Michaele Salahi Accuses Tareq Salahi of Physical Violence In New Lawsuit

In today’s not so shocking news, former Real Housewives of DC star Michaele Salahi is accusing her estranged husband, Tareq Salahi, of physical violence in a new lawsuit.

In the suit, uncovered by TMZ, Michaele wants a judge to grant her a separation asap as she states Tareq is a violent control freak who uses psychotic scare tactics and physical violence to control her.

Michaele, who famously ran away with Journey guitarist Neal Schon back in September, says she did so to get away from Tareq because she feared for her safety.

As for the physical abuse claims, Michaele says the final straw came on September 11 when she returned home a few hours late from running an errand. She alleges Tareq waited for her in the dark, in the basement and told her she needed to learn a lesson. Michaele ended up fleeing with Neal two days later.

Tareq is of course denying the allegations, telling TMZ that Michaele is a “chronic liar” while calling her allegations “absurd.”  Tareq insists he truly loved her and did all he could to support her during their marriage.

Last month, Tareq filed a $17 million lawsuit against Michaele and Neal  for what he called “publicly humiliating him with their torrid affair.”

[Photo Credit: INFPhotos.com]