BBW’s Kenya Bell Spends Over $100,000 on Plastic Surgery? Evelyn and Chad Talk Open Relationship; Plus Evelyn Says “Anger Got the Best of Me” Regarding Kenya

Oh good gracious!  Just when you think you’ve heard it all, one of the Basketball “Wives” gets accused of something even more random and off-the-wall than the last one!  Case in point?  Everyone’s favorite cuckoo for Coco-Puffs, Kenya Bell!

As you know, she in in the process of divorcing her husband, Charlie Bell, a former NBA star who now plays basketball in Italy.  Apparently, Mr. Bell is tired of his wife claiming that he leads an extravagant lifestyle while she struggles to provide for the couple’s children.  He is firing back, alleging that it’s Kenya, not him, who is completely careless with cash.  TMZ is reporting that Charlie recently filed documents which cite her spending habits.  They are as follows:

–$82,000 on a Corvette, which she drove for 3 weeks — then resold it for $61,000

— $12,000 on a motorcycle

— $20,000 on criminal attorneys

— $150,000 on “miscellaneous expenses to get even with Mr. Bell”

— $3,000 on her brother’s electric bill

— $9,000 on luggage and shoes

— and $110,000 on plastic surgeries and expenses in L.A. for the plastic surgery trips

That is a heck of a lot of plastic surgery, my friends!  It seems Kenya on her own is giving the entire cast of RHOC a run for their botoxed and bosomy money!  Charlie reportedly gave his estranged wife $200,000 before leaving for Italy, and he is asking the court to deny her petition for more support.  Of course, divorce is expensive.

Also expensive?  Weddings!  But hopefully some of the costs can be tempered by a paycheck and sponsors if you’re willing to have the whole planning process and event filmed for a reality show.  I’m talking to you, Ev and Ocho!  Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco recently spoke with Sister2Sister about their bond, potentially outrageous wedding day details, and those pesky rumors of an open relationship.

Evelyn wants to get that gossip out of the way stat.  She begins, “We don’t have an open relationship.  What I was saying in that conversation is that until you live my lifestyle in my circle you don’t really understand what goes on.  I’m going to honor my marriage ‘til death, but who’s to say what’s going to happen 20 years from now?  I don’t know that. There are so many things thrown at the both of us.”

“How do I know?   I’m human,” she continues.  “How do I know one day I’m not going to f_ck up?   I’m not perfect, and we live this lifestyle and things get thrown at you all the time, and I’m not going into the marriage thinking we’re just going to be perfect.  That was the whole point of that.”

Well that answers that!  Ev and Ocho just so happen to enjoy uncomfortable deep talks. I can appreciate that.

“We always have controversial conversations like that, and real, and I think that people were taken aback, but that’s how me and my dude talk,” Evelyn admits.  “That’s how we have conversations.  It’s real.  We have these types of discussions and they’re very controversial.”

She also touches on a non-traditional approach to the ceremony the couple is considering.  Chad, it seems, wants to be the one who walks down the aisle while Evelyn waits at the altar.  I wonder what the protocol is for that…does the congregation still stand?

Evelyn reveals, “I’ve honestly been giving it some thought.”  She states, “I don’t want my wedding to be your typical wedding. At the same time, that’s really not something I’m willing to give up. I think he’s a big personality, and I feel like Chad wants—we all want —our moment.”

She’s willing to compromise, saying, “I’m having my wedding planner figure out something for him, so he can have his entrance and his moment.”

Chad explains himself, telling the site, “I do everything odd.  I think it’d be refreshing to do something different to have her wait at the altar for me ‘cause everyone else’s marriage failed doing it the traditional way.”  The man makes a valid point. Of course, this is the same man hopes for penguins and lions to be a part of the ceremony.


Putting aside the planning stress, Evelyn also took to her personal blog to discuss Monday’s episode…or at least the last few minutes of it.  An excerpt of that entry is below.

“What you don’t know is when the producers want to bring on potential new cast members, normally they’ll pre-film to see if the girls have a personality.  Kenya tried to tell us that she had never watched Basketball Wives before…Naturally, the producers are going to look at her and think, ‘We got something here!’  To sum it up, talking reckless about me helped her get on the show.  *claps hands* Good job Crazy As Hell Kenya Bell, happy that I was able to keep you relevant.

For me, it honestly wasn’t about the loose comment; it was the fact that Kenya was judging, being negative and talking sh!t. She doesn’t know anything about me, however, she came on the show smiling in my face trying to be my friend, and all the while she was doing her little round table with other cast members and referring to me as being ‘loose’.  That’s fake right?  [E]ven more sickening is the fact that Kenya was trying to channel Jennifer and Tami.  She gave up the kitten heels for Louboutins and turned the leaning wig in for a curly weave.  Let me stop, because at dinner, she actually looked more like someone’s Auntie.

The difference between most women and me is that I don’t hide my past and never will.  I believe in keeping it 100!  [Sidebar, apparently it is a popular phrase…just one I’d never heard! –Lauren] I refuse to act like someone that I’m not.  Would you rather me be fake or real with you?

On a serious note, things went a little far and I could have handled the situation differently. I may feel a certain way about Kenya, but I know that I shouldn’t have thrown that bottle.  I could have seriously injured her or one of my cast mates.  I own up to what I did and admit my anger did get the best of me.”

So there it is, laid out on the interwebs for us all to ponder.  Evelyn clearly still has issues with Kenya, but she at least is honest about her abhorrent behavior.  I’ll sum up this post with the line with which Evelyn concludes her blog, because it’s totally on point.  Ev bites, “But…I’m still mad at her f–king Kitten Heels.”  Note to self – take that one pair of shoes out of my Zappos shopping cart!