Last night’s Mob Wives was more about tricks than treats, with the women divided between two, that’s right, TWO competing Halloween parties. The horror!

Drita D’avanzo and Carla Facciolo are taking their kids to pick out some pumpkins for Drita’s upcoming Halloween party. Carla thinks it is going to be a fun, drama-free party based on the guest list. Both hope that Renee Graziano will attend, and for a little while she’ll be able to enjoy herself and shake off the funk of Junior going back to jail. Carla and Drita are worried about Renee and all the stress she unnecessarily takes on in her life.

Ramona Rizzo is dining with her friend Lina, who has known her since before she married her now ex-husband. She reveals that she got disowned by her father because she didn’t marry an FBI—full-blooded Italian. Ramona’s first husband was Arabic, and she was hoping that because he was from a different culture, she would be so far removed from the criminal lifestyle. She was wrong about her husband, just like she was wrong about her current boyfriend.


Renee has invited Carla and Karen Gravano to go golfing. This should be fun to watch. Renee doesn’t show up, and Karen cites that she thinks that Renee was just trying to set them up on a friend date. Karen is enjoying their day, and she apologizes to Carla for being so aggressive at their recent dinner together. Carla is starting to see Karen as a nice, genuine person. Of course, it all gets slightly awkward when Karen inquires about Carla’s Halloween plans. Carla seems hesitant to bring up Drita’s party, and Karen insists that Carla make an appearance at Ramona’s party as well.

Since going to marriage counseling, Renee and Junior’s relationship is on a downward spiral. Junior can’t accept Renee’s apology for bringing up past issues to hurt him. Renee’s way of saying she’s sorry has a lot of bleeping involved. It seems like the counseling is really helping!

Karen and Ramona go shopping for Halloween decorations for Ramona’s party. She is super-excited, as her party will be in NYC with hookah, bottles poppin’ and celebrity DJs. Drita’s party will just be hosted by a monkey…as Ramona considers Drita to be one. Karen is hopeful that Carla will go to Drita’s shindig first and sneak out early to attend Ramona’s bash. Ramona doesn’t think for a second that Carla will ditch her biffle’s party. Because it’s Halloween, and because it’s a holiday that seems to give women everywhere a pass to dress like sloots (a sexy fairy? A sexy pirate? A sexy ladybug for goodness sake? Enough said.) for one night a year, Karen is all over some naughty nurse action.

After cooling down, Renee approaches Junior about ditching their counseling sessions. All they seem to do is get angrier about stuff from the past as opposed to working on their future. He is in agreement. Renee thinks they are both so good at helping one another and professes her love to him. She gets a less than enthusiastic hug in return, but perhaps Junior isn’t much for public displays of affection.

Carla and a veryveryveryveryvery tan Big Ang are meeting Drita at a wig shop to get some fun hair for Drita’s party. Carla is going for a “Turn Back Time” Cher. Big Ang sports a giant afro. Drita resolves to keep Carla’s blossoming friendship with Karen and Ramona separate from their relationship, which seems pretty mature to me. Carla’s ex-husband will be out of the halfway house for the party, but he’ll likely stay home in case Junior attends. He’s not allowed to be around other felons, and, as Big Ang is quick to point out, it’s not really a party if there aren’t felons in attendance. Later, Big Ang and Drita find wigs that match the other’s hairstyle and full on become each other. It’s hilarious. If I could tag along in one scene of any of the shows I recap, it would definitely be this one.

Renee and Carla are meeting a very late Karen for lunch. Renee is thrilled that she missed out on golf, giving Carla and Karen an opportunity to bond. Now if only she could get Drita and Karen to make amends…Carla casually asks Renee if she’s attending Ramona’s party. Not wise…as Ramona hasn’t invited Renee yet. Has she no loyalty? Renee’s misplaced anger about Ramona’s disregard for “the rules” lands smack dab on Carla, just as Karen arrives.

Renee is upset. Karen assures her that she’s invited to the party. Duh. Renee KNOWS she’s invited, but that isn’t the point. The point is that Ramona called Carla first. Karen expresses concern about Renee’s well being once Junior goes back to jail. Renee bursts into tears, stating that Junior is her only focus. In true Renee-fashion, she excuses herself from the table because she “can’t breathe.” At least she’s not being dramatic.

Carla’s friend Etty comes over for wine, and the pair discuss party-gate. Carla is confident that her friendship with Drita will be able to survive in light of her new pals. She is quick to state that she is definitely going to go to Drita’s party, as Drita is her best friend. Carla isn’t quite sure yet whether she’ll try to make a cameo at Ramona’s party. I am sure if she does, it will be like water off a duck’s back with Drita. Water, blood, same difference, right?

Karen meets her cousin, Rena, and catches her up on the fact that her daughter is back in school, in Arizona. I am going to go out on a limb and think this is an actual blood relative of Karen. Karen is excited to be shooting the cover of Mob Candy magazine. She reveals that she hasn’t mentioned a word about the book to her mobster father. Rena is concerned about her cousin’s safety in light of the tell-all.

Karen and Drita seem to have more in common than Lee…they both like to discuss their drama with their cousins. Drita’s cousin reminds Drita of what a loyal friend she was to Karen. Her cousin is worried that Drita is being sucked into the negativity. She wasn’t raised in this lifestyle, she married into it.

Big Ang is cooking dinner for her son AJ. She rattles off an impressive menu and offers him a red wine and cream soda. Hmmm. AJ is going to Atlantic City after dinner. Big Ang hopes he strikes it big, she is tired off working non-stop. She isn’t able to attend either Halloween party due to bartending. AJ thinks the pair should open a pizzeria in Boca Raton and Big Ang should retire there. Sounds like a plan.

Renee and Junior decide to have some fun on Halloween and put Junior’s impending sentence out of their minds. They attend Drita’s party dressed as prisoners, and it’s nice to see them have a sense of humor about their situation. Carla looks very much like Cher. Renee corners Drita about the fact that their group of friends is divided. Drita understands Renee’s frustrations, but Drita can’t see forcing people who hate each other in the same room.

Junior asks Renee, in front of Drita, when they are leaving to go to Ramona’s party. Carla has decided she is not going to Ramona’s because she doesn’t want to hurt Drita’s feelings. Drita admits to Renee that she doesn’t want her to leave, she’s a fun friend, but she totally understands that Renee has to attend both parties. She hates that Renee feels put in the middle of her drama with Karen and Ramona.

At Ramona’s party, Karen is dressed as a slutty naughty nurse, and she is smoking up a hookah storm. Ramona is glad that Renee and Junior are able to make it to her bash, and she doesn’t expect Carla to leave her best friend’s party to attend hers. Karen has her sights set on some dude who makes a cop joke to Junior. Real smart. Renee can’t understand Junior’s sudden mood change and paranoia, but they leave the party stat. Perhaps, they should have stayed on Staten Island.

Next week, Karen organizes a girls’ trip to the Poconos, sans Drita. Drita is understandably angry. Renee and Ramona get into it on said ladies’ vacay.


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