Holly Madison And Kendra Wilkinson Slam Crystal Harris Over Puppy Custody Dispute!

Things just keep getting nastier and nastier in the split between Hugh Hefner and ex-fiancé Crystal Harris!

The former duo are involved in a bitter custody dispute over their King Cavalier Spaniel puppy Charlie – -who is surely going to have a major complex if his parents don’t work things out! Hugh recently took his frustrations over the puppy custody issue to Twitter, because what else is person to when they are annoyed but announce it to the world!

Hef Tweeted: “I told Crystal she could keep the engagement ring and Bentley (a wedding gift) if I could have our puppy. But now she wants all three.” Frankly, the most shocking part about this is that an 85-year-old is on Twitter! Color me impressed.

In response to Hef’s dilemma his very public ex-girlfriends Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson — both of whom very publicly don’t like Crystal — tweeted to his defense! Holly immediately tweeted Crystal: “Why did you voluntarily give the dog to Hef (who loves him too) after you left, only to ask for him back a few months later?” Reasonable enough question.

The Holly’s World star then reached out to Hef, tweeting:”Dogs shouldn’t be yanked from happy homes on a whim. She needs to quit attention-seeking!” I love that Holly is using correct grammar on Twitter. YES!

Kendra also gave her ex some support, saying she was “sorry” Hef had to “go through this.” Kendra then added: “That dog loves you so much. She abandoned him and now she wants him back. She’s mean, mean, mean.”

Crystal didn’t respond to the Twitter onslaught, but when a fan tweeted: “@crystalharris just wants to keep her baby. @hollymadison should but out of everyone’s business,” she didn’t delete it!

Really, people — is email obsolete these days? Is nothing private?

[Photo Credits: WENN.com]