Survivor Recap: Cuckoo for Coconuts

On last night’s episode of Survivor, the two tribes try to live as one, while Cochran faces backlash for turning on one of his own. The Upolu gets a sweet treat and the Savaii continues to be picked off one-by-one.

Back at camp, Ozzy approaches Cochran about his “strategy.” Ozzy wants to understand his decision, and of course, Brandon Hantz Crazy Pants, or should I say Cochran’s new body guard, comes by to make sure his new friend isn’t being intimidated by big, bad Ozzy. Cochran assures BHCP that all is fine and Marijuana Jim pops by to tell his former ally that he’s a poor excuse for a man and he doesn’t ever want to talk to Cochran again. Mature. Cochran stresses his decision to vote off Keith wasn’t personal — it’s just about self — preservation. Ozzy reminds him that he went to Redemption Island FOR Cochran. Whitney also asks Cochran to remember the three different times she and Keith saved him from being on the chopping block.


The former Upolu members embrace the little guy and they tell him not to feel guilty for his vote. Cochran says he can understand his Savaii teammate’s anger, but I don’t think he was expecting it to be that severe. MJ looks a tad scary with the night vision filming, his temper seems to be getting the best of him.

Benjamin Coach celebrates the first Te Tuna vote with some ocean-side Tai Chi and prayer. Ozzy believes that he has no strategy left other than to win. At the challenge, each individual must toss coconuts into a ring… like ski-ball at Showbiz pizza. The first four to get a coconut into their ring advance to the next round. MJ, Whitney, Dawn and Sophie make the cut and must begin cracking coconuts. Each player must fill his or her mouth with coconut water, navigate through an obstacle course and spit the water into a tube on the other side of the course. They repeat this ridiculousness until the winner fills their tube up to the designated amount. Sophie seems to be the one to beat with MJ not too far behind. Whitney and Dawn aren’t even in the game it seems.

Sophie is so close to filling her tube, but ends up spitting up a mouthful on the obstacle course. Marijuana Jim wins immunity! He knows he is safe from going to Redemption Island. Back at camp, BHCP is trying to convince Cochran to vote for Ozzy. It’s not a hard sell. Coach and the other career player have a heart-to-heart. Coach appreciates Ozzy’s humility and desperation. It’s cute, but not cute enough to keep him from voting off Ozzy. Ozzy is prepared to go back to Redemption Island and Coach is convinced that if he does, he’ll win his way back into the game.

Marijuana Jim has a pretty stellar plan. He plans to give the immunity necklace to Ozzy at tribal council. When the former Upolu can no longer vote off they guy they planned, they won’t have a chance to discuss who to vote for instead. At tribal council, MJ admits he was childish in what he said to Cochran. Cochran gives a speech defending his decision not to have his fate chosen by a rock. However, he’s one-upped by MJ’s monologue which basically outlines all the ways in which the Savaii kept Cochran around and made sacrifices for him while buttering up the former Upolu by praising their unity and integrity. BHCP isn’t buying it. He thinks the Savaii are bullies.

MJ speaks passionately about voting Cochran out to make a statement for future Survivor players. Jim mentions he considered giving the immunity necklace to Ozzy. All of the Upolu start to sweat. Coach thinks that voting off Cochran would send the message that people can’t stick up for themselves in the game without being punished for it and that doesn’t sit well with him. Ozzy’s cockiness returns and he promises to be the strongest contender the Upolu has ever seen if he’s sent to Redemption. Wait, WHAT? MJ pulls a Cochran and decides to keep the necklace for himself. Have fun on Redemption Island, Ozzy! Double WHAT? Whitney and Dawn both voted for Ozzy!

On Redemption Island, Ozzy and Keith are chowing down on some pretty tasty looking fish, but the Te Tuna has yet another immunity challenge. They must stand on an inclined beam while balancing a ball on a rounded piece of wood. If they drop the ball (heh heh) or fall off the beam, they’re out of the running for immunity. Jeff Probst adds quite a twist. If there is anyone who feels safe enough from being voted off that they want to sit out the challenge, there are baked goods galore for them to snack on while watching their tribe mates struggle for immunity. Dawn, MJ, and Whitney are the only ones who must compete, while the former Upolu (and Cochran) stuff their faces. Jim is the first to go. Dawn does some schmoozing with the cake walkers and gains praise from Coach and Brandon. The ladies must move farther down the incline making it harder to stay balanced. Dawn is struggling, and Whitney wins immunity.

Albert doesn’t like how buddy-buddy his tribe mates were with Dawn during the challenge. He plans to do something about it as soon as he can. Back at camp Cochran is entertaining his new pals, and MJ knows he needs to make some Upolu friends because Cochran isn’t going anywhere. He approaches Albert and Sophie about voting off Edna. Albert is impressed with the creativity of Marijuana Jim’s plan, but he has something even better up his sleeve. Albert is very wary of Dawn — he thinks she is more of a threat than she appears. After approaching his tribe members with his plan, Albert has Coach carefully considering Dawn’s demise.

At tribal council, Dawn says it was hard for her to watch the Upolu eat during the challenge. BHCP goes off on her, saying that she’s contradicting herself because during the game she said she wanted to balance longer so they had more time to eat their goodies. He is one loose cannon. Dawn is blindsided… she simply meant she was hungry too so it was hard watching the others eat. Whitney breaks down, saying she and her remaining tribe members have been portrayed as villains and bullies.

Crazy Pants needs to get the last word; Whatever he was trying to say was lost on me though. He hates seeing Whitney cry, boo-ya, nonsense. Let’s just vote already! No surprise, Jim is sent packing to join his Savaii buds on Redemption Island. I feel badly for Dawn and Whitney for having to spend the evening with ol’ BHCP.

Next week, Albert wants to align with the Savaii ladies and Coach is on to his plan to go against Upolu. Meanwhile, Ozzy is training on Redemption Island in hopes of winning his way back into the game.