Basketball Wives Season Finale Recap: Hate Me

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Well, last week's episode of positivity and good times quickly fell by the wayside, didn't it? On last night's season finale of Basketball Wives, Suzie Ketcham certainly went out with a bang, while Tami Roman made sure to stir the pot behind the scenes. Shaunie O'Neal has perfected her appalled look when dishware is thrown, and Evelyn Lozada manages to shed just a few more tears.

The ladies decide to have a quiet night in on their last night in London. The women are showering Evelyn with praise over a fashion show well done, and they unanimously decide it's hands down the best girls trip they've taken for the show. Given that no one left in the middle of the night or had dead fish hidden in their suitcase, I'd say it was a screaming success.

Back in Los Angeles (where do these ladies live?), Evelyn, Tami, Suzie, and Shaunie are bowling. Tami decides its the perfect time to tell her friends about Kenya Bell's phone call and invitation to see her perform. They find it humorous that Kenya claims to have turned over a new leaf. Tami describes her "Hate Me" song, and Suzie's eyes immediately turn to daggers. The ladies are shocked to learn that her song is about one of them, and they narrow it down to either being a "tribute" to Suzie or Evelyn. Oh hell no!  It had better not be about Evelyn! Suzie checks out the lyrics on the Internet, and Evelyn accuses her of being so high school. She would know, right?


After an emotional few months, Evelyn wants to take Suzie and Tami out for a champagne toast to thank them for putting up with her constant crying. Nothing says "I appreciate you putting up with my crying" like more tears. Tami and Suzie continue to support Evelyn as she talks on and on about everything she's been through. Evelyn has cut off all communication with Chad, and she would not even consider a reconciliation at this point. That's good news at least!

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Shaunie is catching up on the progress of her play. She's treated to branding, promotional posters, and set design. Nostrils is thrilled with how well everything is coming together. Some actors come out to perform a scene. Wait a second.  This is a musical? Wow. How did I miss that the first time around? Shaunie has grand plans of taking over the "play industry."

The women are having dinner with Tasha Marbury to help her confront her stalker. This should end well! Stalker Monet arrives, and she's on a first name basis with all the ladies…as she should be–she follows them all on Twitter! Tasha and Monet have words, and I have to hand it to this woman for making her way onto the show. As the women watch the exchange, Shaunie is trying not to laugh.

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Tami flat out questions whether Monet is stalking Tasha. When asked if she's got something going on with Stephon, and Monet explains that Twitter isn't a dating site. She tells the ladies that she's wishing cousins happy birthday on Facebook. She's coming across a tad loony, but I have to give her a lot of credit for her ability to answer a question with a question. She'd actually be a great addition to the cast, don't y'all think? Once she leaves, the ladies laugh over the craziness. At least they're still all getting along.

Suzie and Evelyn are taking a salsa class to blow off some steam before Kenya's show. They wonder who the song is about and admit they are going to need several drinks before they watch her performance. Kenya is like, oh so irrelevant, and she is all about riding the women's coattails…at least according to Suzie and Evelyn. That evening, the women convene at the club to watch the show, and Suzie has brought a bag of rotten tomatoes to throw at her. Keepin' it classy, Suz! Shaunie is mortified. She'd told her to bring rotten fish.

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Kenya takes the stage wearing a leotard and some sequined jacket situation. She begins her song with her middle finger in the air, as Evelyn and Suzie loudly discuss how much the audience hates her. Tami is proud of the fact that Kenya had the sense not to dedicate her tune to one of the girls. The entire performance is very cringe-worthy. Tami gives her credit for a hairdo well done, but Kenya can't catch her breath to actually sing.

After her song, Kenya joins the women at the table to thank them for coming. Suzie asks who the song is about, and Kenya reveals that the main "influence" of the song isn't at the show. She's cool with Evelyn and Tami now. Tami recommends meeting at a later date to have a civil conversation about the situation. The following day, Tami and Suzie go on a walk to dissect the awfulness that was Kenya's show. Tami can't help herself from stirring the pot. Suzie hates that Kenya is using the women to make her famous. Really?

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Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie arrive at Kenya's hotel suite to discuss the song. Tami is hopeful that the evening will be uneventful.  Sure she is. She takes the opportunity to critique Kenya's performance, and Kenya gets a bit snippy. With a creepy smile on her face, Kenya starts in on the song lyrics, and Suzie gets very confrontational. Suzie is tired of not standing up for herself, and she starts throwing meatballs and plates. We aren't treated to the fight, but Tami admits that Suzie totally got her ass kicked by Kenya. Suzie laughs at this realization, and Shaunie wishes she'd just walked away. Tami wishes she'd missed the entire event…you know, the event she orchestrated…

And that's it? What a random ending!


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