic. Like last week, Upolu is way ahead, and (old) Dawn on Savaii is called out by Jeff Probst for going so slowly. Fear not, Savaii gains major time in the puzzle portion and wins immunity, as well as pillows, blankets, and hammocks for a good night’s sleep.

After their loss, the Upolu is blue. Hahaha! See what I did there? The women were the stars of their team during the immunity challenge. Coach wants to vote off Bad Attitude “Coach is a temporary player” Christine or her biffle mortician Stacey. Brandon wants Coach to vote for Mikayla as she makes him uncomfortable and he isn’t sure how long he can be around her before his man bits start to do the talking. Um, dude…you have a wife and family, you should be man enough to bury your carnal (and stupid) desires.

Mikayla is worried that she’s on the chopping block, but BAC’s extra bad attitude is not winning her any congeniality points. Brandon is hoping BAC will vote off his lust object Mikayla. Brandon lies to Coach, telling him that BAC and Stacey want Mikayla gone. Guess he isn’t too different from his uncle as far as back-stabbing goes. I am in shock and awe as I can’t believe Brandon is getting his tribe to vote off a girl because he seems worried he won’t be able to control his sexy feeling around her later in the game. As if she’d be interested…I hope his wife is watching very closely.

At tribal council, Probst does what he does best…probe. Coach lays it all on the table, telling Jeff that he has heard BAC and Stacey want to vote Mikayla off, and the ladies are on the defense. Albert (he’s been quiet thus far, but I think I really like him) is the voice of reason. Brandon looks like he may wet his pants. Stacey and BAC jump on Coach, demanding to know where he heard his news. Brandon is really trying to get the women to “simmer down.” BAC reminds Coach that he’s temporary. Stacey and BAC assure Mikayla that she was never on their chopping block. Brandon then feels the need to come clean, but it doesn’t seem to resolve anything.

It’s time to tally the votes. No one plays the immunity idol. The first four votes are for the four ladies who weren’t discussed at all during council. Not a single vote for Mikayla…sorry, Brandon! BAC gets voted off with one vote more than her BFF Stacey. BAC will be joining Semhar on Redemption Island.

Next week, Ozzy keeps the news of finding the immunity idol to himself while Brandon wrestles with revealing his identity to his tribe.