Love & Hip Hop Recap: Lots of Talking, Lots of Discord and a Proposal

On last night’s Love & Hip Hop, it was all about talking. Blah. Blah. Blah. Everyone wants to discuss Kimbella and Erica’s fight. Yandy wants to talk about her issues with Chrissy which are weighing on her professional relationship with Jim and Chrissy just wants to cry about how Jim isn’t ready to commit.

We begin with Yandy Smith meeting up with Erica Mena about her brawl with Kimbella Vanderhee. Yandy can’t understand why Erica instigated such a hurtful confrontation. Yandy is so confused with Erica’s belief that her behavior was alright. Erica thinks that Kimbella talking about the pair being on the same level career-wise was enough to provoke her insults. Yandy sets her straight… Erica isn’t Yandy’s friend, she is nothing more than a potential client that proved she had a dirty mouth and ugly intentions.


Meanwhile, Chrissy Lampkin is bonding with Mama Jones and I am digging MJ’s bright red hair. They discuss Yandy giving Chrissy a book about how to be a good daughter-in-law. Mama Jones agrees that the gesture was inappropriate and offers to talk to Yandy about boundaries. Yandy is Jim’s manager not his relationship counselor. The ladies also talk about Chrissy’s situation with Jim. Mama says she knows how much her son loves Chrissy, so Chrissy need not worry.

Kimbella (who’s scratched face seems to have healed) and Teairra Mari meet for drinks to rehash the fight with Erica. Teairra tries to impart to Kimbella that she could have handled herself with more class. As far as Teairra’s concerned Erica got exactly what she wanted when baiting Kimbella. While Erica was totally in the wrong, she doesn’t think that Kimbella can even defend her actions against Erica. Kimbella states that Erica’s insults about her relationship are what sent her over the edge. A crying Kimbella tries to explain to Teairra why she reacted so rashly. Regardless, Teairra doesn’t think Kimbella ever needs to be reduced to brawling. She makes a pretty valid point, don’t you think?

It’s ladies lunch dinner with Teairra, Olivia, Chrissy and Emily coming together for a meal while Teairra recounts the fight between Kimbella and Erica. Chrissy believes the fight was one part sad, one part karma as far as she’s concerned. The main topic is that Yandy is the one bringing these angry, aggressive women into the group. Chrissy teases Olivia about not eating and Chrissy explains what a “sexual pause” is… I can’t figure it out as every other word she says is bleeped.

Yandy meets up with Rich Dallas at the barber shop to talk about potentially repping Erica. She tells Rich that Erica has a very polished look, but not pretty behavior. Rich is intrigued and while he believes Erica could be a money maker, he’s slightly worried about her drama factor. The duo decides to see what their hustle can create as far as Erica buzz is concerned.

There is a scene with Chrissy and Jim in the bed that centers around Chrissy wanting to rehash the issues in their relationship while Jim just wants to chill. Shocking. She wants Jim to step up to the plate as far as Yandy is concerned. The more she talks, the more he rubs his temples. Chrissy also wants a cut of Jim’s business. I wonder if Chrissy has heard the old adage that you can’t change a man. When she reaches her boiling point, she tells Jim that she needs a break from all the chaos that their relationship brings.

Yandy meets up with Kimbella to apologize for bringing Erica to Kimbella’s wine tasting. Is it me, or is Kimbella wearing the exact same earrings that Erica was sporting when she met with Yandy? Kimbella expresses that what Erica said about her relationship is what sent her over the edge. Her father cheated on her mom and she saw a lot of discourse growing up in that dysfunction. She would never be in a relationship like that, as Erica accused. Yandy also shares her problems with how her upbringing has affected her current relationships.

Erica is at a modeling shoot and is joined by Yandy and Rich. Yandy has expressed that she can’t represent Erica due to the recent drama, but Rich is excited to work with her. She sings for Rich who critiques that she’s not good… but she’s not bad. Poor Rich. He definitely sees something in Erica that he thinks is special and fresh.

Yandy and Mama Jones meet for lunch to discuss the book debacle. Yandy loves MJ and claims she would never do anything to disrespect her or Chrissy’s relationship with Jim. She says she was honestly just trying to be helpful. Mama Jones thinks that Yandy put her in a delicate situation. Mama doesn’t think that Yandy needs to mix business with her personal life with Jim. Yandy feels like Jim is her brother and admits that maybe she crossed the line, but still feels like it’s a losing battle with Chrissy no matter what.

Chrissy, Olivia and Emily go shopping, and the main topic of conversation is Chrissy’s feeling of limbo with Jim. Chrissy needs a break and the ladies decide to plan a girls’ trip to Miami. Emily is wary because she isn’t feeling bikini ready (who is?), but she’s quickly convinced. It will be a working trip for Olivia (she has a show).

Yandy goes to Kimbella’s home to recount her issues with Chrissy and Jim. Yandy really wants to talk to Juelz Santana, her brother, who happens to be Kimbella’s boo and Jim’s friend. It’s quite the small world on Love & Hip Hop. Yandy seeks her brother’s advice about the weird threesome she’s found herself in with Jim. She feels like her friendship with Jim is deteriorating because Jim is avoiding her due to Chrissy. Juelz advises that the three need a sit-down to hash out their issues. Yandy e-mails Jim about how she feels. He’s not just a client, he’s like a family member to her. She’s ready to give up on their professional relationship.

Chrissy, Emily, Teairra and Olivia arrive in Miami to some gross weather, which mirrors Chrissy’s gross mood. Emily believes that Chrissy needs to chill… she has a good thing with Jim, and needs to appreciate these little down turns to they can laugh about them later. Teairra questions how long she’s willing to wait for Jim to grow up before she makes a change, which causes Chrissy to start crying. She states that Jim seems to chase her more when he’s worried about losing her. Guys suck — that’s the women’s consensus. Amen. Chrissy is also concerned about how comfortable she’s been feeling lately when she’s not with him. And cue Jim! He shows up at the ladies’ table in Miami and leads Chrissy away. She goes off on him about interrupting her girl time and he interrupts her with — surprise, surprise — a legitimate (sort of) proposal.

Next week, Olivia tries to further her career and Emily struggles reconciling with Fab.